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Cisco Agent Desktop for Cisco Unified Contact Center Express 8.5 Product Overview PowerPoint Presentation
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Cisco Agent Desktop for Cisco Unified Contact Center Express 8.5 Product Overview

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Cisco Agent Desktop for Cisco Unified Contact Center Express 8.5 Product Overview - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Cisco Agent Desktop for Cisco Unified Contact Center Express 8.5 Product Overview. Tom Sullivan Product Manager. Cisco Agent Desktop Overview. Value Proposition Product Highlights Major Features / Functions / Benefits What's New in 8.5(1) Product Use Case Summary

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Presentation Transcript
cisco agent desktop for cisco unified contact center express 8 5 product overview

Cisco Agent Desktop for Cisco Unified Contact Center Express 8.5 Product Overview

Tom Sullivan

Product Manager

cisco agent desktop overview
Cisco Agent Desktop Overview

Value Proposition

Product Highlights

Major Features / Functions / Benefits

What's New in 8.5(1)

Product Use Case


Architecture, Compatibility, and Deployment Models

the contact center challenge
The Contact Center Challenge
  • 65% of contact center agents use three or more applications.
  • 25% use five or more applications.
  • 70% say they waste time switching between applications.

Source: Yankee Group, 2006

The Impact:

Extended call times.

Agent’s view of the customer is incomplete.

why cisco agent desktop
Why Cisco Agent Desktop?

Problem: Unified Desktop solutions traditionally have been out of reach for all but the largest of contact centers because of their inherent complexity, deployment challenges, and life-cycle support costs.

Cisco Difference: Cisco Agent Desktop delivers all the features of a customized Unified Desktop with the ease and reliability of a packaged, configurable application.

Benefit: A more consistent, accurate, and unified view of the customer with less complexity and lower life cycle costs.

cisco agent desktop core capabilities
Cisco Agent Desktop Core Capabilities

Agent State &

Call Control

Collaboration &


CRM & 3rd Party

Application Integration

ConfigurableWork Flows




Displays & Alerts

Monitoring &



Agent E-Mail

All work together in fully-packaged and configurable composite application.

key differentiators and benefits
Key Differentiators and Benefits
  • Less Complexity /
  • Highly Flexible
  • Configurable work flows
  • Improved Reaction Times
  • Real Time Displays and Alerts
  • Integrated Monitoring & Recording
  • Enhanced Service Quality
  • Improved Coaching and Mentoring
  • Collaboration and Presence
  • Easy to Install, Maintain, & Support
  • Packaged and Configurable



cisco agent desktop modules
Cisco Agent Desktop Modules
  • Rich, Windows-based Client
  • Browser Edition
  • IP Phone Agent
  • Rich, Windows-based Client
  • Rich, Windows-based Client (Work Flow)
  • Web Based Administration (System Configuration)
cisco ip phone agent

Powerful Features

Independent of

a PC

Cisco IP Phone Agent
  • Agent State Control
  • Caller Data
  • Queue Statistics
  • Hot Seating via Extension Mobility
  • Work Wrap-Up Codes*
  • Agent Initiated Recording*

View Caller Data, Change Agent State,

and Initiate Recording

* Enhanced and Premium only

cisco agent desktop flexible gui
Cisco Agent Desktop Flexible GUI

Toolbar, Contact Management Pane, Integrated Browser

cisco agent desktop flexible gui2
Cisco Agent Desktop Flexible GUI

Toolbar and Contact Pane

cisco agent desktop browser edition
Cisco Agent Desktop – Browser Edition

Browser Edition client can operate on Windows and Linux operating systems

Firefox and Internet Explorer

Support Reason / Wrap-Up Codes

Coordinated screens pops via http into external browser

Reduced feature set from the Windows based client

Excludes Chat and Collaboration, Agent E-Mail, and Phone Directory Support among others

cisco agent desktop dashboard

IP Phone

IP Communicator

Cisco Agent Desktop Dashboard
  • Call Control – works in conjunction with Cisco IP Phone or IP Communicator.
  • Agent State Control – manage call delivery, work status, and agent activities throughout work day.
  • Contact Appearance - displays data about the agent’s current call.

Speed Call


cisco agent desktop outbound support
Cisco Agent Desktop Outbound Support
  • Cisco Unified Outbound Preview Dialer*

* Premium only

cisco agent desktop contact management
Cisco Agent Desktop Contact Management
  • Call Metadata – phone #, account #, call type, etc…
  • Persistent - throughout the life of call
  • Call History - agent notification of queue delays or transfers

Accurately Displays

Customer Experience

cisco agent desktop work flow goals
Cisco Agent Desktop Work Flow Goals
  • Automate frequent and complex tasks for contact center employees
    • streamlines agent activities
    • enforces best practices eliminates errors
  • Allow contact center operations staff to manage automation
  • Integrate agent’s workstation with enterprise's applications without modifying those applications' source code
cisco agent desktop s work flow paradigm
Cisco Agent Desktop’s Work Flow Paradigm
  • Work Flows follow an Event / Rule / Action behavior



RULEEvaluates Rule

ACTIONExecutes Actions

or Integrations

EVENTTelephony or

ACD Event

  • Ringing
  • Answered
  • Dropped
  • Not Ready / Ready
  • Calling Number is / is not
  • Variable is / is not
  • Submit HTTP request
  • launch .exe and pass value
  • Deliver IPC Message
  • Execute macro
cisco agent desktop crm integration

Increases First Call


Cisco Agent Desktop CRM Integration
  • Instantly begin working dialog
  • Rapidly focus on business applications and speed call processing
  • Work Flow is organized and repeatable
cisco agent desktop task automation



Cisco Agent Desktop Task Automation
  • Buttons speed call processing, complete frequently performed operations, and after call work functions









Cisco Unified Presence

Cisco Unified Communications




Cisco Agent Desktop / Cisco Unified Communicator Integration






Cisco Agent Desktop / Cisco Unified Communicator Integration

Agent needs an expert’s assistance. Launches Cisco Agent Desktop’s Chat Window to locate Expert.

Customer places call to 1-800-Help and gets Agent.

Cisco Unified Contact Center routes the call to an Agent.

CUPS indicates an Expert is available to help Agent with Customer’s question.


Cisco Unified Presence

Agent and Expert Chat. The Agent can also transfer, conference and deliver call information to the SME.

cisco agent desktop communicating with subject matter experts
Cisco Agent DesktopCommunicating with Subject Matter Experts

Agents and Supervisors see “Subject Matter Experts” (SMEs) who use Cisco Unified Presence Communicator

Agents initiate chat, call, transfer, or conference with SMEs

Administrators control visibility of contacts

Presence selection window is independent and updated with the latest Agent ACD state and SME Presence State

Independent Presence Window

Transfer / Conference

Deliver Call and

Enterprise Data

cisco agent desktop reason and wrap up codes
Cisco Agent Desktop Reason and Wrap Up Codes
  • Wrap up data*
    • On call completion, wrap-up data selection dialog appears
  • Reason Codes
    • On agent state change to Not Ready or Logout, the dialog appears

Qualify Trends

Monitor Performance

* Enhanced and Premium only

cisco agent desktop real time displays
Cisco Agent Desktop Real-time Displays
  • Real-time Queue and Performance Metrics – keep agents and supervisors informed of status of contact center environment.


Reaction Time

* Graphical Displays are Premium only

cisco supervisor desktop

Recording & Silent Monitoring

Cisco Supervisor Desktop

Team Messaging & Chat

Barge-In & Intercept

Supervisor tools reinforce consistent agent behavior and manage environment:

  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Voice & E-Mail Queue status
  • Agent state

Control Agent States

Integrated Browser

Alerts to breached thresholds

At-a-Glance Agent State

Real-time Graphic Displays*

* Graphical Displays are Premium only

cisco agent desktop presence and collaboration
Cisco Agent Desktop Presence and Collaboration
  • On-demand voice monitoring and recording of agent interactions to validate agent performance and mentor behavior
  • Chat to relay information, train, coach and encourage behavior



Increase First Call


cisco supervisor desktop integrated browser
Cisco Supervisor Desktop Integrated Browser
  • Browser-based contact center management applications:
    • Workforce Management
    • Quality Management
    • Historical Reporting
    • Unified CCX Administration
    • Others

Access Critical


cisco agent desktop multiple supervisor and agent browser tabs
Cisco Agent Desktop – Multiple Supervisor and Agent Browser Tabs

Agent and Supervisor desktops support up to 10 integrated browser tabs

Supervisor / Administrator can configure the number and home page of each browser tab

cisco desktop administration
Cisco Desktop Administration
  • Easy administration helps eliminate IT Dependency


Total Cost of


cisco agent desktop web based administration
Cisco Agent Desktop – Web Based Administration

Cisco Desktop Administrator ported to a web application

Configuration settings for Agent Work Flow Group assignments, Enterprise Data, Agent E-Mail, Monitoring and Recording Setting, Integration with Cisco Unified Presence



e mail response is required
E-Mail Response is Required
  • More and more clients use e-mail as a primary means of contact
  • A couple of agents to occasionally check the in-box and compose a response may not be sufficient response.
  • Increased e-mail contact volume requires:
    • adopting a disciplined and consistent response process
    • time to consider applying traditional contact center disciplines and practices to email
cisco agent desktop agent e mail
Cisco Agent Desktop - Agent E-Mail
  • Core feature set for managing contact center e-mails
    • Distributes e-mails to agents
    • Sends responses from the contact center to the customer
    • Reports on e-mail activity
  • Tightly integrated into Agent and Supervisor Desktop GUIs

Sender’s Text

Templates, Spelling, and Attachments

Agents Response

Packaged with every Premium Seat

cisco agent desktop voice acd and e mail states
Cisco Agent DesktopVoice ACD and E-Mail States

Agent ACD States

Agent E-Mail States

  • Mix and match voice and Agent E-Mail states, as desired
  • If voice state is “Ready,” then e-mail processing can be interrupted by an ACD voice call
    • Cisco Agent Desktop auto saves e-mail to “Draft” and places agent in Agent E-Mail “Not Ready” state
    • Desktop focus automatically changes to voice display
  • Agent can resume Agent E-Mail processing at any time
cisco agent desktop processing e mail
Cisco Agent DesktopProcessing E-Mail
  • Agents can:
    • Requestone or multiple e-mail contacts
    • Review each e-mail’s content and attachments
    • Respondwith a combination of templated and composed text




cisco agent desktop reviewing incoming e mail
Cisco Agent DesktopReviewing Incoming E-Mail

Sender’s Attachments

Sender’s Text

  • The e-mail content appears in HTML
  • E-mail’s attachments are easily accessible
cisco agent desktop composing agent e mail response
Cisco Agent DesktopComposing Agent E-Mail Response

Send, Save, Transfer or ReQueue

Rich HTML Editor

Agent’s Text

  • E-Mail response in HTML if incoming message was also.
  • Insert and edit templated responses
  • Agent can transfer to a more appropriate queue or defer back to the existing queue.

Cisco Supervisor Desktop Visibility of E-Mail CSQ Volumes

Coordinated delivery of Summary and Detail Real Time Reports

Navigate Agent E-Mail CSQs

  • Supervisor has easy access to real-time reports for the e-mail queues their agents support

Agent E-Mail activity per contact

unified ccx historical reports new agent e mail reports
Unified CCX Historical ReportsNew Agent E-Mail Reports
  • The new Historical Reports
  • New Unified CCX database tables facilitate delivery of packaged and custom reporting
  • This data also accessible from alternative reporting packages for custom reports
cisco agent desktop agent e mail architecture
Cisco Agent Desktop Agent E-Mail Architecture

Agent E-Mail Service monitors Mail Store

Agent E-Mail inserts record for appropriate E-Mail CSQ


Agent E-Mail sees Agent state and delivers to Cisco Agent Desktop.

Customer sends E-Mail to Agent

E-Mail enters Mail store

MS Exchange

(2003 / 2007)

Cisco UCCX

Agent E-Mail


Web Server






New Features:

Cisco Agent Desktop for Cisco Unified Contact Center Express 8.5(1)

new agent e mail user interface and print
New Agent E-Mail User Interface and Print
  • Enhanced Controls
    • Rich HTML editor
    • CC / BCC Fields
    • Print Button
    • Multibyte language display
    • Repositioned Toolbar
resume e mail processing on voice disconnect
Resume E-Mail Processing on Voice Disconnect
  • Agent will resume the E-Mail processing after the ACD call ends or the agent completes their work state.
  • End User Experience
    • The previous active e-mail will re-presented for processing when the agent completes the voice contact and/or work state
    • If no e-mail was active, the agent will automatically return to the prior e-mail agent state

The agent remains E-Mail Not Ready with no active e-mail if a new ACD call comes in before a configured delay.

  • Administration
    • Global settings configured in Cisco Desktop Administrator
    • Delay setting allows for queued calls and reduce screen disruption
e mail review csq
E-Mail Review CSQ
  • Agent E-Mail responses can be automatically delivered to an internal Review CSQ prior to external delivery to ensure content quality
  • End User Experience
    • Transparent to most agents; agent responsibilities are complete upon Send.
    • Reviewers are appropriately skilled supervisors (or agents)
    • Reviewers can perform all of normal operations on the message including editing, transferring, requeuing, deleting and sending the message.
  • Administration
    • CSQ settings configured in Cisco Desktop Administrator
save draft e mail response
Save Draft E-Mail Response
  • Requeued E-Mail include draft responses and attachments
  • End User Experience
    • When an agent logs out or closes Cisco Agent Desktop, the system can requeue all assigned e-mails.
    • Other agents servicing that CSQ will receive any drafts that were in progress at the time of the agent logout.
    • These agents can perform all of normal operations on the message including editing, transferring, requeuing, deleting and sending the message.
forward copy and blind copy
Forward, Copy, and Blind Copy

End User Experience

An additional button allows an agent to forward the assigned e-mail to an external account. Doing so does not move the message to a terminal state.

An agent can manually enter an external email in the CC/BCC fields. This is in addition to any automatic BCCs configured for the CSQ.


Configuration provided in Cisco Desktop Administrator as toggle fields at the CSQ level.

distinct auto response address
Distinct Auto-Response Address

An administrator can specify an address to use when sending auto-responses for a CSQ

Enables auto-responses from a Do Not Reply address


Configuration provided in Cisco Desktop Administrator as text field at the CSQ level.

additional supervisor reports
Additional Supervisor Reports

Three new reports added to Cisco Supervisor Desktop

E-Mail Queue Report displays all of the e-mails that have not been assigned to agents for a particular CSQ

E-Mail Assigned Report displays emails assigned to agents belonging to the team the supervisor is currently viewing for a particular CSQ

E-Mail Response Reportdisplays a record for every e-mail responded to or deleted from the specified CSQ over the past seven days. A viewer provides the supervisor the contents of the selected E-Mail.

supervisor e mail viewer
Supervisor E-Mail Viewer

Provides the supervisor the contents of the selected E-Mail.

Displays the original message and the agent’s response, as well as any inbound or outbound attachments.

The new browser window will open on double clicking an email from one of the Real Time Displays report.

double byte language support
Double Byte Language Support

First release to support Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, and Korean

End User Experience

The new E-Mail User Interface supports rendering multibyte languages

Spell check is not available for these languages

The Spell Checker button is removed from the Response tool bar

There is no spell checking as the agent composes their response.

ms exchange 2010 support
MS Exchange 2010 Support

Microsoft Exchange 2010 is supported as the backing store for Agent E-Mail solution.

Support continues for Exchange 2003 and 2007.

Additional Support for Secure Connectivity

  • NTLM Support
configurable multiline settings
Configurable Multiline Settings
  • As a matter of configuration, an administrator can expose agent and supervisor visibility to, and control over, non-ACD calls.
64 bit desktop monitoring and recording
64 bit Desktop Monitoring and Recording
  • Desktop Monitoring and Recording service enhanced to capture packets on Windows 7 64 bit Operating System
    • Agent Desktop must run in compatibility mode (WoW64)
vpat enhancements
VPAT Enhancements
  • Modifications made to user interface in support of Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) accessibility requirements
      • Increase keyboard accessibility to be able to tab through all elements of the main window
      • Toolbar is tab navigable
      • JAWs can read column headers for both the main window and reports.
      • Announce state changes
      • Update dialpad with consistent shortcut keys
      • Enhance documentation to reference status bar , title bar, and high contrast considerations.
disable auto upgrade
Disable Auto-Upgrade
  • An administrator can disable the client automated update process
  • Useful when the customer prefers to handle updates through an Systems Management Server (SMS) or alternative automated distribution packages
  • Administration
    • Global settings configured in Cisco Desktop Administrator’s CAD Configuration Settings
    • The default setting is True Update On
single step blind transfer conference
Single Step Blind Transfer / Conference
  • Agents can execute a single step transfer or conference to a telephone number that has not been pre-configured.
  • End User Experience
    • Selection of a task button results in the appearance of the CAD Dialpad in single step mode.
  • Administration
    • Additional Single Step action are available in work flow and can be assigned to a task button.
agent integrated browser enhancement
Agent Integrated Browser Enhancement
  • CAD’s integrated browser can present pop-ups as new browser windows, rather than additional tabs.
  • Administration
    • Work Flow Group User Interface Setting
patch upgrade and downgrade enhancements
Patch Upgrade and Downgrade Enhancements
  • All client patch installs are full builds
    • Ensures all client files are built at the same time and have the same dependencies
    • No changes for automatic updates
    • Better support for downgrade capabilities
  • Over the top downgrades
      • Older CAD 8.5 software can be installed on top of the newer CAD 8.5 software
      • Uninstall of prior releases is no longer required
      • Reduces desktop down time and need for reboot
cisco agent desktop summary
Cisco Agent Desktop Summary

A complete unified desktop in a composite application

Key differentiators:

Task Automation and Work Flow

Real-time Displays and Alerts

Integrated Monitoring and Recording

Collaboration and Presence

Packaged and Configurable

Key benefits:

Less complex, highly flexible

Addresses need for unified desktop – single view of the customer

Greater return - customer have success in using it!

for additional information
For Additional Information

Cisco Agent Desktop Tech Note, Documentation and Design Guides

Send technical or non-technical inquiries to:

  • Features of the Cisco Agent Desktop software packages differ in the three versions of Cisco Unified Contact Center Express
  •  Each Standard seat license provides for concurrent operation of:
    • Cisco IP Phone Agent
    • Cisco Supervisor Desktop
    • Cisco Desktop Administrator*
    • Cisco Desktop Work Flow Administrator*
  •  Each Enhanced or Premium seat license provides for concurrent operation of
    • Cisco Agent Desktop or Cisco IP Phone Agent
    • Cisco Supervisor Desktop
    • Cisco Desktop Administrator*
    • Cisco Desktop Work Flow Administrator*

* Only one administrator can view and/or edit data in it at any one time.

cisco agent desktop release compatibility matrix
Cisco Agent Desktop Release Compatibility Matrix

Please check the UCCX Configuration and Ordering Tool for current capacity and compatibility information.

cisco agent desktop minimum requirements
Cisco Agent Desktop Minimum Requirements

Please check the UCCX Configuration and Ordering Tool for current capacity and compatibility information.

cisco agent desktop system capacities
Cisco Agent Desktop System Capacities
  • Maximums are for high-end Cisco Media Convergence Servers
  • Voice and Agent E-Mail Definable Skill maximums are independent

Please check the UCCX Configuration and Ordering Tool for current capacity and compatibility information.

deployment models
Deployment Models
  • Cisco Agent Desktop server components are always co-resident with the Cisco Unified Contact Center Express server
  • High Availability is available via Unified Contact Center Express HA deployment
  • Off-board Monitoring and /Recording services are not supported with this release