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Week 2

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Week 2. Goals of Psychology. Old Lady or Young Lady?. Goals of Psycology. Read Pg. 10-12 Take Guided notes. Goals of Psychology. Description Explanation Prediction Influence. Goals of Psychology. Description Describe the behavior being studied Gather information Explanation

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week 2

Week 2

Goals of Psychology

goals of psycology
Goals of Psycology
  • Read Pg. 10-12
  • Take Guided notes
goals of psychology
Goals of Psychology
  • Description
  • Explanation
  • Prediction
  • Influence
goals of psychology1
Goals of Psychology
  • Description
    • Describe the behavior being studied
    • Gather information
  • Explanation
    • Explain WHY people behave as they do
    • Principles-”generally valid ideas about behavior
    • Creating Hypothesis and Theories
  • Prediction
    • Predict what people will do in certain situations based on gathered information
goals of psychology2
Goals of Psychology
  • Influence
    • Help people behave in a positive way
    • Basic science- Doing research to help
    • Applied Science- Taking what they have learned and using the information
      • Using Psychological Principles
    • Example: Wayne Dennis (1960) studied development in babies and found that minimum visual stimulus effected development. In 1969 he found that too much stimulus can be harmful
      • How does this example show influence?
true or false
True or False?
  • The behavior of most lower animals (rodents, birds, and insects) is instinctive and unaffected by learning.
  • A child learns to talk more quickly if the adults around the child habitually repeat the word if he or she is using proper pronunciations.
  • Slow learners remember more of what they learn than fast learners.
  • There is a higher percentage of people in treatment for marijuana use in the US than in Africa.
true or false1
True or False
  • All False
  • You cannot just trust your intuition.
scientific method1
Scientific Method
  • The scientific method follows the steps of problem identification, gathering data, making a hypothesis, testing the hypothesis, and reporting the results.
  • Methods include experiments, surveys, and case studies
scientific method2
Scientific Method
  • Welhelm Wundt
    • Germany
    • 1832-1920
    • Widely credited as the founder of experimental psychology.
    • Introduced experimental methods in psychology
      • “minimizing the role of rational analysis.”
the wave
The Wave
  • Todd Strasser's The Wave is a novelization of a teleplay by Johnny Dawkins based on a short story by Ron Jones. The book recounts a true incident that took place in a California high school in 1969. The central character, a history teacher with the fictionalized name Ben Ross, undertakes an experimental class project in an attempt to help his students understand how the German people could have allowed the Holocaust to occur. The students had posed the question and expressed a strong interest in exploring the issue after viewing a documentary on Nazi atrocities against the Jews.
the wave1
The Wave
  • Needs to be purchased and read by the end of the September.
  • I will do an Amazon order on Monday
    • You need to bring money on Monday if you want me to get it for you

1752 Quakers in Philadelphia opened the basement of a hospital to care for mentally ill patients.

  • 1879 Wilhem Wundt opens first experimental laboratory in psychology
  • 1896 First Psychological clinic opens
  • 1908 Clifford Beers publishes book about being a mental patient in 19 century mental asylums
  • 1946 Anna Freud publishes Treatment of Children, a text about treatment of children
  • Ethical Principle in Psychology was first published in 1953
  • Does that mean that there was not a code of conduct before 1953?
  • There were ethics in treating and studying people, however the more we learned, tighter the ethics got.

What to do with the reading:

  • First number all the paragraphs.
  • Start reading one paragraph at a time
    • Circle words that are repeated
    • Circle names and dates
  • Answer the questions on the back