bow the knee loosening the stiff knee l.
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Bow the Knee Loosening the Stiff- Knee PowerPoint Presentation
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Bow the Knee Loosening the Stiff- Knee

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Bow the Knee Loosening the Stiff- Knee - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Bow the Knee Loosening the Stiff- Knee. Breaking the Hard Heart before God has to Psalm 95:6. Introduction (1Peter 5:6). A Messed Up Christianity Our problem is called stubbornness !

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bow the knee loosening the stiff knee

Bow the KneeLoosening the Stiff- Knee

Breaking the Hard Heart before God has toPsalm 95:6

introduction 1peter 5 6
Introduction (1Peter 5:6)
  • A Messed Up Christianity
  • Our problem is called stubbornness!
  • The condition of God’s blessing is ABSOLUTE SURRENDER of all of our lives, our plans, our dreams, our expectations into His hands. Praise God! If our hearts are willing for that, and yielded to that, then there is no end to what God will do for us, and to the blessing God will bestow.
stiff necks hard hearts and locked knees
Stiff necks, Hard Hearts and Locked Knees
  • Deuteronomy 9:13
  • Acts 7:51
  • Hebrews 4:7
  • Zecheriah 7:11,12
  • This is “us!” We are stubborn, just as Israel was – we are no different!
  • People by nature are disrespectful, unyielding, and hard hearted towards God!
bow the knee it s meaning
Bow the Knee… It’s Meaning
  • To GENUFLECT is to 'bow the knee'; to go down on one knee – humility!
  • The word “humble” means to be subdued, be brought down, be low, be under, be brought into subjection, yield, give way. 
  • To “bow the knee” then means, having a soft, yielded, very flexible approachtowards God – so that He neednot push or prod you to do Hiswill, His way! No matter if He ischastening you, or justinstructing you, you yieldand accept His work in your life!
god expects our surrender
God Expects Our Surrender
  • Some Examples…
  • We Are Supposed to Bow in:
    • Worship (Genesis 17:1-4)
    • Repentance (Luke 5:8,9) – getting right
    • Salvation (Matthew 18:2-4)
    • Normal Living (Micah 6:7,8)
    • Ministry (1Corinthians 3:6,7)
    • Sincerity (Psalm 51:17)
it usually takes breaking 2chronicles 33 1 13
It Usually Takes “Breaking” (2Chronicles 33:1-13)
  • The Lesson from king Manasseh…
  • Now you know why most ofus go through so many trials and troubles!
    • Maybe we are stubborn!
    • Not all, but most of us!
  • And you can certainly expect troubles if you are proud and haughty and stubborn (Proverbs 29:23)
there are two powers at work in every trial and trouble
There are TWO Powers at Work in Every Trial and Trouble

God will seek to SOFTEN you, make you a better person, especially in your heart!

Satan will seek to HARDEN you against God, especially in your heart!

  • See for examples the troubles of:
    • Pharaoh! He only hardened!
    • The Canaanite Woman (Matt 15:25-27)
    • The Apostle Paul (2Cor 12:7)
    • Wicked King Ahab (1Kings 21:20-27)
  • How do YOU normally respond to troubles?
conclusion philippians 2 10 11
Conclusion (Philippians 2:10,11)
  • We will ALL bow the knee – better do it by choice now!
  • Here’s why! (Proverbs 29:1)
  • Here’s how…