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Numerical Analysis of Size and Shape Distribution of Shredded Municipal Solid Waste Kazi Naznin Masato R. Nakamura Mechanical Engineering Technology. Size and Shape Distributions. Background.

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Numerical Analysis of Size and Shape Distribution of Shredded Municipal Solid Waste Kazi NazninMasato R. NakamuraMechanical Engineering Technology

Size and Shape Distributions


This analysis of size and shape is important for quantifying how much pre-shredding the MSW enhances the productivity of combustion process in Waste-to-energy (WTE) combustion chambers. In this research, image and cluster analyses were carried out in order to create a particle size distribution (PSiD) and particle shape distribution (PShD) of shredded MSW. These distributions can be applied to a mathematical model for developing a new combustion chamber.

The Gamma distribution is one of the common particle size distributions

fp(D) : the Gamma distribution

a : constant

D : particle size

α, β: positive parameters



  • It is more accurate than sieve analysis since each particle can be outlined and measured.
  • Not only are size distributions estimated; in addition, the shapes of particles are measured.
  • The length, width, perimeter, and area of each particle are measured from camera images.
  • Shredded MSW (experiment)
  • As collected MSW (experiment )
  • Ash (Experiment)
  • Ash (Simulation)
  • As Collected MSW (Simulation)
  • Shredded MSW (Simulation)


  • 350 particles of MSW in Black bags from five boroughs (Manhattan, Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens and Bronx) of New York City.
  • 210 particles of combined ash (bottom ash + fly ash) Samples collected in the Covanta Union County facility that combusts a lot of MSW collected from New York City.
  • Capturing particle images from the digital camera with color inversion
  • Outlining the shapes of particles regarding length, width, perimeter, area.

Particle Diameter (cm)


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