16th annual awards global awards for excellence in bpm workflow l.
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16th Annual Awards Global Awards for Excellence in BPM & Workflow PowerPoint Presentation
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16th Annual Awards Global Awards for Excellence in BPM & Workflow

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16th Annual Awards Global Awards for Excellence in BPM & Workflow - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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16th Annual Awards Global Awards for Excellence in BPM & Workflow. Judges : Nathaniel Palmer, Bob Puccinelli, Cor Visser, Ken Mei, Francesco Battista Lead Judge: Derek Miers Awards Director: Layna Fischer Future Strategies Inc. Media support by. Impact.

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16th annual awards global awards for excellence in bpm workflow

16th Annual AwardsGlobal Awards for Excellence in BPM & Workflow


Nathaniel Palmer, Bob Puccinelli, Cor Visser, Ken Mei, Francesco Battista

Lead Judge: Derek Miers

Awards Director: Layna Fischer

Future Strategies Inc

Media support by

recognizing excellence in bpm workflow


Recognizing Excellence in BPM & Workflow
  • Europe
  • North America
  • Middle East/Africa
  • Pacific Rim
  • South and Central America



assessment criteria
Assessment Criteria
  • Innovation
    • Innovative use of BPM technology to solve unique problems
    • Creative and successful implementation of advanced BPM concepts
    • Level of integration with other technologies and legacy systems
    • Degree of complexity in the business process and underlying IT architecture
  • Implementation
    • Successful BPM and/or workflow implementation methodology
    • Size, scope and quality of change management process
    • Scope and scale of the implementation (e.g. size, geography, inter-company processes)
  • Impact
    • Extent and quantifiable impact of productivity improvements
    • Significance of cost savings
    • Level of increased revenues, product enhancements, customer service or quality improvements
    • Impact of the system on competitive positioning in the marketplace
    • Proven strategic importance to the organization's mission
    • Degree to which the system enabled a culture change within the organization and methodology for achieving that change
  • Europe
    • Faculty of Manufacturing Technologies, TUKE, Slovakia nominated by Czestochowa University of Technology, Poland
    • Homeloan Management Limited (HML), UK nominated by Lombardi Software, USA
    • SNS Bank IT, Netherlands nominated by Red Hat, Netherlands
    • SwisscardAECS AG, Switzerland nominated by Action Technologies Inc., USA
  • Middle-East Africa
    • Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, United Arab Emirates nominated by Newgen Software Technologies Ltd., India
    • NAFITH Logistics PSC, Jordan nominated by TraxAware Software LLC, Jordan
    • Nokia Siemens Networks, United Arab Emirates nominated by Appian, USA
    • South African Post Office, South Africa nominated by Pétanque Consultancy, South Africa
  • North America
    • AmerisourceBergen Corporation, USA nominated by Metastorm, USA
    • CitiGTS Group, USA nominated by Pegasystems Inc., USA
    • Lincoln Trust Company, USA nominated by Lincoln Trust Company, USA
    • Nuclear Regulatory Commission, USA nominated by HandySoft, USA
    • Pinellas County, Florida, USA nominated by Global 360, Inc., USA
    • San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, USA nominated by Interfacing Technologies Corp., Canada
    • San Joaquin County Information Systems Division, USA nominated by Oracle, USA
  • Pacific Rim
    • AEGON Religare Life Insurance Company LTD., India nominated by DST Global Solutions, Hong Kong
    • Genpact Ltd., India nominated by Savvion Inc., USA
    • Ranbaxy Laboratories Limited, India nominated by Newgen Software Technologies, India
    • Reliance Life Insurance, India nominated by Savvion Inc., USA
    • South Australia Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Australia nominated by HandySoft, USA
  • South and Central America
    • QUALA SA, Colombia nominated by Pectra Technology, USA
trends seen from the entries
Trends Seen From the Entries

Multiple, complex processes automated

Portal implementations (B2E, B2B, B2C)

Broad organizational initiatives

Finance product management and Credit Card processes

E-gov and value chain integration

Center of Excellence Approaches

Engagement of the wider organization

In many cases, still too much emphasis on technology rather than the business issues

How the Challenges were met, Pitfalls overcome, Learning Points taken to heart, Team Structures dealt with the issue, etc.

Important to communicate the real business benefits (not the technology)

Many of the submissions were lacking meaningful baseline metrics

Sophistication in Africa, Middle East and South America


Silver Award SNS Bank, Netherlands

nominated by Red Hat, Netherlands


Homeloan Management Limited, UK

nominated by

Lombardi Software, USA

sns bank netherlands
SNS Bank, Netherlands
  • Situation
    • Looked to develop fully automated processes, integrating across channels
    • Delivering savings products online
    • SOA, BPM, Open Source; Seeking cost reduction
  • Implementation & Innovation
    • Repository with re-usable processes
    • Integrated JBoss with Rules Engine and front end web applications
  • Benefits
    • Two weeks to two days for savings product requests
    • Enabled seamless exchanges between the different departments, customers and applications
    • Envisioning a full-scale banking store, integrating STP with BPM across channels
homeloan management uk
Homeloan Management, UK
  • Situation
    • Outsourced mortgage administration solutions to over 30 lenders
    • Manual, complex processes; Wanted to improve, streamline and increase overall control of the processes
    • Automate repeatable, efficient, consistent strategies across the client base
  • Implementation & Innovation
    • Model and automate the complex credit management strategies of each client (over 50 different strategies); Modular components developed and adapted to specific constraints
    • Integrated with document production
    • Center of Excellence approach
  • Benefits
    • 22 FTE’s saved (£400K process architect)
    • Rapidly adopt new strategies without lengthy development and testing
    • Improved compliance and radical reduction of errors
    • Clients a pay by results pricing structure (accounts cured rather than activity levels)

Gold Award

SwisscardAECS, Switzerlandnominated by Action Technologies, USA


Action Solutions AG

swisscard aecs switzerland
Swisscard AECS, Switzerland
  • Situation
    • Service operation, offering merged credit card support
    • Time to market issues; multiple contact-points
    • Credit Cards, Loyalty Programs, Corporate Customers, Co-branded Cards
    • Faced increasing regulatory and risk issues
  • Implementation & Innovation
    • Combined BPM principles and software agent technology (wrapping new and legacy applications)
    • Extending workflow boundaries to include external customers
    • Humans & software agents participate in Case Management (Meta-Cases)
    • Wide range of processes – full lifecycle, applications to chargebacks
  • Benefits
    • ROI of 338% (based only on the cost savings); NPV over $1 million in 2009 (first year)
    • 40% reduction in cycle time; 30% increase in productivity; Information quality of 10%
swisscard aecs switzerland11
Swisscard AECS, Switzerland

Daniel Böhringer

Head of Risk Services


middle east africa
Middle East-Africa

Silver Award South African Post Office nominated by

Pétanque Consultancy, South Africa


NAFITH Logistics PSC, Jordan

nominated by TraxAware Software LLC, Jordan

south african post office
South African Post Office
  • Situation
    • New business model agreed in 2007
    • “to become more accessible, more customer focused, more innovative in generating revenue and finding new and better ways of providing services to the urban and rural communities”
  • Implementation and Innovation
    • BPM applied in a low IT focus, high people impact formula
    • “Created an environment for teamwork and buy-in at all levels, focusing on transparency, collaboration and interdepartmental exchange of current and best practice processes”
    • Business-wide engagement program
  • Benefits
    • Impacting staff at all levels, customers, partners and suppliers, and the South African Government (shareholder)
    • New partnerships; new products;
    • Cost savings, time reductions (employee onboarding, project implementation, etc); Productivity (role clarity, removing duplication
    • Framework for longer term change and performance metrics
nafith logistics psc jordan
NAFITH Logistics PSC, Jordan
  • Situation
    • 250 employee organization spread over 39 remote locations working on a 24/7 shift structure to manage and control all trucks going in and out of the city of Aqaba
    • Enhance the culture through the creation of transparent HR processes
    • Transform the public-sector mentality to a corporate one
    • Create well defined business processes catering to all aspects of day-to-day work and procedures
  • Implementation and Innovation
    • Reengineering of current manual internal processes
    • Development of standard business rules that serve the processes
    • web based Portal for HR, Content Management & Warehouse Management
  • Benefits
    • The 45% savings in paper translates directly into 1.4 MT of paper
    • Saving 3 FTE’s, 5% Fuel Reduction, Cars
    • Time reduction – 50% less administration; 60% in HR; 20% employee form-filling; Process duration – e.g. vacation request from 3-5 days to 3 hrs
middle east africa15
Middle East-Africa

Gold Award

Nokia Siemens Networks, UAE

nominated by Appian, USA

nokia siemens networks uae
Nokia Siemens Networks, UAE
  • Situation
    • Merger of Siemens and Nokia Networks - CSI employs 4000 staff; T/O €500 million pa; Array of inflexible and disconnected tools
  • Implementation and Innovation
    • CSI process framework; BPMS to manage the business effectively and support growth
    • Touches all functional areas within CSI, suppliers and customers incl Service Delivery, Resource/Competency Mgt, Sales Mgt, Tech Support, Product & Portfolio Mgt, Remote Delivery & Offshoring
  • Benefits
    • €1.8 million investment, CSI has calculated a €12 million annual productivity savings pa
    • Real time end-to-end business and project visibility in 15 months
    • Improved employee utilization; common language
nokia siemens networks uae17
Nokia Siemens Networks, UAE

Nick Deacon, Nokia Siemens Networks

north america
North America

Silver Award AmerisourceBergen, U.S. nominated byMetastorm, USA


County of San Joaquin, California, USAnominated byOracle USA

amerisourcebergen u s a
AmerisourceBergen, U.S.A.
  • Situation
    • Global Pharma – maintaining high standards while managing growth; creating efficiencies; making better and faster decisions; ensuring regulatory and legal compliance
    • Numerous relationships with manufacturers, pharmacies, and hospitals
  • Implementation and Innovation
    • Established a BPM Center of Excellence
    • Deployed and optimized nearly 200 processes with approximately 3,000 global users (with a team of 4)
  • Benefits
    • Establish more efficient and accurate tracking capabilities
    • Significantly reduce chargeback disputes
    • Improve transaction transparency and improved supplier collaboration
    • Empower more process-centric thinking across multiple departments
    • “Total annual benefits are in the tens of millions of dollars”
    • Example - Accounts payable process has improved reconciliations from 20% a month to 70% a month
county of san joaquin california
County of San Joaquin, California


providing a wide and diverse range of programs and services to over 650,000 County residents

Range of programs - Health care services; Community Centers and Parks; many State and Federal mandated programs; Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS)

Decreasing Budgets; Changing Demographics; Service Constrained by Organizational Structure and existing Processes

Implementation and Innovation

Implement service-oriented architecture (SOA);


Established key project benchmarks


Improved processing of Warrants by providing BAM dashboards to users

Reduced interface development time from 6 months to 1 month

Reduced implementation time for COTS applications

Reduction in the number of system interfaces by adopting a publish/subscribe architecture

north america21
North America

Gold Award

Lincoln Trust Company, USA nominated by Lincoln Trust Company, USA

lincoln trust company
Lincoln Trust Company


Recently spun off; 350 employees & $15 billion assets

Manage non-traditional financial assets such as private placements, promissory notes, offshore funds; residential and commercial real estate

Using BPM technology to manage all strategic processes of the organization

Implementation and Innovation

Client web portal; Integrated process with VOIP telephone system

BPM practice center – common shared processes; implemented 15 enterprise wide business processes impacting 10 different operational business units


90% reduction in customer complaints

Year one ROI of 120%; overall cost savings of $2.2M

decreased process cycle times in some areas by up to 75%

Now process 75% of volumes prior to a divestiture with 25% of the original staff

Generate additional revenue by encouraging clients to “upgrade” accounts

lincoln trust company23
Lincoln Trust Company

Helen Cousins, EVP/ CIO

Joan Manning, EVP Operations

Helen Cousins, (left) and Joan Manning

pacific rim
Pacific Rim

Silver AwardReliance Life Insurance, India

nominated by Savvion Inc., USA

reliance life insurance india
Reliance Life Insurance, India


In just two years of operation, Reliance Life Insurance has exceeded 2 million policies and is among the country’s fastest growing life insurance firms in new business premiums with a year-over-year growth rate of 195 percent

Implementation and Innovation

BPM governance council

BPM provided the backbone and orchestrated multiple systems including Documentum, LifeAsia (on AS/400), Policy Tracking and InsureConnect.

Highly distributed multiple teams/departments across geographies, partners


Reduce processing time for new policies from 2 weeks to 4 hours

Transaction costs of underwriting significantly reduced due to the automation achieved

Enabled services via multiple channels

pacific rim26
Pacific Rim

Gold Award

South Australia Department of the Premier and Cabinet nominated by HandySoft, USA

south australia department of the premier and cabinet
South Australia Department of the Premier and Cabinet


Cabinet Submissions and Notes for Cabinet and the associated briefings

Processes require collaboration and negotiation across more than 20 directorates and agencies with more than 40,000 potential participants

Highly dynamic, heavily paper-based, prone to security breaches

Implementation and Innovation

Portal; Paperless environment for Cabinet proceedings

Case Management and Action Tracking; Structured and Unstructured Processes


Hundreds of thousands of dollars savings

DPC has realized “time reductions” as well as “productivity improvements.” DPC plans a full ROI analysis in 2010.

south australia department of the premier and cabinet28
South Australia Department of the Premier and Cabinet

Tanya Smith Deputy Chief Executive of the Department of the Premier and Cabinet

south central america
South & Central America

Silver Award


south central america30
South & Central America

Gold Award

QUALA SA, Colombia

nominated byPectra Technology, USA

quala sa colombia
QUALA SA, Colombia


Multinational dedicated to the production and distribution of food

Agility, greater scalability in the operations the same organization

Implementation and Innovation

Integration of the value chain

6 core processes - supply and logistics, investment project evaluation, prices & promotions, product traceability & temporary staff management

300 internal users at 6 different locations, and over 200 external users


HR Processes - time reduction (-250%) 5  2 days; productivity (+145%); expense reduction (USD 55,000 monthly)

70% more sales than in 2006

Integration of 800 suppliers into Value Chain

quala sa colombia32
QUALA SA, Colombia


IT Development Manager



2009 winners


Swisscard AECS AG, Switzerland

Nominated by Action Technologies Inc., USA

Silver (tie)

SNS Bank IT, Netherlands

Nominated by Red Hat, Netherlands

Homeloan Management Llt (HML), UK

Nominated by Lombardi Software, USA

Middle-East Africa


Nokia Siemens Networks, UAE

Nominated by Appian, USA

Silver (tie)

South African Post Office, South Africa

Nominated by Pétanque Consultancy, South Africa

NAFITH Logistics PSC, Jordan

Nominated by TraxAware Software LLC, Jordan

North America


Lincoln Trust Company, USA

Nominated by Lincoln Trust Company, USA

Silver (tie)

AmerisourceBergen Corporation, USA

Nominated by Metastorm, USA

San Joaquin County, USA

Nominated by Oracle, USA

Pacific Rim


South Australia Dept of the Premier and Cabinet, Australia

Nominated by HandySoft, USA


Reliance Life Insurance, India

Nominated by Savvion Inc., USA

South and Central America


QUALA SA, Colombia

Nominated by Pectra Technology, USA

2009 Winners
thank you
Thank you!

Our congratulations again to the Finalists and Winners.

Derek Miers, BPM Focus. Lead Judge

Layna Fischer, Awards Director and PublisherFuture Strategies Inc.

The recording and slides will be posted to www.BPMF.org within a few days.