New levels of work together for school wide pbis and school mental health
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New Levels of Work Together for School-Wide PBIS and School Mental Health - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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New Levels of Work Together for School-Wide PBIS and School Mental Health. Mark D. Weist, Ph.D. Center for School Mental Health University of Maryland 10.8.09.

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New levels of work together for school wide pbis and school mental health l.jpg

New Levels of Work Together for School-Wide PBIS and School Mental Health

Mark D. Weist, Ph.D.

Center for School Mental Health

University of Maryland


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Center for School Mental Health* Mental HealthUniversity of Maryland School of Medicine*Supported by the Maternal and Child Health Bureau of HRSA and numerous Maryland agencies

Expanded school mental health l.jpg
“Expanded” School Mental Health Mental Health

  • Full continuum of effective mental health promotion and intervention for students in general and special education

  • Reflecting a “shared agenda” involving school-family-community system partnerships

  • Collaborating community professionals (not outsiders) augment the work of school-employed staff

Fundamental three part rationale l.jpg
Fundamental Three-Part Rationale Mental Health

  • Schools are under-resourced for mental health promotion and intervention

  • Connections between people and traditional community mental health centers are difficult

  • By coming together in the most universal natural setting for youth, there are advantages for both systems, and synergies enhance opportunities to achieve valued outcomes

A vision for school mental health l.jpg
A Vision for School Mental Health Mental Health

Strong stakeholder involvement and a shared family-school-community system agenda

Full continuum of effective supports and services for all students in general and special education

The right staff with the right training, supervision, coaching and support

Vision cont l.jpg
Vision (cont.) Mental Health

Emphasis on quality assessment and improvement and evidence-based practice

Strong focus on achieving valued outcomes

Outcome findings feed back into program improvement and into policy and advocacy agendas

Access advantages l.jpg
Access Advantages Mental Health

  • Reduced initial stigma of services

  • Reduced burden of initial help seeking

  • Increased likelihood of early problem identification

  • Reduced stigma for ongoing service use

  • Reduced burden of ongoing service use

Promotion prevention advantages l.jpg
Promotion/Prevention Advantages Mental Health

  • Increased ability for environmental enhancement and universal prevention

  • Enhanced ability for prevention

  • Increased support to educational staff

Service implementation advantages l.jpg
Service Implementation Advantages Mental Health

  • Increased interdisciplinary collaboration

  • Increased involvement of diverse stakeholders

  • More efficient (and less costly) services

  • Enhanced ability for assessment and intervention in multiple settings, enhanced maintenance/generalization

P 16 educational pipeline from dawn anderson butcher l.jpg
P-16 Educational Pipeline Mental Health(from Dawn Anderson-Butcher)

Research supported interventions l.jpg
Research Supported Interventions Mental Health

  • SAMHSA’s National Registry of Effective Programs and Practices


  • Roughly 50 of 137 research supported interventions can be implemented in schools

Research supported interventions involve l.jpg
Research Supported Mental HealthInterventions Involve

  • Strong training

  • Fidelity monitoring

  • Ongoing technical assistance and coaching

  • Administrative support

  • Incentives

  • Intangibles

Practice in the trenches l.jpg
Practice in the trenches Mental Health

  • Involves NONE of these supports

Central theme of csmh l.jpg
Central Theme of CSMH Mental Health

  • Bridging research and practice in school mental health to enhance the implementation of high quality, evidence-based programs leading to improvements in outcomes valued by families and schools

Four themes in quality services l.jpg
Four Themes in Quality Services Mental Health

  • Systematic Quality Assessment and Improvement

  • Family Engagement and Empowerment

  • Modular, Evidence-Based Skill Training

  • Implementation Support

A national community of practice l.jpg
A National Community of Practice Mental Health

  • CSMH and IDEA Partnership ( providing support

  • 30 professional organizations and 12 states

  • 12 practice groups

  • Providing mutual support, opportunities for dialogue and collaboration

  • Advancing multiscale learning systems

  • Sign up at

Twelve states l.jpg

Hawaii Mental Health


New Hampshire

North Carolina



New Mexico



South Carolina

South Dakota


Twelve States

Twelve practice groups l.jpg
Twelve Practice Groups Mental Health

  • Learning the Language

  • Social, Emotional, and Mental Health in Schools

  • Education and Systems of Care

  • SMH and Positive Behavior Supports

  • SMH and Juvenile Justice

  • SMH for Youth with Disabilities

Twelve practice groups cont l.jpg
Twelve Practice Groups (cont.) Mental Health

  • Family-School-Community Partnerships

  • Youth Involvement and Leadership

  • SMH and Child Welfare

  • Quality and Evidence-Based Practice

  • SMH for Military Families

  • Psychiatry and Schools

Slide21 l.jpg
From... Mental Health

  • Discussion to…

  • Dialogue to…

  • Collaboration to…

  • Action to…

  • Policy Change

Csmh annual conferences l.jpg

1996 Baltimore Mental Health

1997 New Orleans

1998 Virginia Beach

1999 Denver

2000 Atlanta

2002 Philadelphia

2003 Portland, OR

2004 Dallas*

2005 Cleveland

2006 Baltimore

2007 Orlando

2008 Phoenix

* Launch of National Community

CSMH Annual Conferences

Next conference l.jpg
Next Conference Mental Health

14thAnnual Conference on Advancing School Mental Health. Minneapolis, November 1-4

Sunday evening – Community Share Fare

Monday – Community Meetings/Intensive Training

Tuesday, Wednesday – Conference Program

See, or call 410-706-0980

Www schoolmentalhealth org l.jpg Mental Health

  • Website developed and maintained by the CSMH with funding from the Baltimore City Health Department and Maryland Departments of Education and Mental Health

  • User-friendly school mental health information and resources for caregivers, teachers, clinicians, and youth

Two new journals l.jpg
Two New Journals Mental Health

  • Advances in School Mental Health Promotion

    • The Clifford Beers Foundation and the University of Maryland


  • School Mental Health


Advances in school mental health promotion l.jpg
Advances in School Mental HealthMental Health Promotion

Contact information l.jpg
Contact Information Mental Health

  • Center for School Mental Health, Department of Psychiatry University of Maryland 737 W. Lombard Street, 4th Floor Baltimore, MD 21201 PH: 410-706-0980 FX: 410-706-0984 mweist@psych.umaryland.edu