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Semester One Review PowerPoint Presentation
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Semester One Review

Semester One Review

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Semester One Review

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  1. Semester One Review Get your review sheet. Be ready to go over each question. No Waiting! You had 2 days do this!

  2. 1. What event happens in Texas during 1845. Texas becomes the 28th state. or Texas joins the United States of America as the 28th state.

  3. 2. (a)What is the treaty of 1844? (b)What are the provisions? a) The Treaty of 1844 is an annexation treaty. b) The Provisions are: Texas enters the USA as a territory Texas gives up public lands The USA will paythe Republic of Texas’ debt

  4. 3. (a) What is the Joint Resolution of 1845? (b)What are the provisions? • The Resolution of 1845 is a joint resolution passed by both houses of USA’s Congress that allows Texas to enter the Union. • The Provisions are: Texas enters as a state Texas keeps its public lands Texas can create up to 5 states if it wants Texas can keep slavery

  5. 4. Of the two plans, which was the better option for Texas becoming a part of the United States? The Joint Resolution of 1845 It gives more benefits to Texas for joining the USA

  6. 5. Why did the Republic of Texas face serious financial problems? The new republics government borrowed money and was having a hard time paying back its debt.

  7. 6. Which event in San Antonio changed the Comanche’s view on white settlements in Texas? The Council House Fight. • This event was intended to be a transfer of prisoners • Becomes a brawl- 35 Comanche and 7 Texans die • Death of the Comanche leader during a peace conference upsets them, and they begin raiding settlement along the gulf coast • Created a wedge between the US and Natives for years to come

  8. 7. What explanations can account for the dramatic population increase between the years of 1836 and 1845? Population growth due to the abundance of cheap land. Texas allowed slavery, slavery is labor intensive, cheap land made it easy for new settlers to bring in slaves.

  9. 8. What were the main cultural/ political differences between American settlers in Texas and the Mexican citizens?

  10. 9. What are the dates for the events listed below?

  11. 10. What conclusion can you draw from the events listed above as they relate to Mier y Teran’s report? (What 2 events were a direct result of the of the Mier y Teran report?) Slavery is banned and so is Anglo immigration from USA Mier y Teran report: 14 suggestions the general made while traveling from Mexico city to Eastern areas of Mexico (Tejas) Mier observed that the further away from Mexico City he went the less Mexican and the more Anglo it became.

  12. 11. This letter reflects the leadership of who?William B. Travis12. Where was the letter written and why?This was a plea for help written during the Siege of the Alamo To the People of Texas & All Americans in the World Fellow citizens & compatriots I am besieged, by a thousand or more of the Mexicans under Santa Anna…….The enemy has demanded a surrender at discretion, ……… Then, I call on you in the name of Liberty, ….. to come to our aid, with all dispatch. They enemy is receiving reinforcements daily …… I am determined to sustain myself as long as possible & die like a soldier who never forgets what is due to his own honor & that of his country VICTORY OR DEATH. William Barret Travis, Lt. Col. comdt.

  13. 13. Why did Sam Houston want the delegates at the Constitutional Convention of 1836 to focus on forming the government and not the siege and battle at the Alamo? Houston understood that Texas needed a legitimate government so Texas would be taken seriously as an independent country. • Who is credited as the author of the Texas Declaration of Independence? George Childress

  14. 15. What event completes the timeline?Goliad Massacre (March 27,1836) February October 1835 23-March 6, 1836 April 21, 1836 Battle of Gonzales Siege of the Alamo Battle of San Jacinto March 2, 1836 Texas Declares their ? Independence

  15. 16. Who am I: I helped write the Mexican Constitution, I assisted in Texas’ fight for independence and I served as Vice President during the Revolution Lorenzo De Zavala

  16. Using the information found on the map, where is most of the agricultural industry was located? East Texas; Coastal Plains • Using the information found on the map, why did Americans and Mexicans come to Mexican Texas in the 1820’s? How do you know?  Anglos came for cheap land, Mexicans came to protect and populate the borders. The concentration of slaves in the east means more farming with slave labor. • Using the information found on the map, what part of Texas has the highest population of slaves? How do you know? East Texas, by looking at the pattern used in the key. Darker dots indicate larger pop. • Using the information found on the map, what part of Texas has the largest population? How do you know? East Texas; Coastal Plains

  17. 21. In the flowchart demonstrate how Stephen F. Austin’s point of view changed toward independence from Mexico? Defender of Mexican Authority Diplomat and Negotiator Supporter of Texas Independence Participant in the Texas Revolution

  18. These, and other grievances, were patiently borne by the people of Texas until they reached that point at which (patience) ceases to be a virtue. We then took up arms in defense of the national constitution (of 1824). We appealed to our Mexican brethren for assistance. Our appeal has been made in vain. Though months have lapsed, no sympathetic response has yet been heard from (within Mexico). We are, therefore, forced to the (sad) conclusion that the Mexican people have (agreed to) the destruction of their liberty Texas Declaration of Independence According to the Texas Declaration of Independence, why did Texans chose to separate from Mexico? Mexico did not listen to , nor did it give a voice to Texas in the Mexican government

  19. 23. In what ways did the rebels of the Texas Revolution resemble those of the American Revolution? They both first fought for self-government then they fought for independence  24. What led to the Texans’ success at San Jacinto? It was a surprise attack

  20. 25. Place the following events in chronological order in the chart:Law of April 6, 1830, Turtle Bayou Resolutions, Arrest of Stephen F. Austin, Fredonian Rebellion and Anahuac Disturbance • 1827 FredonianRebellion • 1830 Law of April 6, 1830 • 1830 Anahuac Disturbance • 1831 Turtle Bayou Resolutions • 1832 Arrest of Stephen F. Austin

  21. German settlers in Texas hired Texas Mexican musicians. The Germans preferred music that they were used to, like waltzes and polkas played primarily on the accordion. The musicians began to adapt the German music by playing polkas but adding lyrics related to their Texas Mexican roots. This is how conjunto music originated. What idea does the above passage represent? How Mexican traditions influenced German traditions

  22. 27. What were the requirements that made up the Mexican Federal Constitution of 1824? • To become a Mexican citizen • Convert to the Roman Catholic Religion • Support the constitution of 1824

  23. Austin, letter to David Burnet, October 5, 1835 "No more doubts-no submission. I hope to see Texas forever free from Mexican domination of any kind. It is yet too soon to say this publicly, but that is the point we shall end at- and it is the one I am aiming at. But we must arrive at it by steps and not all at one jump.” Austin, letter to John Williams, March 21, 1832 “If things can be kept quiet in the colony all will end right and prosperously, of this I have no doubt. What is needed there is dead calm. All reflecting men will become convinced that the true interest of Texas is never to separate from Mexico, and that it is the true interest of this nation to encourage the population of Texas and make a state of it.” Stephen Austin’s point of view changed over time; how do these two letters express that change? L1= strong supporter for staying in as a part of Mexico L2= plan for independence

  24. 29. Which group likely viewed the construction of new Spanish missions with suspicion? American Indians 30. What was the purpose of the Gutierrez-Magee Expedition? The purpose of this expedition was to continue the rebellion from Spain begun by Father Hidalgo 31. Why is the date 1718 important in Texas history? This is the founding of San Antonio  32. Who are the Old Three Hundred? The first families that settled in Texas with Stephen Austin

  25. 33. How did Mexico’s colonization laws attract settlers? Mexico wanted to populate its northern most border areas to secure them against invaders, They made acquiring land grants easy and provided land at cheap prices

  26. 34. Which two explorers traveled through Texas together? Cabeza de Vaca and Estevanico 35. Which explorer was looking for the Mississippi River? La Salle 36. What years was Estevanico in Texas. 1528- 1536 37. Who wrote a book about Texas mentioning the Seven Cities of Cibola Cabeza de Vaca 38. Who led and expedition in 1540 for the Seven Cities Cibola? Coronado

  27. 39. Where were most settlements in Texas established? East Texas, Coastal Plains and along rivers 40. In which region of Texas are the most successful land grants located? Coastal Plains • In what regions of Texas would find large populations of Hispanics? (list all the possible regions) Coastal Plains, Mt. & Basins, and Great Plains  42. What are the states that border Texas? Oklahoma, Louisiana, New Mexico and Arkansas

  28. 43. What are the regions of Texas? List them all Mt. & Basin North Central Plains Great Plains Coastal Plains 44. In which region would a visitor to the state find Big Bend National Park? Mt. & Basin 45. In what region would you find El Paso? Mt. & Basin 46. In what region would you find Dallas? Coastal Plains 47. In what region would you find Ft. Worth? North Central Plains 48. In what region is the Alamo located in? Coastal Plains What regions does the Rio Grande pass through? Mt. & Basin, Great Plains , Coastal Plains

  29. 50. What is one significant difference between the U.S. Bill of Rights and Texas Bill of Rights? BoR US= Are the first 10 amendments to the US constitution BoR TX= Are written in article 1 of the TX constitution • Why did the creators of both the Texas and United States Constitutions include a system of checks and balances? So that no single branch of govt. could control or gain power over the other branches.

  30. 52. Identify the responsibilities for each branch of the state government as written in the Texas Constitution? Legislative: Branch of govt. responsible for making the laws Executive: Branch of govt. responsible for carrying out the law, ensuring that laws are put into action Judicial: Branch of govt. responsible for punishing those who break the laws

  31. 53. Who was the explorer that shipwrecked in Matagorda Bay while searching for the mouth of the Mississippi River? LaSalle 54. Which group adapted to the environment of Texas with the fewest modifications? American Indians  55. Many places names in Texas, such as El Paso, San Antonio, Amarillo, and the Rio Grande reflect the language and influence of which nation’s culture? Spain (Castroville=French)

  32. 56. How did the Plains American Indian tribes and the Puebloan American Indian tribes live their lives? Plains Indians Puebloan Indians Nomadic tribesSettled in one place Hunted BuffaloGrew crops for food

  33. 57. Place the following events on the timeline in chronological order? 1) Texas independence, 2) Mexican independence from Spain, 3) Mapping of the Texas coast, 4) Founding of S. A. Mapping of the Texas Coast Mexican Independence from Spain 1519 1821 1718 1836 Founding of San Antonio Texas Independence

  34. 58. If you were writing a paper about the administration of Mirabeau Lamar and the effect of his administration on conflict with American Indians, you would be sure to include which of the following in your text evidence? Council House Fight Death of Chief Bowles Comanche's forced to Leave  59. Who were the first president and vice president of the Republic of Texas after winning our independence from Mexico? President= Sam Houston Vice President= Lamar

  35. 60. List the reasons the Spanish and the Anglos wanted to colonize Texas?