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The Liberal Era (1960-1968)

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The Liberal Era (1960-1968) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Liberal Era (1960-1968). By: Brandon von Kannewurff, Abdul Tahir, Alex Shaia, Tom Corbitt. The Kennedy Presidency . -JFK was elected in 1961, as his 'telegenic' self portrayal on national television overwhelmed the nervous-looking Nixon.

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the liberal era 1960 1968

The Liberal Era (1960-1968)

By: Brandon von Kannewurff, Abdul Tahir, Alex Shaia, Tom Corbitt

the kennedy presidency
The Kennedy Presidency

-JFK was elected in 1961, as his 'telegenic' self portrayal on national television overwhelmed the nervous-looking Nixon.

-Selecting a more moderate and experienced Lyndon B. Johnson helped sway voters

-In his inaugural address, Kennedy addressed the growing concern of the Cold War, and expressed his hard set policy against expansion of Communist rule.

the kennedy presidency cont
The Kennedy Presidency (cont.)

-Kennedy's domestic record was lackluster, as he didn't have a Democratic majority in Congress to pass through his policies.

-However a few policies stood out, including a newfound focus on Environmentalism. After Rachel Carson's Silent Spring rocked the US, Kennedy passed the Clean Air Act.

-The Sputnik disaster led Kennedy to fund a Space Race, culminating in the 1969 moon landing.

the kennedy presidency cont1
The Kennedy Presidency (cont.)

-The Cuban Missile Crisis:

- Began with the Bay of Pigs, where Kennedy sent Marines to overthrow Fidel Castro in Cuba, ended in a Fiasco for Kennedy

-Later, when Kennedy found out that Kruschev had sent over missiles to Cuba, he took a hard stance and demanded removal

- After a tense time that took the US and Russia to the brink of Nuclear War, Kruschev backed down and removed the weappons.

the kennedy presidency cont2
The Kennedy Presidency (cont.)

-In 1963, Kennedy was shot and his vice president LBJ took over.

-Kennedy's presidency would be controversial in years to come, as his hard-nosed policy towards Communism could have caused nuclear war.

-This policy and the beginning of war in Vietnam would lead to LBJ's downfall.

liberalism ascendant
Liberalism Ascendant

-When Johnson took over after Kennedy's death, he tried to wage an "Unconditional War on Poverty" and passed the Economic Opportunity Act to combat it.

-This attempted to give aid to the impoverished.

-Great Society: Johnson's domestic program that consisted of the social reform of the elimination of racial discrimination and poverty.

liberalism ascendant cont
Liberalism Ascendant (cont.)

-The Republicans nominated Barry Goldwater, who was in opposition to the Civil Rights Act and McCarthyism.

-Goldwater hinted that he might use nuclear weapons in the Cold War and because of these views he was labeled as an extremist.

-LBJ won in a landslide victory and lost only six states. The Democrats also won both houses of Congress.

liberalism ascendent cont
Liberalism Ascendent (cont.)

-LBJ's "Congress of Fulfillment"passed most of John's proposals including road standards and poverty revorm.

-LBJ also passed Medicare/Medicaid bills, helped with the environmental concerns by passing the Wilderness Preservation Act, and got rid of long standing 'origin quotas', which lead to the influx of new ethnicities.

liberalism ascendant cont1
Liberalism Ascendant (cont.)

-Liberal Earl Warren was appointed to be Chief Justice

-Thurgood Marshall was also a prominent justices at the time. These two justices would prove to be influential with their landmark decisions.

-Baker vs. Carr: established 'one person, one vote' policy.

-Miranda vs. Arizona: "You Have The Right to Remain Silent" case.

struggle for black equality
Struggle for Black Equality

-Although JFK largely avoided the 'thorny' topic of Racial issues, LBJ took it head on.

-When the Federal Court ordered Ole Miss to enroll James Meredith, it sparked local riots in the South. Eventually, he was enrolled, but the National Guard had to provide security for him

-MLK recognized that the best way to gain rights was to organize nonviolent protests in the heart of segregated cities to elicit sympathy from the rest of the US.

struggle for black equality cont
Struggle for Black Equality (cont.)

-In Birmingham, he organized nonviolent protests and was thrown into jail.

-"Letters from a Birmingham Jail"

-Birmingham police Chief Bull Connor's violent techniques made the rest of the nation sympathize with the Black cause.

struggle for black equality cont1
Struggle for Black Equality (cont.)

-Revival of A. Philip Randolph's ideas led to the March on Washington led by MLK

-This was where he had his famous "I Have a Dream" speech. - Although the protests were important, it was more of a symbolic movement, as it had no immediate effect on the bills.

struggle for black equality cont2
Struggle for Black Equality (cont.)

-LBJ wanted to pass through a tougher bill than JFK, did so with the Voting Rights act of 1965, which invalidated the use of tests or devices to deny the right to vote and expanded the Black Right to vote.

-Mississippi Freedom Summer Project: project to register black voters in the South

struggle for black equality cont3
Struggle for Black Equality (cont.)

-New voting rights actually ended up leading to more violence in the streets such as the Watts Riots.

-Malcolm X emerged as a leader who called for Blacks to "Wake up, clean up, and stand up."

-He criticized King, Jr. for being too passive and wanted Blacks to use any force necessary to gain rights. He inspired the Black Panther Party.

voices of protest
Voices of Protest

-Native Americans were critical of the US policy of Termination, so they issued the Declaration of Purposes, which criticized it and asked to be included in the War on Poverty.

-The American Indian Movement (AIM) was established in order to protect the traditional ways of Indian lifestyle.

voices of protest cont
Voices of Protest (cont.)

-Hispanics also organized to gain rights, they rallied around leader César Chávez who used Religion and non violent protests for social change.

-He rejected Assimilation and demanded bilingual classes for Latino school-children.

voices of protest cont1
Voices of Protest (cont.)

Feminist Movement:

-The National Organization for Women (NOW) was established to get equal employment rights and reduce wage discrimination

-Betty Friedan's "The Feminine Mystique": Women shouldn't just find jobs as mothers, they should pursue jobs in more professional careers.

-Birth Control became a viable option for women with the introduction of 'The Pill'.

the liberal crusade in vietnam
The Liberal Crusade in Vietnam

-Kennedy first provided funds for South Vietnam to adhere to the Domino theory, but he was against actually going to war.

-However soon the US backed a plot to overthrow the ineffective Diem, that would entangle the US in Vietnamese affairs.

the liberal crusade in vietnam1
The Liberal Crusade in Vietnam

-Lyndon B. Johnson did not want to go to war, but also didn't want Communism to spread.

-This moral dilemma eventually led to the controversial decision to go to war.

-Gulf of Tonkin: North Vietnam attacked two US destroyers in the area unprovoked, led to the escalation of war.

the liberal crusade in vietnam2
The Liberal Crusade in Vietnam

-After the Gulf of Tonkin, US put a lot of numbers and increased bombings into Vietnam, but it was essentially ineffective against the Guerrilla tactics of the North Vietnamese troops.

-Colleges were the hotbeds of protest against the war, often chanting their cry of "Hey, Hey LBJ, How many kids did you kill today?"

-Lower class youth were twice as likely to get drafted and fight as the middle class.

the liberal crusade in vietnam3
The Liberal Crusade in Vietnam

-This was the first major war with TV coverage that went along with it, and this news shocked the American people, who were in the dark about their position on the war.

-The war was very controversial, and ultimately led to LBJ's demise as a leader.