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Czech Republic

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Czech Republic. The flag. Our flag has got three colours: White, red and blue. It is called a tricolour. White colour symbolizes cleanness. Red colour symbolizes blood. Blue colour symbolizes a cloudless sky. The S ymbol of the C ountry.

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the flag
The flag

Our flag has got three colours: White, red and blue. It is called a tricolour.

White colour symbolizes cleanness.

Red colour symbolizes blood.

Blue colour symbolizes a cloudless sky.

the s ymbol of the c ountry
TheSymbol of theCountry

The Coat of Arms of the Czech Republic (In Czech: Státní znak České republiky) displays the three historical regions which make up the nation.

The symbols are:

* Lion for Bohemia

* Black eagle for Silesia

* Whiteandred eagle for


where is the czech republic
Where is the Czech Republic?

Here, in the middle of Europe, is our country, the Czech Republic, …

...and this is the city where we live - Brno. It´s the second largest city in the Czech republic.

the capital city
The Capital city

The Capital city of the Czech Republic is Prague.There are a lot of historical buildings.For example: Charles Bridge, Charles University, Prague Castle, etc.

The Population of Prague:

There are about 1 233 211 inhabitants.

prague praha
Prague (Praha)
  • The capital city is Prague (Praha).
  • The population of the Czech Republic is 10 467 542 people
greetings in the czech language
Greetings in the Czech language

Good morning = Dobré ráno

Good afternoon = Dobré odpoledne

Good night = Dobrou noc

How are you? = Jak se máš / máte?

how i s the climate
How is the climate?

Four seasons change in our country :





how s the climate
How’s the climate?
  • This is spring – we call it „jaro“
  • Average temperatures are about 15°C
how s the climate1
How’s the climate?
  • This is summer – we call it „léto“
  • Average temperatures are about 20°C
how s the climate2
How’s the climate?
  • This is winter – we call it „zima“
  • Average temperatures are about -2°C
how s the climate3
How’s the climate?
  • This is autumn – we call it “podzim”
  • Average temperatures are about 15 °C
a landscape that you love
A landscape that you love

The typical view on vineyard. ↑

←This is the national park called České Švýcarsko (Czech Switzerland).

the beloved landscape
The beloved landscape
  • This is „Petrov“ (St. Peter and Paul’s Cathedral) (in Czech Katedrála sv. Petra a Pavla).You can find it in Brno.
a product of your country
A product of your country

And the secondbest product is Czech Garnet “České granáty.“

The best product of our country is BEER.

a product of our country
A product of our country
  • This is the awesome beer from Brno City
  • ;-)
popular czech products
Popular Czech products


Costume jewellery

Car – Škoda auto

traditional proverbs that we like
Traditional Proverbs that we like
  • "Bez práce nejsou koláče."

Translation: There are no cakes without work.

  • "Boží mlýny melou pomalu, ale jistě.„ Translation: God's mills mill slowly, but surely.
  • "Důvěřuj, ale prověřuj."

Translation: Trust, but verify

  • "Dvakrát měř, jednou řež."

Translation: Measure twice, cut once.

  • "Darovanému koni na zuby nekoukej"

Translation: Don't look at a gifted horse's teeth.

a modern p roverb that we like
A modern proverb that we like

Co můžeš udělat dnes, odlož na pozítří, získáš tím dva volné dny.

Put off everything what you can do today to the day after tomorrow and you will gain two free days

roman ebrle a f amous p erson
Roman ŠEBRLE AFamous Person
  • An excellent athlete.
  • He has wonseveral decathlon competitions and he used to be called „the World's Greatest Athlete"
  • In 2001 he became the first decathlete ever who had achievedmore than 9,000 points.
a famous person
A famous person

Petr Čech

Petr Čech is the most famous football player who comes from the Czech Republic. He was born on 20th May 1982 in Pilsen (Plzeň). He started playing football when he was 7 years old. When he was 21 he used to play in a football team representing the Czech Republic abroad.

other famous people
Other famous people

Jaromír Jágr (an ice-hockey player)

Karel Gott (a singer)