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English Settlements: Jamestown and Maryland PowerPoint Presentation
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English Settlements: Jamestown and Maryland

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English Settlements: Jamestown and Maryland - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

  • Uploaded on English Settlements: Jamestown and Maryland . featuring a Q&A between cartoon animals and 80s rock legends part II. Students will learn about. British settlements in the New World Jamestown Maryland. Disney mustachioed John Rolfe wants to know.

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English Settlements: Jamestown and Maryland

featuring a Q&A between cartoon animals and 80s rock legends part II


Students will learn about...

British settlements in the New World




Disney mustachioed John Rolfe wants to know...

an English settlement that was established by the Virginia Company in 1607

settlement's main objective was gold; then tobacco

What do I need to know about Jamestown in order for the cool kids to talk to me?

from the start the settlement was very unsuccessful and many people died

people only wanted to look for gold, nothing else

fighting with neighboring natives

official religion was Anglicanism

tobacco's success paved the way for slave labor (creating a super-rich elite/poor class society)

Jamestown flourished thanks to tobacco and would help spawn Virginia

VA formed the House of Burgesses--first assembly of elected representatives


Juiced up Springsteen would like you to...

If you're still not clear on Jamestown, check out this very short and to the point video overview.


How did tobacco create such a class difference? It'd really cheer me up...

Sad robot dog wants to know...

Hello sad robot dog, it's me, David Bowie... I'm here to answer your tobacco question... the easiest answer I can give is this... tobacco growers were already wealthy, and they became even wealthier thanks to slave labor and the popularity of tobacco. During this time, if you weren't a landowner, you were a slave or indentured servant...

and as time went on, the gap between the wealthy landowning elite and the slaves/working class became even larger.

1972 Ziggy Stardust David Bowie has the answer...


Phil the recently fired mascot wants to know...

What do I need to know about Maryland in order for me to get my job back?

in 1632 the King of England gave his friend's

son, Cecilius Calvert, Maryland as a gift

Maryland, like Virginia, relied on tobacco for its economy

Maryland, also like Virginia, had an elected assembly

Calvert wanted Catholics and Protestants to live in peaceful harmony

Maryland becomes the first haven for religiously persecuted people

Concerning Religion Act of 1649--all Christians were "guaranteed" free exercise of religion


Ron the awkward cat would like you to...

Read this and then answer the following question on your blog:

1. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement (why/why not?):

A society that does not allow religious freedom will be easier to govern and its people will be more respectful and tolerant than one that does.


Students should understand...

Tobacco turned Virginia and Maryland into economically successful colonies

Both Virginia and Maryland formed an assembly with elected representatives

The success of tobacco created the need for slave labor

Maryland was the first "freedom of religion" colony

"freedom of religion" only for Christians

Tobacco created a class society--landowners became even richer and poor got even poorer