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Delivering America’s Promise PowerPoint Presentation
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Delivering America’s Promise

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Delivering America’s Promise - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What are the minimum requirements? GS-5 level: Bachelor’s degree GS-7 level: One full year of graduate education or superior academic achievement GS-9 level: Master’s, law, or equivalent degree

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Delivering America’s Promise

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    1. What are the minimum requirements? GS-5 level: Bachelor’s degree GS-7 level: One full year of graduate education or superior academic achievement GS-9 level: Master’s, law, or equivalent degree *Qualifying experience may be substituted for, or combined with the education requirement. More information can be found in the Office of Personnel Management’s Qualification Standards for General Schedule Positions manual. • What are some of the employee benefits offered at USCIS? • A wide choice of health insurance programs • Dental and vision insurance • Holidays and personal leave days • Paid training • Thrift Savings Plan (similar to a 401(k)) • Defined benefit retirement plan • Life and long-term care insurance Contact your local recruiting officer today to see if USCIS is right for you! Career Opportunities at U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services The Federal Career Intern Program • Application Process • Talk to your local recruiter to learn more about USCIS, the Immigration Officer position, and the FCIP. • Review the job announcement for important information about qualifications, duties, salary, location, benefits, etc. to see if your interests, education, and experience make you a good candidate for the job. • Apply for the job. You must submit an application package that includes a resume and any applicable supporting documentation (e.g., transcripts, DD-214) • Once considered to be minimally qualified, you will be scheduled to take a writing assessment. • Interview for the job. Those who have met all the minimum requirements and successfully completed the writing assessment will be contacted for an interview. [Insert local office contact information here.] US Citizenship and Immigration Services Human Capital Management Division 20 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20529 Delivering America’s Promise To learn more about the mission of USCIS and detailed information about the work USCIS is responsible for please visit

    2. The Federal Career Intern Program The Federal Career Intern Program (FCIP) at USCIS is a comprehensive employment and career development program designed to recruit and nurture the next generation of USCIS leaders. USCIS offers this program for the Immigration Officer position at the GS-5, 7, and 9 grade levels. As a USCIS Career Intern, you will participate in a two year program that will “jump start” your career with us and develop your potential for future advancement within the organization. Features of the FCIP Hiring Process: Quick on-boarding process. Appointments may be made any time throughout the year. Veteran’s preference still applies. Applicants with diverse backgrounds accepted. Advantages of Being a Career Intern: Earn a competitive salary commensurate with your skills, experience and education. Enjoy all the benefits of being an employee in the Federal government. Receive two years of in-depth, on-the-job training directly related to your field. Upon successful completion of the two year program, Career Intern positions may be converted to permanent status. Working for U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services The United States of America is a nation built by immigrants. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is committed to securing the promise of America to the thousands of lawful immigrants coming to our shores in search of freedom, liberty and opportunity.  You can make a significant impact on immigrant’s lives while protecting and securing our shores by helping qualified immigrants and refugees gain the promise and potential of legally living and working in the United States and becoming U.S. Citizens. Contribute to the USCIS mission to maintain the integrity of our nation’s immigration system and to continue to build on America’s promise and foundation as a beacon of hope and liberty, and keeping our doors open, but well guarded. • What are the roles and responsibilities of an Immigration Officer? • Hundreds of thousands of people apply for various types of immigration benefits from the U.S. government each year. The benefits they seek include permission to sponsor foreign workers, for relatives to immigrate, and to become U.S. citizens. Immigration Officers determine applicants eligibility for this wide variety of benefits. The Immigration Officer at USCIS will: • Conduct research concerning the eligibility entitlements of persons seeking immigration benefits, employment, and/or legal status under the Immigration and Nationality Act. • Review applications and often conduct interviews to make determinations on cases. • Hear and adjudicate appeals, and decide on motions to reopen and reconsider cases. • You may be required to appear as an expert witness at exclusion and deportation hearings. • Who can be an Immigration Officer? • You must be a U.S. citizen • You must meet the minimum qualifications for the appropriategrade level (GS-5, 7, or 9). See the back page for specific requirements. • You must pass a written assessment. • You must pass a drug screening. • You will be required to attend mandatory 10 week paid training. This technical training must be successfully completed according to thestandards of the agency. USCIS is an Equal Opportunity Employer