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ANDREW JACKSON. “OLD HICKORY”. Won the election of 1828 Many people attended his inauguration. His wife Rachel’s tomb. The Hermitage. A slave cabin. The “ spoils system ”. Gave government jobs to his supporters This is also known as patronage. The “kitchen cabinet”.

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A slave cabin
A slave cabin

The spoils system
The “spoils system”

  • Gave government jobs to his supporters

  • This is also known as patronage

The kitchen cabinet
The “kitchen cabinet”

  • Jackson’s unofficial group of advisors

Maysville road veto
Maysville Road Veto

  • Jackson vetoed a bill to build a road across Kentucky because he thought the state should pay for it, not the federal government

Tariff of 1828
Tariff of 1828

  • Called the “Tariff of Abominations” by southerners

  • South Carolina wanted to nullify it

  • The Force Bill said the president could send troops to collect taxes

  • Henry Clay helped write a Compromise Bill which reduced the tariff each year

The bank war
The Bank War

  • Jackson hated the Bank of the U.S. because he thought it was a monopoly and too powerful

  • Henry Clay and Daniel Webster submitted a bill to renew the bank’s charter, but Jackson vetoed it

  • He attacked Nicholas Biddle, the

    head of the Bank

  • Jackson also took federal money out of the Bank of the US and put it in smaller “pet banks”

  • Specie circular is issued – this says that western lands have to be paid for in specie

  • All this helped to destroy the Bank of the US and led to an economic crisis called The Panic of 1837