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LOAD. Abu Bakr. Harry Student. HOME. Contacts. Mail. Weather. iPod. Photos. News. Salat Scheduler. Qu’ran Quotes. CONTACTS. PICTURE NOT AVAILABLE. Muhammad. Messenger of God. RELATED CONTACTS:. Sophronius of Jerusalem. Angel Gabriel. MAIL. Read Message.

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  1. LOAD Abu Bakr Harry Student

  2. HOME Contacts Mail Weather iPod Photos News Salat Scheduler Qu’ran Quotes

  3. CONTACTS PICTURE NOT AVAILABLE Muhammad Messenger of God RELATED CONTACTS: Sophronius of Jerusalem Angel Gabriel

  4. MAIL Read Message concerned_citizen@gmail.com “Me”

  5. WEATHER Mecca Arabia 101° Yathrib Arabia Very Sunny 96 ° Constantinople Byzantine Empire Light Rain 73 ° Jerusalem Near East Windy 70 °

  6. Start: MeccaEnd: YathribRoute: desert by camel Rroute


  8. NEWS The RMS Bulletin September 9, 622 Muhammad escapes! In 622, after discovering a plan to assassinate him, Muhammad fled to the north, from Mecca to the city of Yathrib, now called Medina. Medina, like Mecca, is also in modern day Saudi Arabia. Ever since that time, Mecca and Medina were the two holiest cites of Islam. Muhammad's flight to Medina is called the "Hegira", and it is considered to be the beginning of the Moslem calendar. For example, the year 2006 A.D. in the secular calendar corresponds to the year 1427 A.H. (after Hegira) in the Moslem calendar. (Note: The Moslem year is based on 12 lunar cycles, a bit over 354 days. For this reason, the Moslem months shift every year with respect to the secular calendar.)

  9. APP 7 Salat Scheduler ON ON ON ON ON Sunrise 7:00AM Alarm Alarm Alarm Alarm Alarm • Morning • 10:00AM • Afternoon • 2:00PM • Late Afternoon • 4:00PM • Evening • 7:00PM

  10. APP 8 When anyone greets you in a courteous manner, let your greetings be better that his, or at least return the same. Allah keeps account of everything. Today’s Verse

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