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LOAD. Queen Elizabeth I. Lauren Sichel. Period 6. HOME. Contacts. Mail. Weather. iPod. Photos. News. Escape From Jail!. Queen Weekly. Crown Creator. CONTACTS. William Cecil. Council member and servant. RELATED CONTACTS:. Mary Cheke. Robert Dudley. MAIL. Sent Message.

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  1. LOAD Queen Elizabeth I Lauren Sichel Period 6

  2. HOME Contacts Mail Weather iPod Photos News Escape From Jail! Queen Weekly Crown Creator

  3. CONTACTS William Cecil Council member and servant RELATED CONTACTS: Mary Cheke Robert Dudley

  4. MAIL Sent Message If you are writing an email as your character, his/her name will be in the FROM field. Just change the READ MESSAGE in the header to SEND MESSAGE. Me Mary Tudor

  5. WEATHER Greenwich Palace England 97° Westminster Abbey England Partly Cloudy 86° Richmond Place England Rainy 41° Hatfield England Sunny 84°

  6. iPOD Survivor Eye of the Tiger Eye of the Tiger   


  8. NEWS The NMS Bulletin May,20,1556 THE TRUTH ABOUT HOW ANNE BOLEYN REALLY DIED. Exactly twenty years ago today, Henry VIII’s wife Anne Boleyn was executed on the Tower Green, England. The reason for Anne’s beheading is that Henry had always wanted a son, but his first wife was never able to bore him one. When he got remarried to Anne, they had a daughter named Elizabeth. Eventually Anne did have a son, but he was stillborn. So, Henry began to grow tired of Anne and he had her beheaded while their only child Elizabeth was only 3 years old. This news has just been released to the public today because Henry did not want everybody to know how his wife really died. Now that he is dead, the real story is out for all to hear!

  9. APP 7 Click on the crown to begin!

  10. APP 8 Queen Weekly Newest edition! Click to open!

  11. Table of Contents Dress 1………………1 Dress 2………………2 Dress 3………………3 Dress 4………………4 Dress 5………………5 Dress 6………………6

  12. The Latest Dresses and Fashion! £627.290

  13. The Latest Dresses and Fashion! £643.455

  14. The Latest Dresses and Fashion! £644.444

  15. The Latest Dresses and Fashion! £646.655

  16. The Latest Dresses and Fashion! £987.355

  17. The Latest Dresses and Fashion! £699.495

  18. Click a rock to find the key to get out of jail!

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