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Warm up 8/28,29 PowerPoint Presentation
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Warm up 8/28,29

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Warm up 8/28,29
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Warm up 8/28,29

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  1. Warm up 8/28,29 • On a scratch piece of paper answer the following questions • How can you tell if a network is traversable or not? • What are the undefined terms and why are they • used? • 3)Create a scenario where deductive reasoning is • used

  2. 1-1 Understanding Points, Lines and Planes Objective Apply basic facts about points, lines, and planes.

  3. Vocabulary point collinear line coplanar plane endpoint segment postulate ray

  4. K L M N Points that lie on the same line are collinear. Example: K, L, and M are collinear. Points that do not lie on the same line are noncollinear. Example: K, L, and N are noncollinear.

  5. Points that lie on the same plane are coplanar. Otherwise they are noncoplanar.

  6. Possible answer: AE, BE, CE Example 1: Naming Points, Lines, and Planes A. Name four coplanar points. A, B, C, D B. Name three lines.

  7. Postulate (axiom): a statement that is accepted as true without proof

  8. GH Example 2: Identifying Points and Lines in a Plane Name a line. Name the plane using three noncollinear points. plane GHF If there was a point T in between G and H on line n, could we call the plane GTH, why or why not?

  9. Remember: An intersection is the set of all points that two or more figures have in common.

  10. Example 3: Representing Intersections A. Sketch two lines intersecting in exactly one point. B. Sketch a line that lies in a plane.

  11. Example 3 (continued) • Sketch a figure that shows two lines intersect at one point in a plane, but only one of the lines lies in the plane.

  12. Skew Lines Two or more noncoplanar lines that do not intersect but are not parallel. Name a pair of skew lines

  13. Gallery Walk Everything should be put away except for your Geometric Artwork.

  14. What do you notice?What do you wonder?

  15. Geometry in the World Your assignment is to find five (5) real-world objects that illustrate the geometric figures. These images must be in your world, not taken from the internet.

  16. Link The top and bottom of the row of lockers are the two lines. The side of a stack of lockers is the transversal. Lockers in the B-Building Geometric Description Geometric Sketch C B Reflection This assignment helped me… I liked it because … One suggestion to improve this assignment is … A D E F