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GIL Express Yourself!. GUGM 2014. Mollie Armour , Daron Mitchell, and Mary Poland. Thank you for answering the survey!.

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Gil express yourself
GIL Express Yourself!

GUGM 2014

Mollie Armour, Daron Mitchell, and Mary Poland

Thank you for answering the survey
Thank you for answering the survey!

We weren’t able to include everything, but we tried to address the big stuff. If there’s something you want to discuss that we don’t bring up, there should be time at the end.

We want this to be a discussion, not a lecture– interrupt us at any time!

  • We’ve selected some topics for discussion that came up in the survey.

  • Each slide contains a topic or two, and we’ve supplied our take on the issue with some potential answers/solutions, but we want to hear your ideas too!

Routing issues
Routing issues

  • Misdirected books

    • Discharge it and route to the intended location.

  • Differentiating between similarly names schools

    • DaRton& DaLton?

  • How and when to update your Callslip INI file

    • After updates, on EVERY computer.

  • How to print STAT and ILL labels

    • Use pdfs instead of mail merge?

Lost status procedures
Lost status procedures

A new report where you can see what is outstanding

Institutional billing
Institutional billing

  • What do I do when I don’t receive a bill or don’t get a response from another library?

    • Rely on the contact list.

  • How do I know when it’s time for institutional billing?

    • Calendar is on GE staff resource page.

Missing in transit
Missing in transit


    After searches have been carried out at both schools, we discharge it to get it out of transit, mark it missing, and put a lengthy note on the record. It’s up to you if you want to contact STAT as a last resort.

How to request specific volumes
How to request specific volumes

  • Use GIL Classic

  • On the request page where you verify your Institution ID, a dropdown menu appears when there are multiple volumes.

Grace period before automatic block
Grace period before automatic block

  • A grace period could allow people to renew GIL Express books, even when they’re overdue---which could prevent weird due date times from tripping up patrons.

  • To change a policy like this, a majority of USG Libraries would have to agree to something new, and then it would need to be presented to RACL (Regents Academic Committee on Libraries).

What do we want in the future
What do we want in the future?

  • What else would you like to change about GIL Express?

    • Number of renewals

    • Processing fees

    • ?

  • What changes would you like to see on the GIL Express Staff Resource Page?