Cryo and afe iit update
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Cryo and AFE IIt Update. MICE Video Meeting April 12, 2006 A. Bross. Cryo Update I. The cryo-system for the VLPCs has been operated extremely reliably and stably from May 05, through the end of the KEK TB and now for about 2 months again at Fermilab

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Cryo and afe iit update

Cryo and AFE IIt Update

MICE Video Meeting

April 12, 2006

A. Bross

Cryo update i
Cryo Update I

  • The cryo-system for the VLPCs has been operated extremely reliably and stably from May 05, through the end of the KEK TB and now for about 2 months again at Fermilab

  • However, it was felt that the thermal-link design could be made more robust

    • A bolted concept has now been detailed and will be used in all subsequent systems

      • Assembly details still need to be worked out

    • Vacuum tests on the bolt to envelope weld were successful

  • The drawing package is complete and we have awarded the bid to Ability Engineering for $140k for 4 systems

    • Does not include

      • Cryo-coolers

      • Temperature controlers and sensors

      • Lid Heater circuitry

      • Cassette He gas system

    • New Thermal link design is incorporated even though is has not yet been tested.

      • We will retrofit the prototype system and test design.

      • Will occur in June

Cryo update iii
Cryo Update III

  • However II

    • Need to solve an assembly problem at upper thermal link

Afe iit update
AFE IIt Update

  • The AFE IIt pre-production boards (15) have now all arrived at Fermilab and 5 or 6 are under test

  • The first boards came up very quickly

    • In about 1 hour

    • No green wires!

  • TriPt testing is done

    • Yield is about 80%

    • More than enough chips for D0 + MICE + Spares for both experiments

      • Plus second pass could yield more

  • Expect Production Order has been released

    • About 14 week lead for delivery of all boards

      • But many will arrive earlier

  • The critical issue for MICE is MICE-specific firmware development for AFE IIt

    • NOT a Trivial amount of work

Led spectra afe1 afeii

JW@FTG, 2006Mar21


Issues that still need some thought
Issues that still Need some Thought

  • AFE IIt board temperature and bias calibration

    • Does MICE need a test stand (like D0 has) to do this operation?

  • LED pulser data

    • Plan to dismount wavguides and mount a LED pulser or excite the fibers with blue LEDs?

  • New LVSB Board

    • Not likely. Existing board looks OK. 6 new boards are being assembled now.

      • Firmware development still might be needed

        • May be able to get support for this from Fermilab CD

  • Rate

    • If we keep analog and timing information we are limited to:

      • »250 muons per msec of spill

        • It is possible that clever (extreme) programming of the AFE IIt can push this up a bit.

    • If we drop analog and timing and only use discriminators, we can run at 7 MHz.