an epic timeline depicting the development of ocl in relation to those cap web guys l.
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An Epic Timeline depicting the development of OCL in relation to “those CAP web guys” PowerPoint Presentation
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An Epic Timeline depicting the development of OCL in relation to “those CAP web guys”

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An Epic Timeline depicting the development of OCL in relation to “those CAP web guys” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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An Epic Timeline depicting the development of OCL in relation to “those CAP web guys”

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Presentation Transcript

  1. An Epic Timeline depicting the development of OCL in relation to “those CAP web guys”

  2. The Dawn of CAP Tech-inclined CAP Make Ingersoll their base While avoiding submissions For “Lost in Cyberspace”

  3. “I think Ian has been here since the first CAP session… But I don’t seem to have any actual records…” - Rosemary Lewis

  4. 1999: Ian and bucket hat join CAP

  5. Elsewhere, young Bryan begins networking his I.T. skills…

  6. 1999: Ian’s work on the Services For Children web site at garners attention as the site receives the “Best Practices 2000” award for “Innovative Internet Use in Canadian Public Libraries”.

  7. Summer 2000: Ian moves upstairs to lead the Ingersoll CAP team. In Fall, he is joined by Bryan.

  8. Ian’s early CAP responsibilities include monitoring the use of the Ingersoll public access computers and designing a number of web sites for local non-profit organizations.

  9. Summer 2000 - January 2001: Ian develops a searchable web database for genealogical data, the first of OCL’s many genealogical web databases.

  10. “The very night this [Ingersoll Historical Census] was launched, we had hits from genealogists around the globe. This was groundbreaking work in the library and genealogy community, and has generated much favourable attention for OCL.” - Rosemary Lewis

  11. Since then, Bryan has assisted in the launch of eleven new genealogical databases and features. He took the digital photographs for the Plaques database that is part of this genealogical treasure trove.

  12. The rustic theme of the photo assignment inspires Bryan when it’s time for Prom…

  13. Fall 2000 - February 2001 Ian and Bryan assist in a major re-vamp of the OCL web site. The new site features many new pages and an updated look.

  14. Bryan also designs highly creative sites for a number of community fixtures, including a site for the Ingersoll Creative Arts Centre that allows Arts Centre administrators themselves to update features displayed and courses offered. woodstockmuseum/

  15. “Nice site -- easy to navigate -- we will look forward to checking in often.” “Gorgeous web site -- so informative! Well done!” - Comments from the ICAC Guest Book

  16. Summer 2001: Bryan begins a creative re-design of OCL’s web catalogue, adding a number of new features including online holds.

  17. An idea is hatched...

  18. The Bretian Era As CAP Coordinator Brett was put to the test When sent on a rather daunting quest Resumes… Interviews… All the while tryin’ To find three to work with Ian and Bryan

  19. October 2001: Dave Walter, Neil Reesor and Stephen Scovil join the Ingersoll CAP Web Team...

  20. Ian shares his vision of an OCL Kids web Portal with his new partners-in-crime.

  21. February 2002: The launch date of is postponed for another month… Or two…

  22. Stephen develops an on-line book club in an incredibly short period of time in response to an idea proposed by a fellow CAP Youth.

  23. Neil designs a number of web pages, including one for Community Employment Services and another for Community Options for Justice Oxford.

  24. February 2002: Proving that CAP is but a stepping stone for future successes in IT, CAP web programmer Dave departs Ingersoll to accept a web development position with a high-profile Guelph firm...

  25. And then there were four...

  26. The “Web Team Totem”

  27. Present Day The guys learn to deal with Post-CAP Withdrawal By biding their time In CAP site Ingersoll

  28. March 2002: CAP draws to a close, but Ian, Bryan, Neil and Stephen continue their projects in Ingersoll.

  29. July 2002: The OCL Kids Portal is officially launched!

  30. With Bryan and the library staff, and assisted by Stephen and Neil, Ian develops from scratch, including building the kids server and creating the skink graphics. The site is a showcase of creative programming, based on a unique concept for a kids’ web site.

  31. Courtesy of Stephen, Seymour’s Book Drop quickly becomes a hit on Top scores achieved by the Web Team are (mercifully) wiped before the site is introduced to the public.

  32. July 2002: Neil creates the George Leslie Mackay group of five inter-linked Local History web pages ( in record time to coincide with the visit from delegates from Tamsui, Oxford’s twin. The experience takes its toll, however...

  33. The Future? Skinks and web sites are all very well, But is there life after OCL?

  34. OCL staff predict the future of our CAP youth

  35. After getting his big break when a record producer hears the (as yet unreleased) soundtrack to Seymour’s Book Drop, Stephen’s bass guitar playing becomes more than just a hobby…

  36. In response to his highly acclaimed Web Chat articles, Neil accepts a position as senior sports editor at the New York Times…

  37. In recognition of Bryan’s scholarship win, the University of Waterloo abandons Descartes in favour of the Yeung Math Contest…

  38. … and Ian’s oft-mentioned Pottahawk Party Barge finally sets sail

  39. Thank you and GOOD LUCK!