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Questionnaire Analyze

Questionnaire Analyze. Brogan Money. Introduction.

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Questionnaire Analyze

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  1. Questionnaire Analyze Brogan Money

  2. Introduction • The purpose of this questionnaire was to gain peoples view for my RnB music magazine. To get an insight of what people preferred when it comes down to RnB magazines. This would help me when it came down to creating my own music magazine so I could aim to my target audience. Furthermore the aim of this questionnaire is for it to make my own magazine more accurate and professional as I asked people within my target audience and got there opinions.

  3. Methods and techniques When creating my questionnaire I tried and kept it as clear and simple as possible and also trying to get all the information I want and need for my magazine. This meant some questions I left open ended so I could get the publics real opinion. I asked standard questions that would help my for example about: price, gender, age and where would it be chosen to be purchased. However, I wanted to no more and in-depth and chose to ask more questions that were more in dept and opened ended for example: what artists to see featured in the magazine and what colour scheme would they prefer. This meant it gave me more information in helping my design my own magazine.

  4. I asked age as it would benefit me when designing my own magazine and who to aim my magazine to. It would help me to when it came down to design my magazine as i asked teenagers between the age of 13 to 16 and had there view of magazines in my own genre of being RnB and furthermore about the color scheme if i aimed it to 13-16 years olds i would have to think what would they prefer in an first issue magazine and what would appeal to them and make them buy it. This question links in with the questions below as every age group has different views and opinions. The results show out of the 5 people i picked out around town the higher percentage were between of the ages 13-60 however only by a small proportion. the age could effect my results by the different opinions however it could benefit me as i know from both points of views.

  5. i asked gender as it would help me as it is a basic question to ask as it would help me know what kind of things to include in my magazine. between the two different genders this would help as females and males may want different features and artists included in a magazine and i could use this information to know benefit both genders preferences. Employment status shows me an estimate of what my target audience earn which helps when it comes down to deciding the price for my magazine.

  6. With me asking how often do the consumers buy music magazines helps me decide whether it would be a monthly issue, weekly or yearly. From the results Monthly was the favorite option so i am going to base my own magazine on a monthly issue. This will also help when it comes down to the context with my double page spread as i would like it to talking about monthly issues and not weekly news. The news might be more bigger and and lot more information as the consumer would have to wait a month and not just a week.

  7. With the participants it showed that the majority would not take in considerate the color scheme. this could be useful as Vibe magazine the magazine i am basing my own one on uses different colors for every issue which benefits me. However i think with the color scheme i think it important as the front cover is the first thing the consumers see and would have to appeal to them and want them to buy the product so considering what colors would attract them. Furthermore the results are very close 2 out of the 5 do think the color scheme is important to when deciding on purchasing a magazine.

  8. This question is very helpful and useful to me as i am basing my magazine on Vibe and i tried to ask people who looked and seemed to be into that type of music around town so the higher proportion chose Vibe magazine. this also helps be as of the type of artist to base it on as i know for the future question the majority of the people i am choosing is under the same genre of my own magazine.

  9. This question is very helpful as it gives me an insight of what my audience price range for a normal and well known music magazine is. However when coming to decide what price my magazine is i have to keep in thought that i am basing my on a first issue and many people wouldn't pay a lot for a new magazine with other well known magazines around with guaranteed customer satisfaction. On the other hand have to keep in mind competition and want to appeal to my target audience and what they et if they would want to pay a higher price if they feel they would feel confident if it was a medium price and they may feel it must be decent and confident with there own magazine.

  10. I asked this question as I thought as my magazine was a first issue and with completion from other magazines it would have to have an advantage and another reason why people should pick up and buy magazine. So asking the following: Poster, CD or other, just a general and simple things that other magazines give away to see what my results would be. And CD seemed the most popular result so when thinking about cover lines I could include one mentioning free CD to gain the customers attention and to have an edge over the other magazines.

  11. With this question it linked in with the previous question of asking if the colour scheme would affect there choice and matter to them when deciding on what magazine they choose. I asked this as even I knew there was an option of people to disagree and say the colour scheme didn’t matter it would help me when it came down to designing my own magazine to give me an idea of what people felt would attract them more. with the results I found out that people came to the conclusion that it either was black or yellow to other that stood out than red and white. With this information this could help in the future when it comes to designing my own magazine and I could look back at my research and see what people prefer.

  12. This question is very useful to me as I am creating a feature on a double page so asking this question to people outside in town is going to befit me as it will help me decide what I am going to feature on the double page with my magazine. With my results it shows me that the most popular ones were an interview and up coming artists. This is good as it shows me what people who like to that type of music expect to see in an RnB magazine. Many people said that with upcoming artist and interviews they get to know the artist more that they like and look up to. This shows people want to know more about the artist they listen to and also new artists to know more and to feel like there the first ones to find out about them if hey have heard them before but not too famous.

  13. This question helps when it comes to advertising the magazine as it could include where to buy this magazine, places who buy RnB magazines I have found out that most of the people I asked would buy there magazine in newsagents. This question was quite general however it gave me an insight of where to advertise and could use this to my advantage if I wanted to do a strap line saying where to find the next issue for example.

  14. Overall • Overall I find this exercise was very useful to me to when it comes to designing my own my magazine as I have gone out and asked members of the town I do not know and found out I=accurate information people who are suited to my genre of magazine. When designing my magazine I can look back and see what people prefer and what I could include to get there attention to when it comes to picking up my new magazine in the shops.

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