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Solar energy PowerPoint Presentation
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Solar energy

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Solar energy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Solar energy
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  1. Solar energy Solar energy

  2. The world is being polluted every second-it’s even happening now! It’s time a non-polluting, scientifically proven energy took over. We have to stop fossil fuels. Surely you would agree that solar energy is the future?

  3. Firstly, solar panels don’t die quickly – in fact, with care and attention they can last up to 40-50 years! Don’t worry if it over heats, because it has a cooling turbine generator. Most people would agree that solar panels are reliable, and wouldn’t you be a fool to disagree? Solar battery chargers get the most out of solar power, so you can save even more.

  4. Since the first solar panel was made (in the 1950’s) they’ve just got better and better. They don’t look ugly or take up any extra space. Scientists are so clever these days, they’ve even made solar power vehicles! Wouldn’t it be cool to own one of them?!

  5. If all that wasn’t enough to convince you, then listen to this. You can save mega bucks on your energy bills. Even your maintenance is lower! The Sun is free to all, so once the solar panels are fitted, energy bills are next to nothing. For some money, if you produce more energy than you need, you can sell it back to the energy company!

  6. All in all, we strongly believe that solar power is the energy of the future. Surely you wouldn’t disagree? You’d be a fool to! How could you? Soon, solar energy will take over from fossil fuels. Who agrees with solar energy? ME! ME! ME! ME! MEE!

  7. Thank you for listening By Nat, Grant and Jennifer