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Alexandra Callaghan Period 7 Science; Mr. Urso PowerPoint Presentation
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Alexandra Callaghan Period 7 Science; Mr. Urso

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Alexandra Callaghan Period 7 Science; Mr. Urso - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Halogens Family. Alexandra Callaghan Period 7 Science; Mr. Urso. What does it mean being a part of our Halogen family?. Means that Iodine , Bromine , Fluorine , Chlorine and Astatine elements are all nonmetallic and strongly acidic compounds with Hydrogen. The Halogens.

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alexandra callaghan period 7 science mr urso

The Halogens Family

Alexandra Callaghan

Period 7

Science; Mr. Urso


What does it mean being a part of our Halogen family?

  • Means that Iodine, Bromine, Fluorine, Chlorine and Astatine elements are all nonmetallic and strongly acidic compounds with Hydrogen.

The Halogens

  • In the Halogens family there are 5 nonmetallic elements. They are located in group 17 on the table. The Halogens means salt-former. The compound that contain halogens contain salt. All us halogens have 7 electrons in the outer shell which gives us an oxidation number of -1. Our family gets split into three different groups a solid, liquid and gas.
  • Solid: Iodine and Astatine
  • Liquid: Bromine
  • Gas: Fluorine and Chlorine
  • Which means that this is the only family that contains

the states of matter.


The Halogen Family

The Halogens form acids when it bonds with hydrogen. The 3 middle guys Iodine, Chlorine and Bromine are often disinfectants. A disinfectant is an substance that applies to non-living objects that destroy microorganisms living. All five elements are mean so don’t get to close cause they can get toxic.

A halogen light bulb is a glass bulb filled with a small amounts of halogens elements like iodine or bromine.




  • We Halogens are non-metals.
  • With a low melting and boiling points.
  • And don’t forget brittle when its solid.
  • They have poor conductors of heat and electricity.
  • The Halogens have colored vapors.
  • Each of their molecules contain 2 atoms.
  • They are combined with sliver to produce light sensitive crystals used photographic emulsions.


Iodine was born in 1811 in France. Which makes him the grandfather in the Halogen family. Iodine’s color is a purple violet color vapor that can produced into dark crystals. Iodine was such a fascinated person born that he is also combined with Hydrogen and Phosphorus. Iodine does not get along well with others like Carbon and Oxygen. So be careful. Grandpa Iodine lives in the air, soil and even water. He becomes such an important part to our oceans. But, he can become harmful and very meanwhile working. So, don't get to close. Iodine can become so mean that he can irritate your skin. Not everything is bad about Grandfather Iodine he, can help prevent thyroid disease. Because doesn’t grandparents make everything better.

A violet color and is a solid when mixed with

Ammonia and forms a dark color.



Chlorine was born in 1774 in Sweden. Wonderful Chlorine was married to Iodine. She is a greenish-yellow color. Chlorine is a gas in the family like Fluorine, their daughter. The gas in Grandma Chlorine irritates the mucous membrane and the liquid can burn skin.Chlorine gas is strong smell because she doesn’t like to clean herself after working all day, so don’t be in the same room as her when she comes home. Chlorine works by producing safe drinking water. Chlorine also does work by being part of the beaching wood pulp for paper making. Ms. Chlorine also removes ink from recycled paper at a side job she does for the town recycling. Water and wastewater plants used Grandma Chlorine to reduce the water levels of microorganisms that can spread disease to humans.

The Chlorine gas is 2 and one half times

as heavy as air and can cause suffocation

and very poisonous.



Fluorine was born in1886 in France. Beautiful Fluorine is the daughter of Iodine and Chlorine. Fluorine’s Greek name is “fluere” which means to flow. Out of all the members in family, she is the most electronegative and reactive. Fluorine’s color is a pale yellow. Ms. Fluorine reacts with mostly organic and inorganic. She will become very attached to soil particles. Fluorine works most of her time as a dentist in the dentist office because she is used in the tooth paste. As a part time job her also works with mother Chlorine with drinking water to help prevent dental cavities even though they both do 2 different things. Fluorine is very fragile to glass, metals and water. Ms. Fluorine is essential to our bones. Fluorine can become mean and let out an odor which can be dangerous and can cause death so don’t mess with mother Fluorine.

The gas in Fluorine is dangerous and can cause death.




  • Husband Bromine is married to Fluorine. Bromine was born in 1826 in France like Fluorine farther Iodine. Bromine color is a red- brown. Mr. Bromine can evaporate easily. Bromine has a strong odor because he has never heard of deodorant. No wonder why Fluorine married him its just like her mother. He is more active the Iodine. Bromine can be found working with dyes, vegetable oil, citrus flavored drinks in the factory. To much of Mr. Bromine can lead to him becoming rude and can irritate our eyes and throat when he gets mad. If Bromine venter's out into the environment to cool down after arguing he could damage and effect microorganisms with greenhouse gases because he is still heated from an argument. He is also a salt and can be found swimming in seawater.

Bromine is the only liquid one in

The family and is a heavy and volatile.



Astatine is the youngest in the Halogen family. She is the daughter of Bromine and Fluorine. Baby Astatine was born in the year of 1940 in sunny California. Astatine is very radioactive just like her mother. She is also the heaviest one in the Halogen Family. Astatine is very similar to her grandfather Iodine. All of Astatine isotopes have a short half live. Astatine likes to play hide and seek and can be very hard for she parents to find her because she can encounter with nature. There are traces that baby Astatine found in others like Uranium and Thorium as a decay product. Astatine will only react with Hydrogen comes. Since Astatine life is not long that there is no effects that can hurt us.

Since Astatine is just like it’s sibling

Iodine it is shown that Astatine might



Halogen Family