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Solar Energy

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Solar Energy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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G.T. Salamone , Steven Rumfelt , Matt Zeglen , Christie DeVantier , Tim Hartney , Elena Favata. Solar Energy. Two types- Photovoltaic (PV devices) and Concentrating Solar Power Plants ("energy kids-solar." ).

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Solar Energy

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. G.T. Salamone, Steven Rumfelt, Matt Zeglen, Christie DeVantier, Tim Hartney, Elena Favata Solar Energy

    2. Two types- Photovoltaic (PV devices) and Concentrating Solar Power Plants("energy kids-solar." ) energy production

    3. Energy Production • Photovoltaic (PV devices) • Change sunlight directly to electricity ("energy kids-solar.“) • Grouped into panels which range from single cells that power batteries and calculators to systems that are allowed to power homes ("energy kids-solar.“) • Concentrating Solar Power Plants • Uses the caught sunlight to heat a fluid to produce steam which powers the generator ("energy kids-solar.“) • Depends on location, time of year and weather conditions ("energy kids-solar.“)

    4. How it works

    5. STATISTICS • Energy used world wide- 250,000,000+ watts ("Worldometers” ) • Solar energy striking the Earth-24,000,000,000+ watts ("Worldometers” ) • Solar energy used- 20,000,000+ watts ("Worldometers” ) • 1.2 million buildings in the US have solar water heating systems (Profiles—Solar) • Photovoltaic solar panels last between 30-40 years("Solar Power Statistics”) • One kW of power generated from solar panels prevents 150lbs of coal from being mined, 300 lbs of CO2 from being emitted and 105 gallons of water from being consumed ("Solar Power Statistics”)

    6. produces almost no carbon release or greenhouse gases. (“Milam, Jeff”) energy supply never runs out. (“Milam, Jeff”) Compared to fossil fuels such as coal or oil have a tremendous environmental impact, even in comparatively safe circumstances. (“Milam, Jeff”) Produces no air pollution (“Milam, Jeff”) environmental impacts

    7. Solar Panels total cost- to power a small house $30,000- $40,000, this includes installation, wiring, and inverter box ("How Much do Solar Panels Cost?”) This is about $4.30 per watt for a 50 watt solar panel(" Cost of Solar Panels.“) Costs

    8. Very low- 5%-15% ("How Efficient Is Solar Energy." ) Advancements in technology increased by 40% ("How Efficient Is Solar Energy." ) Solar panels range in their energy output which usually range from 30 to 205 watts. ("How Efficient Is Solar Energy." ) Photovoltaic panels create specified generated energy. E.X.- 100 watt panels output 100 watts of energy("How Efficient Is Solar Energy." ) Efficiencies

    9. Solar Panels-older solar panels used 12-24 volts, now that technology is increasing 48 volt panels are most commonly used ("Solar Power.“). Maximum Power Point Tracking Controllers-definition: extracts additional power from your PV array, under certain conditions ("What is MPPT?”). Increase energy output by 15-20% ("Solar Power." ). Water Pump- a 12 volt solar panel used with a controller and a linear current booster("Water Pumping.“) Solar Furnaces- use mirrors to obtain the sun’s energy and produce high temperatures("Energy Resources”) Photoluminescentproducts- store light energy and release it later ("Energy Resources) Current developments

    10. Using nanotechnology to experiment with materials that will allow almost any part of a building to contain photovoltaic materials ("The Future of Solar Power”) Working on orbiting solar energy arrays that could be capable of beaming the power they generate back to earth ("The Future of Solar Power”) Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have found a way to generate solar energy using chemicals comparable to those used by plants for photosynthesis ("The Future of Solar Power”) Japan has created transparent collectors that generate electricity from UV light ("solar power." mother earth ) This could come to roofs of cars and windows of skyscrapers having transparent solar films("solar power." mother earth ) future developements

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