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Lamar Middle School Student Handbook

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Lamar Middle School Student Handbook - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Lamar Middle School Student Handbook
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  1. Lamar Middle SchoolStudent Handbook 2013 - 2014

  2. How should we behave? Responsibility BE Attitudes THINK Conduct Rules

  3. What does RESPONSIBILITY mean to you? Share your ideas with your teacher. At Lamar, responsibility means… • Being in control of your own behavior. • Being trusted with important jobs. • Having your work finished on time. • Doing your part when working together.

  4. BE Attitudes • BE polite • BE prompt • BE prepared • Be patient • Be positive In groups, create a Thinking Map illustrating one of the BE Attitudes.

  5. Use your noggin! THINK before you… • text it • Facebook it • tweet about it • say it T – Is it TRUE? H – Is it HELPFUL/HURTFUL? I – Is it INSPIRING? N – Is it NECESSARY? K – Is it KIND? How would you feel if it was said/written about YOU?

  6. Conduct – Lamar students… • are courteous even when others are not • behave responsibly (They have that self-discipline thing DOWN!) • report to classON TIME • are prepared with all materials needed for class • are well-groomed • obey all rules • respect the rights and privileges of others • respect other people’s property • cooperate with school staff

  7. Don’t bring it! Non-educational items • Balloons Skateboards • Chains Rollerblades • Firecrackers Scooters • Weapons (hello?!) Liquid Paper / White Out • Cameras • Video recorders • Stuffed animals / toys (really??) • Water guns • ETC.!!

  8. Don’t do it! • Don’t block exits/hallways. • Don’t take over the building (or part). • Don’t use push, shove, slap, hit, or poke others. • Don’t disrupt class. • Don’t mess with district transportation. • Don’t pull the fire alarm! (unless there really is a fire, of course) • Don’t kiss, walk with arms around one another, or hold hands. Cooties!! Ew!

  9. School rules apply _____. A. all school days B. on school grounds C. on school transportation D. within 300 feet of the school E. at all school related activities/events You’re all right! The answer is “all of the above”.

  10. Speaking of school activities/events… The Back to School Dance is this Friday, and you do not want to miss Mrs. Lewis dancing the Dougie! 6th grade 4:00 – 6:00 PM 7th/8th grade 7:00 – 9:00 PM You may not leave early unless your parent picks you up at the door! You are expected to behave as you would in the classroom.

  11. School Hours Theschool opens at 7:45 AM. All students will report to the cafeteria. At 8:00, students may go to the library. At 8:15, sixth graders will move to the main hallway. Tutorials also start at 8:15. Anyone may attend, but they must stay in the tutorial classroom until time to go to first period. Classes are from 8:45 AM until 4:00 PM. Students who are not staying for tutorials or extracurricular activities must leave school by 4:15 PM. Those who cannot leave by 4:15 must stay in the cafeteria. Everyone must leave the building by 4:45 PM. No exceptions!

  12. Chow time! Your parents are welcome to come eat lunch with you in the cafeteria. We have round tables set aside for you and your parents. They can buy a school lunch, or they can bring food for themselves and for you. Sorry– Your parents are not allowed to bring food for anyone but you. No pizzas, birthday cake, etc. to share with friends. Your friends cannot join you at the round tables.

  13. Chow time When you go to the cafeteria for lunch… • Sit down. • Go through the serving line when it’s your table’s turn. • Eat healthy!! (and with your mouth closed, please – ew!) • Throw away your trash. Clean up after yourself – table top, seat, and floor. • Wait to be dismissed by coach, teacher, or administrator. • Be respectful to your cafeteria staff at all times. They feed you! And they get stuck cleaning up after you when you don’t do your part!

  14. Wanna become a Lamar Leader? One boy and one girl from all three grade levels will be recognized each nineweeks as a Lamar Leader. You’ll receive a logo lapel pin, bumper sticker, free entry into all home games & dances, and lunch at the restaurant of your choice! Eligibility Requirements:-Good grades (not necessarily A’s)-Demonstrate outstanding leadership traits (cooperate/participate in class, be responsible, be a positive role model, and help others)

  15. Respect your building • The Longhorn Lounge, labs, and library are for everyone’s enjoyment. Please help us take care of these areas… • Don’t sit on tables or deface the • furniture or computers. • Take pride in the appearance of your school and keep trash in its proper place.

  16. Textbooks Cover them. Take care of them. Store them in your locker or take them home. Keep up with them. Don’t let your dog or little brother chew them.

  17. Lockers Don’t rig ‘em. (Seriously, it’s a big no-no.) Don’t decorate ‘em on the outside. Don’t share ‘em with your buddy, dog, sister, you get the point. Keep ‘em clean. Don’t deface ‘em. Don’t give out your combination. Don’t store inappropriate stuff in ‘em.

  18. Don’t leave food in ‘em overnight! Need I say more? I don’t think so.

  19. Student Planners… All students should purchase a planner for$3.00. Your Planner isyour hall pass for the year. Don’t leave class without it! It will also keep you super duper organized!

  20. Gum Gum is Not allowed on campus. Gum = Saturday school

  21. Pledges Each morning, we recite the Pledge of Allegiance at the beginning of first period. The Pledge of Allegiance will be followed by the Texas Pledge, the Lamar Pledge, and a moment of silence. Please don’t make noise during the moment of silence. It’s disrespectful.

  22. Medicines Prescription medications must be kept in the nurse’s office. You must have a current doctor’s prescription and keep the medicine in its original container. Over the counter medications (Advil, Tylenol, etc.) do not have to be kept in the nurse’s office; however, they must be in their original container, and you must have a parent note. Never share these medications with anyone else!!

  23. No Pass = No Play Oh, and no traveling with the team. And no sitting with the team at a competition. And no wearing of uniforms. ‘Nuff said.

  24. What do I do when I’m absent? Have your parent call the school the day you are absent to let us know. Bring a parent or doctor note within 3 days of returning. Turn that note into the office before school starts. Ask your teachers what you missed in each of your classes. It’s also a good idea to check their School Web pages. If you are absent for multiple days, it’s a good idea to have your parent call the school to ask for your homework. Don’t forget the doctor note!

  25. Planned absences… If you know your are going to miss school because you are going on vacation, etc., you have to get permission first from Mrs. Lewis. Parents should send a note or an email to Mrs. Lewis asking for the absence to be excused. The parent will then sign the pre-planned absence form with Mrs. Thornhill in the front office. Be sure to check your teachers’ School Web or Edmodo pages to find out what you will miss in your classes.

  26. What if I get sick at school? Ask for permission to see the nurse. She will determine whether or not you should go home. Never leave school without seeing the nurse. You will be counted absent! Remember, you should not use your cell phone to call or text home. The nurse will let you use her office phone.

  27. My parent wants to pick me up early… Bring a parent note to school and turn it in to the front office before school starts. Simple!

  28. TECHNOLOGY Cell phones, tablets, etc. may only be used in the classroom with the teacher’s permission. BYOT (Bring Your Own Technology) was implemented in order to enhance your education, not your social life.