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  2. THE MASTHEAD • The masthead is a very important part of a magazine. This is the name of the magazine and most magazines display this at the top. The masthead has to be big bold and stand out amongst the other features which are on the front cover. I have looked at other magazines to see how they have designed their masthead.

  3. I looked at other magazines for inspiration. Each one of the magazines have white mastheads, all of which are noticeable but are in unique fonts

  4. MY MASTHEAD • Once I had decided on the name of my music magazine. I then had to create the mast head. I used InDesign to look at the fonts available which would be suitable for the music genre and my target audience.

  5. Example 1 This font is called ‘Plantagenet Cherokee’. I decided not to use this font because it looks quite plain and boring. Even when I added colour to the font, it did not appeal to me and personally if this was the masthead for a magazine I would not be interested because it looks unappealing.

  6. Example 2 This font is called ‘Stencil Std’. I did like this font because I thought it looked bold and was easy to recognise. However the font does not look unique and it was not as eye catching as the other fonts I had looked at. Therefore I decided to eliminate this from the choices.

  7. Example 3 • This font is called ‘OhTheHorror’. I decided not to use this font because it resembled Halloween which would not send the incorrect message to the audience. The magazine is about music and not Halloween.

  8. Example 4 • This font is called ‘Chalkduster’ I decide to go with this design as I thought it would appeal to my target audience. This font looks like it has been written with chalk therefore making it look unique as it is quite difficult to do. As I am targeting students chalkduster looks like it has been written and students are expected to write therefor I thought this font worked well together and would make it easier for the target audience to relate to.

  9. Final Design I decided to go with the font ‘chalk duster’ for my masthead. However to make my magazine look unique, I changed the font of the first letter of each word to ‘Bauhaus’ and I kept the colour white as this noticeable on a black background and juxtapose, ones a dark colour the other is bright. I changed the rest of the words to blue as my colour scheme was blue white and black therefore I wanted to make sure that there was an even spread of colours.