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LOAD. Sir Francis Drake. Jack Gunshenan. Period 6. HOME. Contacts. Mail. Weather. iPod. Photos. News. App 7. App 8. App 9. CONTACTS. John Hawkins. Shipbuilder . RELATED CONTACTS:. Marcus Gheeraerts. Monsieur de Marchaumont. MAIL. Send Message.

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  1. LOAD Sir Francis Drake Jack Gunshenan Period 6

  2. HOME Contacts Mail Weather iPod Photos News App 7 App 8 App 9

  3. CONTACTS John Hawkins Shipbuilder RELATED CONTACTS: Marcus Gheeraerts Monsieur de Marchaumont

  4. MAIL Send Message If you are writing an email as your character, his/her name will be in the FROM field. Just change the READ MESSAGE in the header to SEND MESSAGE. Francis Drake John Hawkins

  5. WEATHER Plymouth England 64° Santo Domingo Spain Partly Cloudy 77 Degrees Drake’s Bay New World Cloudy 73 Degrees Moluccas Indonesia Mostly Cloudy 88 Degrees

  6. iPOD Lonely Island ft. Michael Bolton Jack Sparrow Single ALBUM COVER   


  8. NEWS England Esquire February 2,1596 Great Hero is on to the Afterlife. Sir Francis Drake They better have boats in heaven because Sir Francis Drake, an England native, was the greatest sailor in the world and he’s heading there. He has traveled the world and seen many wonders, experienced tragedy and happiness and his time has come. “I can’t wait to see him there,” said cousin and dear friend John Hawkins. Drake’s memory will live on through us here at the England Esquire as we recap all of his adventures throughout the week. Just recently learning the answer, we relayed it as fast as we could to you loyal subscribers.

  9. Travel Log • 1566 • 1570 • 1571 • 1572 • 1580 • 1581 • 1588 England

  10. My Travel Route

  11. Sir Francis Drake Explorer

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