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  1. Quiz

  2. Back in Michigan

  3. Chapter 13American Expansion

  4. Ideas covered The Texas revolution Oregon Dispute The Mexican American War The growth of the railroad and immigration

  5. Moving ever forward • As the U.S. expanded the key areas seemed to be. • Maine, Oregon, Texas, and California. • The dispute over Maine is settled in 1842 with the Webster Ashburton treaty with Canada.

  6. Seeds of revolution in Texas • In 1820 Mexico obtained its freedom from Spain. • Mexico began to encourage people to settle within the area of Texas • Friction developed Mexico and Texas setlers over weather slavery should be allowed in the new Texas colonies • Mexico would pass a law freeing slaves • Texan colonists upheld to their idea of holding slaves.

  7. Texan Trouble • 1834 General Santa Anna overthrows and abolishes the Federal system in Mexico Rumors begin to surface that Texas immigrants might be forced out 1835 Texas revolts against Mexico Santa Anna would send troops to enforce his idea 1836 members of the American community of Texas vote for independence ,and form a constitution very similar to Americas

  8. The Alamo • Days after Texas’s independence Mexican troops in San Antonio would face off with the rebels at the Alamo • 187 rebels fought against a much larger Mexican force for a week • Among the men captured and killed were Davy Crockett and Jim Bowie • After he Alamo another detachment of Texas soldiers were captured and marched to Goliad where 350 men were executed.

  9. Sam Houston’s Wrath • Within the next month Sam Houston would raise an army and face Santa Anna near the San Jacinto River leading to a great victory • Houston would go on to the first President of Texas. • Texas was a Republic for ten years taking in many Americans. • It was not annexed right away because the Jackson administration feared the war with Mexico.

  10. Oregon Trail • 1840-1843 • As trade and settlement began to grow out west many people moved via the Oregon Trail • The trail moved through the plains and the Rockies • People would settle in both Oregon and California

  11. Manifest Destiny • As part of James K. Polk’s belief to annex Texas John L. O Sullivan developed the idea of Manifest Destiny • God was on the side of American expansionism. • More extreme version meant that the Untied States would control the entire North American Continent.

  12. John Tyler and Texas • John Tyler took over the Presidency after the death of William Henry Harrison, and tried to implement the idea of Manifest Destiny. • He was a pro slavery states rights Virginian he would break away from the Whig party • Tyler was looking for an issue to help build himself for the next election • Annexing Texas was his answer.

  13. The Texas Attempt • Tyler enlisted to the help of John C. Calhoun to try and annex Texas. • Calhoun saw annexing Texas as means to unite the south and take on the abolitionists. • Tyler began to run Propaganda stating Britain might have in an interest in Texas • A treaty was a agreed upon and when Calhoun presented it he dammed the British for trying to use Texas as an Anti Slavery tool The Whigs in congress hearing this would reject Calhoun’s proposal.

  14. Polk Triumphs • With Tyler's misstep on Texas he had very little to structure to work with for the next election • Tyler would win the election of 1844 narrowly • Soon after a new treaty to annex Texas was approved

  15. The Oregon crisis • Oregon at the time was jointly owned by Britain and the U.S. • When Britain asked to strike a new border deal Polk refused them. • After a number of botched treaties until America received control of Puget South its first deep water port.

  16. The Mexican American War • Mexico began to speak out against Texas’s claims to between the Nueces River and the Rio Grande • Polk placed troops on alert in Louisiana and sent John Slidell to try and negotiate terms, who was refused by Mexico. • Polk sent General Zachary Taylor and his men to encroach on Mexican territory. • Eventually Taylor would attack Mexican soldiers posted across the Rio Grande • By the time this had happened Polk had already delivered his message to Congress hoping a short war would gain him California and New Mexico

  17. Results of the war • The war lasted much longer than expected mostly due to the fact that Mexico was determined to win. • By 1848 the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was signed seceding California and New Mexico.