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POWERLINKS TRANSMISSION LIMITED a joint venture of TATA POWER & POWERGRID. INDIA ELECTRICITY - 2006 Plenary Session III - TRANSMISSION May 12, 2006 New Delhi. Movie. Background.

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  2. INDIA ELECTRICITY - 2006Plenary Session III - TRANSMISSIONMay 12, 2006New Delhi Movie

  3. Background • To evacuate power from Tala Hydro-Electric Project in Bhutan and surplus power in East and North-East regions to facilitate creation of transmission highway to transfer power to the power starved Northern region. • Tala hydro-electric Plant being developed by GoI and GoB on the near Honka village (3 Kms. Downstream of existing Chukha Tail Race) • Beneficiary states: Eastern and Northern Region states • The total transmission project is being developed by Powerlinks and PGCIL. River Wangchu

  4. POWERLINKS Transmission Limited is executing India’s first private sector inter-state transmission project on BOOT basis • Set up as a 51:49% JV between Tata Power and POWERGRID • PGCIL to buy entire transmission capacity

  5. Fast Track Project • TATA Power was selected as JV Partner – 22nd OCT 2001 • Original Schedule as per Feasibility Report- 42 Months • Agreements(Share Holders Agreement / Implementation Agreement / Transmission Services Agreement) signed--- 4th JUL 2003 (for completing project in 36 Months) • Transmission License Received from CERC -13th Nov 2003 • Loan Agreements signed with IDFC/SBI/IFC/ADB in Jan 2004

  6. Fast Track Project---Cont’d • Financial Closure achieved in record time of 10 months (12th May 2004) • All Major Orders (LOAs) awarded-Dec 03/Mar 04 • Supplementary Agreements(Implementation Agreement and Transmission Services Agreement) signed after approval of CERC on 07/10/2004 • Lahmeyer International appointed as Lender’s Independent Engineer. • ERP for F&A was implemented on 01st Oct 2004 • awarded – Sept 05 ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001

  7. Transmission Route LINE CAPACITY 1500 MW 3000 MW A5 A4 A3 A1 A2 (A6)

  8. Project Volumes: 1. Tower Steel: 67500 MT (33400 MT-HT Steel) (34100 MT-MS Steel) 2. Reinforcement Steel: 15500 MT 3. Concreting: 1,80,000 CuM 4. Excavation: 12,12,000 CuM 5. Total Circuit kms: 2342 6. Total Towers: 3152 nos. 7. Total Conductor: 22000 kms. 8. Total Insulator Strings 24500 nos. (As per original B.Q.)

  9. Agreed Commercial Operation Dates (CODs) 1.400 kV Siliguri – Purnea Line (Completed) 2. 400 kV Purnea – Muzaffarpur (Completion expected : end May 2006) 3. 400 kV Muzaffarpur – Gorakhpur (Completed) 4. 400 kV Gorakhpur – Lucknow (Completed) 5. 400 kV Bareilly - Mandaula (Commercial Operation) 6. 220 kVMuzaffarpur – Muzaffarpur (Completed) - 1st April 2006 - 1st July 2006

  10. Cost Details • Rs. 1100 Crores – Original cost as approved by CCEA on 2nd July, 2003 based on August, 2002 level • Rs. 1220 Crores – Project Cost based on August, 2002 level and considering the awarded price for Tower packages. This cost was considered by the Lenders for signing the Loan Agreements • – This Revised Cost Has Been Approved By Govt. Of India Rs. 1600 Crores

  11. Cost Details • Initial Project Cost is Generally Based On Walk-Over Survey Data (Line Length & Type Of Terrain, Major Crossing etc.) • At FR Stage Cost is Calculated Based On Survey Data and Prevailing Budgetary Cost of Equipments / Services. • Before Tendering,Cost is Updated Based On Preliminary Survey Data (Detail BOQ) and Escalation, If any

  12. Cost Details – Final Completed Project Cost • Final Completed Project Cost is Arrived At By : Initial Project Cost (FR Cost) Plus Escalation On Material Cost Plus Other Costs

  13. Major Constituents of Transmission Line JV Projects • Government • Project Promoters • Financiers

  14. Government:- Policy & Regulatory Framework to Spell Out: • Debt:Equity Ratio and • Procedure For Approval Of Completed Project Cost • Legal Framework to Deal With ‘Non Payment’ Of Dues Return On Equity Procedure For Getting Clearances From Other Departments Avoidance of multiple taxes Available tax incentives to be extended sufficiently in advance

  15. Project Promoters • Should assess all and business opportunities upfront • Security mechanism towards transmission service payments ‘Risk Factors’

  16. Financiers • Financiers Must Evolve Simple and Clear-cut Instrument for Project Appraisal (Particularly For Transmission Project), Risk Mitigation (Particularly Insurance of TL Asset Against Loss Of Revenue/ Business) Simplification of documentation

  17. Learnings from our experience Scope for Improvement OK 1. Pre Award Activities 1.2. Surveying 1.3. Estimation 1.4. Tendering & Award Placement 2. Post - Award Activities 2.1. Project Management 2.2. Engineering Activities

  18. Learnings from our experience Scope for Improvement OK 2.3. Field Activities 2.3.1. Preparation of Ground Profile 2.3.2. Tower Spotting 2.3.3. Foundation 2.3.4. Site Store Management 2.3.5. Tower Erection : Technical : Safety 2.3.6. Stringing : Technical : Safety

  19. To sum up… This is the first transmission project in Private sector, which has already set precedence for other projects to follow. To make this project a big success, it is essential that all the concerned agencies including promoters, company, partner contractors & government regulatory body join hands in removing the obstacles for transmission sector to tread on a new path.

  20. Thank You!

  21. Qutab Minar 72.5 Mtr

  22. Foundation Casting

  23. Foundation Casting

  24. Agriculture- After Casting Foundation

  25. Agriculture- After Casting Foundation

  26. First tower stands tall …

  27. Tack welding of Bolts and nuts for Locking


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