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amazing facts about time zones n.
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What Time in World Countries - Interesting Facts PowerPoint Presentation
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What Time in World Countries - Interesting Facts

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What Time in World Countries - Interesting Facts
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What Time in World Countries - Interesting Facts

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  1. Amazing Facts about Time Zones

  2. Fact 1 Daylight saving time also called summer time, was designed to take advantage of summer sunlight. During daylight saving time, the clocks are advanced by an hour. Daylight saving time is implemented at the start of the spring, and adjusted to the standard time in the autumn.

  3. Fact 2 The International Space Station follows GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).

  4. Fact 3 The Prime Meridian (0 degree longitude), which runs through Greenwich, England, is considered as the base time zone.

  5. Fact 4 China follows a single time zone and the whole country, which spans several longitudes, follows Beijing time. As a result, many parts of the country have sunset at midnight during summers.

  6. Fact 5 India also follows one national time zone (GMT + 05:30). The national time zone was introduced during the British regime to streamline the railway network.

  7. Fact 6 Many countries have one time zone but the larger ones, like the U.S.A. and Russia, have multiple time zones. On the map, Russia has 11 time zones but it only follows nine time zones since 2010. The U.S.A. has nine time zones and most of the states follow daylight saving time.

  8. Fact 7 Egypt had shunned DST in 2011 during the month of Ramadan to shorten the fasting hours. and reinstated it in 2014 to help reduce electricity consumption.

  9. Fact 8 Swedish company has invented time zone for future colonies on the moon. It’s called Lunar Standard Time.

  10. Fact 9 In 2011, the Pacific island nation of Samoa and its neighbour Tokelau jumped a day to align its time with its Asian trading partners.

  11. Fact 10 The island of Markets Fyr in the Baltic Sea follows two time zones as it’s owned by two countries, Sweden and Finland.

  12. Fact 11 The North Pole and South Pole don't have official time zones. In the North Pole, the research stations of many countries follow their respective country's time zones. The South Pole, on the other hand, has only one American research station but it follows New Zealand time.

  13. Fact 12 All the countries in the world follow the hourly or half-hourly time zone but Nepal (GMT+5.45) and Chatham Islands (GMT+12.45) have a quarter-hourly time zone.

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