the history of pre ov n.
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THE HISTORY OF PREŠOV. Lucia Forintová Petra Očkovičová. Important historical facts. 4 th - 5 th century - arrival of Slavs on the territory of Prešov 1247 - The first written mention of Prešov 1299 - Prešov reached the city privileges from Ondrej III.

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the history of pre ov


Lucia Forintová

Petra Očkovičová

important historical facts
Important historical facts
  • 4th - 5th century - arrival of Slavs on the territory ofPrešov
  • 1247 - The first written mention of Prešov
  • 1299 - Prešov reached the cityprivileges from Ondrej III.
  • 1412 - Prešov belongs to Pentapolitana (community of five royal cities)
  • 1453 – The first blazon of Prešov
  • 1667 – the important Evangelic Lutheran College of Eperjes was established by Lutherans in the town.
  • 1687 - Caraffa's slaughterhouse - 24 townspeople were executed
  • 18thcentury - arrival of the Jews
  • 1816 – Prešov became the seat of a Greek Catholic Bishopric
the origin of name
The origin of name
  • According to legend:

In 12th century - Belo II. has been losted near the small village (to-day's Prešov). He was hungry, so he ate the strawberries – lots of them was growing near the village and he decided to name it after them – Eperies (hungarian "eper" = strawberry).

  • The first mention of Prešov was in Belo's IV. document in 1247. In 1299 Prešov reached the cityprivileges from Ondrej III. and then it became a royal city.

Belo IV.

Ondrej III.

the blazon of pre ov
The blazon of Prešov
  • Royal city Prešov had the blazon from the first half of 15th century. Prešov had three blazons:
  • The first blazon was given in 1453 by Ladislav V. Pohrobok – it was used until half of 16th century.
  • The second one was given in 1548 by Ferdinand I. – it was used only for 10 years.
  • The third brand new blazon was given in 1558 by Ferdinand I. – this one is used up to now.

Red and sliver blazon in gothic style with 3 roses.

  • Habitation in the area around Prešov dates to Paleolithic period. The oldest tools and mammoth bones are 28,000 years old and they were found near Delňa .
  • Other traces of the existence of a settlement are from the Bronze Age. There were found bronze objects, ceramics and also an iron knife and skewers.
  • At the beginning of the 18th century, the population was decimated by fires and was reduced to a mere 2,000 inhabitants.In 1887 fire destroyed a large part of the town.
  • There are very valuable evidences of the existence of economic relations with the Romans – gold and silver Roman coins.
  • The town was recovered; crafts and trade improved, and new factories were built.
  • In 1572, salt mining started in Solivar. In 1752 the salt mine in Solivar was flooded.
  • In 1870 the first railway was built, many institutions moved from Košice to Prešov.
  • At the end of the 19th century, the town introduced electricity, telephone, telegraph and a sewage systems.
  • In 1944, a professional Slovak Theatre was established in Prešov.