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Schools PowerPoint

Schools PowerPoint

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Schools PowerPoint

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  1. Schools PowerPoint

  2. Beneath the sea The ocean covers 71% of the Earth's surface and represents our planet's largest habitat, supporting nearly 50% of all species on Earth. Australian waters are among the most biologically diverse in the world Over one million species share the world’s seafood, of which humans are just one Humans are taking more fish than the oceans can naturally replace Marine life and human communities rely on these fish We NEED to get better at sharing! .

  3. Ocean Impacts Many ocean species are at risk of endangerment or even extinction due to such human impacts like; • Over fishing • By catch • Habitat destruction • Ocean waste

  4. Our oceans species are important Ocean species are extremely important, if species disappear many factors are affected including; • Impacts on food webs/chains/ecosystems • Jobs-260 million marine fisheries jobs worldwide • Healthy food source Brain function healthy immune system source of protein, minerals and vitamins B12 and D help heart health

  5. The Marine Stewardship Council • MSC is an independent charity set up to find a solution to the problem of overfishing. • They have set an environmental standard to measure and reward well-managed fisheries and work with everyone who has an interest in the future of seafood to raise awareness of this solution. • Seafood products that meet this standard can display the MSC’s blue eco-label.

  6. Do something WILD To ensure all generations now, and in the future, can enjoy an ocean friendly future. Choose MSC certified fisheries protect fish stocks for everyone’s future For the Australian Sea-lion. For the wild.

  7. Be involved, get sustainable and WIN You could WIN a sustainable seafood celebration! Enjoy a FREE sustainable lunch with Taronga zoo and special guests including Taronga Zoomobile animals at YOUR school

  8. Be involved, get sustainable and WIN As a bonus prize the STUDENT who posts the most uploaded sustainable seafood photo's will win either a FREE family pass and penguin feed at Taronga Zoo or a FREE family Billabong sleep over at Taronga Western Plains Zoo