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Developing Translation Markets Czech Republic  PowerPoint Presentation
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Developing Translation Markets Czech Republic 

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Developing Translation Markets Czech Republic  - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Developing Translation Markets Czech Republic 
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  1. language solutions. Developing Translation Markets Czech Republic ATCAnnual Conference London UK, 15/09/2005 Jaroslava Flodrová Executive Manager

  2. Developing TranslationMarkets Introduction The Czech market has been after the revolution a great opportunity for foreign languages. Since then many translation agencies (around hunderds) were established. Finding potential customers starts with discovering where and how they live. This requires some careful research, because entering a developing market does involve a certain amount of risk along with its opportunities. Such risks can arise from: political, cultural, economic, climatic or financial factors. Learning about them will help steer you away from markets that could cause you problems, such as facing a deeply entrenched domestic competitor. On the opportunity side, your research will help you focus on the markets that contain the best potential customers for your product.

  3. Developing TranslationMarkets Key factors determining end-users preferences are: First tier preferences are: -quality -price -project management The Czech customer is very oriented on price. In comparison with the international client we can see big difference between behaving the customers. The Foreign customer values more criteria than just price and the people factor (project management) has high priority for them. Second tier preferences are: -level of customer support -capacity vs deadline -after-sales service -technical support -location, opening hours

  4. Developing TranslationMarkets Key questions in developing markets for translation services What services are provided? (translation, interpreting, localization, DTP, others) Who supplies and who receives the services? What is the value of language services? Next steps: Advancing the development encourage innovation developing new products/services

  5. Developing TranslationMarkets Customs Climate Czech customs legislation received some changes: In addition, the customers must pay the VAT tax (19% from 2004), which is supposed to be returned from the state budget at a later date. This increasing of VAT (from 5 %) made a big impact on non VAT payers – mainly „street customers“. The export rates has changed due to new EU regulations. For international business some countries were not „foreign any more“ and VAT + 19% was imposed on non VAT payers form foreign country.

  6. Developing TranslationMarkets • TRENDS / business opportunity • EUROPEAN UNION • Translation/interpreting for new languages. • Our EU department has translated more than 1,5 million of pages in 2004 year. • NEW MARKETS • West Europe, USA, Japan, ohers. • FOREIGN INVESTORS • In 2004/2005 the Czech Republic registered new foreign investors as a great potential for new businesses. • NEW PRODUCTS/SERVICES • Industry magazines • Printing services

  7. TRADE PROMOTION OPORTUNITIES E-commerce- is becoming more and more popular in Czech Republic, virtual offices are also used more often. Czech Invest / Czech Trade - Government institution supporting import/export. Associations - Chamber of Court Appointed Interpreters and Translators of the Czech Republic. The task of the Chamber is to pursue, enforce, and defend the professional, labour, legal and social interests of its members. The Chamber strives to improve the qualification and know-how of its members by sharing experience and knowledge. The Chamber organizes seminars, meetings, briefings and trainings for interpreters and translators. Trade shows – local or international events specialized in translation industry. Developing TranslationMarkets

  8. Our website.

  9. Contact details. International Project Management Center – Prague Skrivanek s.r.o. Nad Zaloznou 499/6, 182 00 Prague 8 Czech Republic Tel./fax: +420 233 320 560, Fax.: +420 224 321 556