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Armada Rubber Manufacturing Company

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Armada Rubber Manufacturing Company. Molders of Small Rubber Products Mechanical and Industrial Molding Specialists, Design, and Production Material Formulation. Location. 24586 Armada Ridge Road, Armada, MI 48005-0579 60,000 sqft American Owned

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Armada Rubber Manufacturing Company

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armada rubber manufacturing company

Armada RubberManufacturing Company

Molders of Small Rubber Products

Mechanical and Industrial Molding Specialists, Design, and Production Material Formulation

  • 24586 Armada Ridge Road, Armada, MI 48005-0579
  • 60,000 sqft
  • American Owned
  • Phoenix Engineering – local (248)475-4888
  • 60+ Years of Experience
  • A Trusted Supplier the automotive community for 60+ years
  • Rubber Formulating & Compounding On-Site
  • Rubber Molding – Specialize in Smaller Parts but not restricted to
  • Engineering Design
  • Prototyping
  • Fast Production Tooling
  • Program Management
our rubber parts
Our Rubber Parts…
  • Cushion & Absorb Energy
  • Seal Out: noise, dirt, water
  • Store and Release Energy
  • Isolate Components
  • Beautify & Protect
  • Our Approach: “Design as a Competitive Advantage”
quality awards
Quality Awards
  • TS-16949 Certified
  • ISO-14001 Certified
  • QS-9000 Certified
  • Toyota Delivery and Quality Award (Every Year Shipped Direct to Toyota)
armada rubber manufacturing company7
ARMADA RUBBER Manufacturing Company

Application FAQ’s / Lessons Learned

head type rubber is an incompressible solid it can only be deflected
Head Type Rubber is an incompressible solid, it can only be deflected
  • Type 1, 3, 4 – Minimal Deflection; Highest Energy Absorption; Application: High Load/Over Slam
  • Type 2, 5 – Greater Deflection; Lower Energy Absorption; Application: Low Energy Dynamic Load
  • Type 6 – Most Deflection; Lowest Energy Absorption; Application: Low Energy Static Load; Non-linear Compression Curve Characteristic; Ultimate Acoustical Soft Sound and Feel.
retainer style
Retainer Style
  • Ergonomics:
    • Best: Pull thru – Must have access to back panel
    • Better: Push thru – Tool necessary
    • Good: Twist in – Line up with tear drop shaped hole in substrate & rotate 360
  • Retention:
    • Best: Twist in – Maximum retainer ratio & durometer available
    • Better: Pull thru – Solid neck & retainer
    • Good: Push thru – Hole for installation allows for deflection
  • Cost:
    • Best: Pull thru – Difference in tooling
    • Better: Push thru – Addition of core pins in tool cost
    • Good: Twist in – Lower cavitations
substrate requirements
Substrate Requirements
  • Metal Substrate:
    • Holes punched from installation side yield a beneficial die roll & burr
    • Holes punched from opposite side yield a detrimental die roll & burr – resulting in eventual ergonomic issues and poor bumper retention
  • Plastic Substrate:
    • 1/2mm radius should be molded into the hole from installation side
    • By varying the local substrate thickness at the hole, a wider selection of existing parts can be attained
  • General Substrate:
    • Some interference in groove height dimension is allowable to broaden the selection of build to order parts
  • Best Retention:
    • Match hole diameter with groove diameter line-to-line
    • Groove thickness to substrate thickness, line to line or slightly tight
  • Insertion tools for push-in bumpers should have a diameter slightly smaller than the insertion hole.
  • Insertion tools usually have a shoulder, to prevent piercing the carrot.
  • If installation is difficult try:
      • Armada Rubber proprietary molded in lubricant that can be made in almost any durometer and in any material.
      • As a last resort try a small amount of Rosewater

NOTE: Many factors affect installation efforts: Operator Attitude; Hole Size; Durometer of the bumper; Proper install tool; Operator’s angle of attack; Shape of hole (burr or die roll); Temperature (ambient and that of the rubber bumper, warmer is better); Humidity; Bloom or Surface Contaminants if any

recessed head bumpers
Recessed Head Bumpers
  • These bumpers are specifically designed to receive a fastener.
  • If bumper ships with integrated fastener interference fit is necessary.
  • For bumpers attached with screws, depending on durometer & torque requirement, a washer may be needed to prevent damage during installation
  • Recessed head bumpers are chosen when maximum retention is essential for the application
hole plugs
Hole Plugs
  • On plane sealing – this style has a mushroom shaped head that seals on the surface – excellent for off-plane hole distortions
  • Radial sealing in the through hole – Diameter interference fit of 1 to 2mm necessary
average install efforts
Average Install Efforts

½” plugs

Plastic Plug

12 lbf


Santoprene Plug

7 lbf

Maximum Allowed

Rubber Plug

7.8 lbf

Rubber Plug

6.1 lbf

Rubber Plug

6.8 lbf

push out efforts
Push-Out Efforts

½” plugs


Plastic Plug

13 lbf

Santoprene Plug

7 lbf

Rubber Plug

20.7 lbf

Rubber Plug

15 lbf

Rubber Plug

18.6 lbf

  • Armada Rubber has highly engineered single shot valve systems capability
  • One or two way valves to selectively move water and/or air
  • Multi-piece assembly valves protect valve function against mud, stone impingement and other environmental issues
  • Applications: Head/tail light vent tubes that inhibit water/dust intrusion; structural foam injection valves; one-way plenum drains; duckbill drains, etc.
line plugs
Line Plugs

Line plugs require interference between parts for the plug to retain. This interference occurs between the inside diameter of the line and the outside diameter of the plug.

  • Grommets act as isolators or protect a part that travels through them.
  • The dimensions of a grommet must be close to that of the substrate into which it will be installed.
  • Grommet Applications are: Isolators, drains, wire/tube pass through.
  • Grommets are dynamic energy absorbers
  • For ease of installation a lead-in is recommended
  • Grommets for mounting applications such as ABS units mounted to the bracket and vehicle are critical for noise and vibration abatement.
  • Caps can be used to either keep fluid from flowing in or out of an area, they can be used as a bumper or as a stand off.
  • Interference between the I.D. and O.D. should be 10 – 15%.
specialty parts
Specialty Parts
  • Stabilizer/isolator pockets for brake/fuel line; single piece engineered latch pocket/receiver.
  • Dampeners
  • Vacuum connectors
  • Gap hider/cosmetic close-out generally molded in TPO, TPE or Santoprene.

The Armada Rubber Design Proposal:

  • Piece Price Reductions exist with Better Technology
  • Better technology comes in the form of:
    • Superior Materials formulated and manufactured by Armada Rubber
    • Superior designs to meet the broad objectives of fewer parts, less assembly, lighter weight, multi-function
armada advantages
Armada Advantages
    • Experience & Expertise
    • Existing Armada Molds
    • Dual Functions
    • Dual Durometer Functionality in Single Durometer Part Saving Cost
    • Innovation
    • Compound Our Own Rubbers
    • Slippery Rubber
    • ‘Dead’ Rubber
    • Cold Set Rubber
armada rubber manufacturing company24
ARMADA RUBBER Manufacturing Company