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Web Services and SOA Integration Options for Oracle E-Business Suite PowerPoint Presentation
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Web Services and SOA Integration Options for Oracle E-Business Suite

Web Services and SOA Integration Options for Oracle E-Business Suite

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Web Services and SOA Integration Options for Oracle E-Business Suite

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Presentation Transcript

  1. Web Services and SOA Integration Options for Oracle E-Business Suite Veshaal Singh Senior Director, Application Technology Vijay Shanmugam, Senior Manager, Application Technology

  2. Program Agenda • SOA in Oracle E-Business Suite • Oracle Applications Adapter • Integrated SOA Gateway • What is New in Release 12.2? • Road map

  3. SOA in Oracle E-Business Suite

  4. SOA in Oracle E-Business Suite Adopting New Technologies … Evolving Functionalities Integration Repository: Catalogue of Integration interfaces Oracle Applications Adapter: Database related interfaces exposed as Web Services from Fusion Middleware SOA Suite 11g Uptake for Service Provisioning 1 2 3 4 5 Web Service Provider:BSO, XML Gateway interfaces exposed as Web Services Integrated SOA Gateway:Web Service Management, Monitoring from Integration Repository

  5. SOA based Integration Options • Fusion Middleware • Applications Unlimited • Oracle SOA Suite • Oracle E-Business Suite • Oracle E-Business Suite Adapter • Integrated SOA Gateway All Supported E-Business Suite Releases R12.1+

  6. Oracle E-Business Suite Adapter

  7. Oracle E-Business Suite Adapter Key Features • Multiple Oracle EBS versions supported • Leverages Integration Repository • Customization Support • Secured and Trusted Connection • Functional Security Enabled • Application Context Ready • Transaction Support

  8. Integration Solution Overview Oracle SOA Suite Integration Repository PL/SQL API, Views, Business Events EBS Adapter BAM BPEL PM XML & e-Commerce Gateway ESB B2B Open Interface Table & Concurrent Programs

  9. JDeveloper Develop Oracle E-Business Suite Adapter Life Cycle Adapter Framework Integrate: Technology Integration Repository Integrate: Content SOA Composite / OSB Orchestrate / Event Enterprise Manager Monitor & Manage Oracle EBS Security Access Control

  10. Oracle E-Business Suite Adapter from BPEL Design Time Run Time

  11. Oracle E-Business Suite Integrated SOA Gateway

  12. Oracle EBS Integrated SOA Gateway Out-of-the-box SOA Enablement Integration Repository Find Register Generate Service Invocation Framework Service Provider Provide Service Bi-directional SOA Consume Service SOA-based integration infrastructure that helps organizations to provide, consume and monitor Web services for integrations in a heterogeneous ecosystem.

  13. Catalogue of EBS Integration Interfaces Standardized Documentation Search & Browse Interfaces Web Service Management Seeded + Custom Interfaces

  14. Service Provider

  15. Java APIs for Forms PL/SQL APIs Business Event XML Gateway Expose EBS & Custom Interfaces as Web Services • Service Provider Web Services Oracle E-Business Suite Web Services can be consumed by standard web service client Concurrent Program BSO Business Service Objects API Custom interfaces

  16. Simple UI Steps to Expose Interface as Secure Web Service Life Cycle 2. Generate 3. Deploy 1. Upload API to Integration Repository 4. Authorize 6. Monitor Service Invocations 5. Invoke

  17. Generate Service

  18. Deploy Service

  19. Deployed Service

  20. Authorize Service

  21. Invoke Service PROCESS_ORDER_1037895 InvokeProcessOrder EBS Web service

  22. Service Monitor

  23. Service Invocation Framework

  24. Forms PL/SQL APIs Invoke & Consume Web Services from EBS Service Invocation Framework (Web Service Consumer) SOAP based standard web services OAF pages Workflow Concurrent Programs(Java/ PLSQL) Java Java APIs

  25. Event driven Service Invocation Developer Experience 1. Define Service Metadata 2. Security Credentials 3. Prepare Input Message 4. Consumption & Exception Logic 5. Test Service 6. Raise Invoker Event 1. Service Metadata

  26. Define Invoker Event

  27. Define Invoker Subscription Select Action Type

  28. Wizard based WSDL Parser

  29. Wizard based WSDL Parser Select Service Operation

  30. Wizard based WSDL Parser Enter Additional Parameters

  31. Test Service Invocation from BES

  32. What happens at Run-time? Firewall Oracle E-Business Suite Service Invocation Framework External Web Service Invoker Event SOAP Request Invocation Source • XSL Transformation • Embed WS-Security headers • Embed custom SOAP Headers • Event Payload To Service Endpoint • Service Metadata Callback Event SOAP Response Consumption Destination • Event Payload • XSL Transformation

  33. EBS & Fusion General Ledgers Coexistence Through Hyperion DRM Oracle E-Business Suite General Ledger Hyperion Data Relationship Management Chart of Accounts Values Chart of Accounts Hierarchies Oracle Fusion Applications General Ledger

  34. EBS General Ledger with Hyperion DRM Service Provider Service Consumer Oracle Hyperion DRM Oracle E-Business Suite (2) Load Segment Values and Hierarchies Request (1) Update CoA Values and Hierarchies ISG Java CP (3) Invoke Web Service to initiate data export process SIF DRM Web Service (4) Export CoA Values / Hierarchies to EBS Interface Tables (5) Validate and move data DRM Tables Interface Tables Base Tables

  35. Integrated SOA Gateway for EBS Mobile Application Services

  36. Mobile Application Development for EBS High Level Architecture Clients Security Data Services

  37. Architecture What’s Inside? Oracle E-Business Suite Username Token PL/SQL APIs BSO SOAP/XML Interface Tables Java APIs Access Control Integration Repository Integrated SOA Gateway SOAP Web Services CP Interface Views User Interface Layer Authentication Services Business Logic Layer EC Gateway XML Gateway

  38. ADF Mobile and E-Business Suite How to put them all together? Deploy and Configure Design Develop Services Secure Develop App

  39. EBS Security Services HTTP BasicAuth Security Capture Username and Password Login Service Load Roles and Privileges Access Control Service Header (UsernameToken, EBS Context) Body (Payload – XML) Data Services Integration Repository SOAP Service 1 SOAP Service 2 Security EBS Session Cookie Logout Service

  40. What is New in Release 12.2?

  41. What is New in Release 12.2? • Service Provider • Built on top of Oracle SOA Suite 11g • Support for Asynchronous Web Services • Service Invocation Framework • Built on top of JAX-WS from WebLogic Server 11g • Improved customization & extension support • Configure Username Token security from UI

  42. Architectural Changes in Release 12.2 E-Business Suite R12.1.3 E-Business Suite R12.2 Integrated SOA Gateway Integrated SOA Gateway Service Provider Service Invocation Framework Service Provider Service Invocation Framework Adapter Framework Business Event System Oracle Applications Adapter Business Event System Oracle SOA Suite 11g JAX-WS JAX-RPC WSIF WebLogic Server 11g for SOA Suite WebLogic Server 11g for E-Business Suite Oracle Application Server 10g for E-Business Suite

  43. Decoupled & Scalable Architecture Oracle E-Business Suite Oracle SOA Suite • EBS WLS Installation • SOA Suite WLS Installation Over HTTP • EBS Domain • EBS SOA Domain • Applications & Shared Libraries • Applications & Shared Libraries • Domains • Domains • Managed Servers • Managed Servers • ISG • SOA Infra Adapters • oa core • oafm • ISG JMX Client Over T3 SOA Suite Database EBS Database

  44. Extend Business Service Portfolio

  45. Support for Asynchronous Web Services

  46. Roadmap

  47. Roadmap EBS Integration Interfaces as REST Services Beyond R12.2 Oracle E-Business Suite Integrated SOA Gateway (SOAP & REST Web Services) Integration Interfaces PL/SQL Business Service Object XML Gateway REST Java Open Interface Concurrent Program Application Logic(HR, Projects, Finance, Order, Procure, Shipping) SOAP

  48. Roadmap UI Experience for REST Services

  49. Roadmap REST Services described in WADL