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Education/Graducation Plan

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Education/Graducation Plan - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Education/Graducation Plan. This presentation was made by Evelyn Burgueno. I dedicated these slides to my grandson Johnathan Rubi. My Vision. Avelina Burgueño

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Education/Graducation Plan

This presentation was made by Evelyn Burgueno. I dedicated these slides to my grandson Johnathan Rubi.


My Vision

Avelina Burgueño

I would like to have more knowledge of the tools that the websites can offer. I would like to be able to guide my grandson to better himself and help him decide which path he would want to take as he grows older. My grandson is only five yrs. and really has not said what he wants to be when older. When that time comes I want to be able to guide him w/the information and tools I will be learning in this class. Also I would like to learn how to search for certain topics and how to access other programs such as “word” and how do type a resume.



9. Help w/college info folder. Help student get organized and practice good study habits.

10. Take PSAT test, explore financial aid and scholarship options.

11. Verify student is on track for college. Encourage student to complete all courses necessary for graduation plus any requirements for college admission.

12. Narrow down college possibilities and collect applications. Keep track of application deadlines. Continue encouraging and motivating student to stay on track.


  • Listed below are the college entrance test required for the following colleges and independent schools.
  • CSU – ACT or SAT
  • UC -- ACT w/writing or SAT Reasoning Test
  • INDY- ACT or SAT (ck w/College or University of choice.
  • Also listed are the (5) different kinds of colleges in California:
  • California Community College (CCC)
  • California State University (CSU)
  • University of California (UC)
  • Independent California Colleges and Universities
  • WASC (Fashion design and automotive technologies

  • Children are curious and ask lots of questions. Parent must be patient and answer as well as provide a setting so that the child can actually explore and find out the answers on their own.
  • Encourage the child to investigate and gather information on their own. Ask your child questions. Take them to the library or use the internet to search out and solve problems.
  • Read to your child. Expose child to books they can play with. Call attention to street signs, numbers and letters when driving or walking. Let child tell a story before bed time,.
  • Encourage child to review their day and tell you a story a bedtime.
  • Tell stories about how your life was like and encourage them to ask questions.


1.Facebook is a social networking site that allows users to post online profiles and then connect to other users who share the same interests, experiences, etc.

2.Its is very easy to use and only takes minutes to make changes,additions or adding


3.Its free and anyone can sign up.

4.You may send and receive messages. Promote events, share and upload photos.

5.You may also create a group for your organization or event. Control what info you share- Maintain some privacy. Also you can search for friends, using name, city, state, school or workplace.

6.Applications are designed to enhance your experience with engaging games and use features like Events and Photos.



This subject is to educate parents about on-line safety for their family.

If children are allowed to use IM, chatrooms or blogs, help them when signing up.

Show child what not to fill in so they don’t give away personal info. Show them examples of screen names that are not appropriate. Tell your child not to reply to emails from people them don’t know and not to respond to sexual advances and to tell you should some one approaches them.

Tell child not to share info and let them know how people are dishonest about their age and gender. And also not to meet anyone in person who the’ve met on line.

Also talk your child about “cyberbulying” and let them know how dangerous it is. It can cause child low self esteem, depression and suicide.

Talk to child about drugs, and not to open unmarked packages from the mail. Have a discussion about drugs with your child.


Duarte Unified School District

  • 1.Duarte Unified School District has established minimum requirements for graduation from high schools. To obtain a diploma, students need to complete at least the following courses: English, Math, Social Science, Arts and Physical Education in grades 9-12 w/each course being one yr. unless otherwise specified. Also students must complete a total of 200 credits for graduation.
  • 2.Course requirements for entry into Cal State or University of Ca. are the following:
  • Cal State University of Ca.
  • English 4 yrs. A. English 4 yrs.
  • Math 3 yrs. B. Math 4 yr.
  • Social Science 2 yrs. Plus C. Social Science 2 yrs.
  • Science 2 yrs. Including (1) yr. of Biology D. Science 2 yrs. w/ lab required
  • Physical Education 1 yr. E. Foreign Language 3 yrs.
  • Foreign Language 2 yrs. F. Visual and performing arts 1 yr.
  • Visual and performing arts 1 yr. G. Electives (1) yr. for both

PARENTS. The Anti Drug

Be a positive role model for your children. Don’t abuse drugs or alcohol.

Listen and talk with your children. Try to understand the pressures placed on them and don’t criticize their beliefs.

The most severe effect of inhalants is depression.

The following are three physical signs of inhalant use:

Chemical odors on breathe and clothing

Drunk or disorientated appearance

Inattentiveness, lack of coordination, irrability and depression.

Marijuana and tobacco have similar healthy issues such as respiratory problems. They cause a person to have daily cough and phlegm, symptoms of chronic bronchitis and more frequent chest colds.

Parents should be more involved. Establish together time w/ child. Build an open and trusting relationships. Communicate w/your children ask your child the following: WHO? WHAT? WHERE? And WHEN?

l a county library

County Libraries are virtually all over the county. You most likely have one around the corner from your home. Libraries are an excellent facility for all adults and children who want to ck out books, magazines, DVDs and CDs and can access library databases from ones home. All you need is a library card which is FREE! There are various things that can be done at a Library. There is a summer reading program for ages: birth to 5 yrs., age 5 thru 13 and 18 and over. There is also a program for children that need Homework Help. This program can be accessed from home and you can get an online tutor. All you need is an internet connection. The age group for this is: K12, College and adult lerners. Summer reading is available at all County Libraries from June thru August.