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The National Geographic ’ s Center for Sustainable Destinations PowerPoint Presentation
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The National Geographic ’ s Center for Sustainable Destinations

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The National Geographic ’ s Center for Sustainable Destinations - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The National Geographic ’ s Center for Sustainable Destinations. CSD Mission: To protect and enhance the world ’ s distinctive places through wisely managed tourism and enlightened destination stewardship. Core concept for achieving the mission: geotourism. GEOTOURISM:

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the national geographic s center for sustainable destinations
The National Geographic’sCenter for Sustainable Destinations

CSD Mission:

To protect and enhance the world’s distinctive places through wisely managed tourism and enlightened destination stewardship.

Core concept for achieving the mission:geotourism

tourism and sustainability


Now, celebrate the place

    • • Overcrowding
    • • Lower quality of experience
    • • Loss of distinctiveness
    • • Erosion of culture and environment
Tourism and sustainability

SUSTAINABLE TOURISM:First, do no harm.


Tourism that sustains or enhances the geographical characterof a place— its environment, culture, aesthetics, heritage, and the well-being of its residents.

from eco to geo


Cultural tourism


Heritage tourism

Local cuisine



Indigenous tourism

From eco- to geo-

Manage tourism so that it pays to protect the place, not destroy it.

All place-based types of tourism =the ENTIRE destination

going beyond green why geotourism
Going Beyond Green: Why Geotourism?

Geotourism is:

  • Holistic - because sustainability is about more than just the environment: it incorporates culture and heritage
  • Place-based - this grassroots strategy works from the bottom up, requiring the participation of the people who know the place best - its residents
  • Marketable - Geotourism can create financial incentives for good destination stewardship, which in turn generates more interest - and spending - by tourists
  • Competitive - Geotourism emphasizes, enhances and encourages development of the most unique aspects of a destination, making it a more desirable place
and most of all
And most of all…

Geotourism engages tourists, who have a more authentic experience…

and residents,

who gain a deeper appreciation for what makes their place unique

the geotourism charter
The Geotourism Charter

A set of principles to promote sustainable tourism and enlightened destination stewardship

1. Integrity of place

2. International codes

3. Market selectivity

4. Product diversity

5. Tourist satisfaction

6. Community involvement

7. Community benefit

8. Protection and enhancement of destination appeal

9. Use land wisely

10. Conservation of resources

11. Planning

12. Interactive interpretation

13. Evaluation


set up a geotourism stewardship council that includes
Set up a Geotourism Stewardship Council that includes:

Community organizations for. . .

  • Historic preservation
  • Nature and ecotourism
  • Traditional performing arts, artisanry and crafts
  • Farm/restaurant programs
  • Beautification/aesthetics
  • Indigenous and minority groups
  • Urban renewal
  • Local government
  • Tourism and local business expertise
  • Tourism promotion
  • Other characteristics of the place
geotourism stewardship councils
Geotourism Stewardship Councils…
  • Arizona GSC

…get involved with a project - Geotourism MapGuide, festival, or other program.

  • Sonora GSC
celebrate authenticity
Celebrate Authenticity

Tell great stories.

Enhance sense of place through:

  • Geotourism Charter signing,
  • Establishment of a Stewardship Council,
  • Sustainable private enterprise,
  • Conservation and preservation
  • Civic participation