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Year 8 Public Speaking Unit

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Year 8 Public Speaking Unit - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Year 8 Public Speaking Unit. Lesson Objectives: To explore the history of public speaking To be able to use key words when describing public speaking. Did you know… You use rhetoric constantly as part of your ordinary everyday language? – that’s an example right there…. New Word Alert!!!.

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year 8 public speaking unit

Year 8 Public Speaking Unit

Lesson Objectives:

To explore the history of public speaking

To be able to use key words when describing public speaking


Did you know…

You use rhetoric constantly as part of your ordinary everyday language? – that’s an example right there…

New Word Alert!!!


The art of persuasion

The attempt to influence another human being

through the use of words

A practical skill

examples of rhetoric
Examples of rhetoric
  • A politician making a speech to persuade an audience to vote for them
  • A lawyer persuading a jury that their defendant is not guilty
  • A best man’s speech at a wedding reception
  • Assemblies that are delivered by the local vicars
  • A musician making an acceptance speech at an awards ceremony

Can you think of any more examples where people use rhetoric – personal examples can be included?

some rules yeah that s right rules
Some RULES! Yeah that’s right - RULES
  • First rule of public speaking is….. Don’t talk about public speaking….
  • Ok, really, here are the rules:
    • We will now refer to the language used in these lessons as ‘rhetoric’
    • When you learn a new word write it down in the ‘glossary of rhetoric’ at the back of your exercise book
    • Learn these words and use them in front of your friends and family – you will appear to be really clever and people will admire you
a brief history
A brief history…
  • Read your hand out
  • Highlight the 5 most important pieces of information
  • Transfer the information into a hand out for year 6 pupils
things to include
Things to include:
  • Definition of rhetoric
  • Important dates, names and places

Level 5 and above:

  • The reason why the art of persuasion was so popular
  • The reasons why Plato didn’t trust rhetoric
  • Plenary
  • Look at a partner’s work
  • Have they:
  • Made the information easy to understand
  • Used the key words and given definitions
  • Included all the important facts
year 8 public speaking lesson 2

Starter– tell your partner 3 things that you remember from last lesson


Year 8 Public Speaking Lesson 2

Lesson Objective:

To be able to use ETHOS and HYPERBOLE


New Word Alert!!!


The appeal to the audience

You as the speaker introduce yourself and make your

audience trust you


New Word Alert!!!



This is not the same as lying –

but you are allowed to ‘stretch the truth’ a little bit

speaker audience relationship
Speaker – Audience relationship
  • Rule number 1 of public speaking is:
  • Rule number 2 of public speaking is

In other words – you need to talk the same language as your audience.

What does that mean?

the ethos appeal
The ‘ETHOS’ appeal

Which of these celebrities has the best ETHOS appeal to a teenage audience? Why?

Why is one of these men more popular than the other?

the power of ethos
The Power of ETHOS

“German compatriots, my German workers, if today I am speaking to you and to millions of other German workers, I have a greater right to be doing this than anybody else. Once I stood amongst you. For four and a half years of war I was in your midst. And through diligence, learning – and,I have to say, hunger – I slowly worked my way up. Deep inside me, I always remained what I had been before”

Hitler, Berlin 1933

my ethos appeal to a class of year 8
My ethos appeal to a class of year 8
  • Hi
  • My name’s Miss Smart. Smart by name, smart by nature so aren’t you glad I’m going to be your English teacher this year?!
  • I really like music so one thing I’m going to do is teach you the power of poetry through music lyrics. Did you know that Jessie J and Will.I.AM are two music stars who use poetry in their song lyrics?
  • In addition to this, last year when I taught year 8 they said my lessons were fun, challenging and interactive. My year 8s last year said I was hilarious! And I tend to agree with them!

How does my introduction appeal to the audience?

By the way I never taught year 8 last year…. But if I had taught them that’s what they would have said!

introduce yourself
Introduce yourself…
  • Introduce yourself to a room full of parents and teachers
  • Introduce yourself to a room full of classmates
  • Introduce yourself to a room full of a mixture of ages and genders and professions

REMEMBER the power of HYPERBOLE – you shouldn’t lie but you can bend the truth a little!

plenary self reflection
Plenary – Self reflection
  • Complete these sentences for each of your 3 speeches:
    • I have made an ethos appeal to my audience by…..
    • I have used hyperbole effectively when I ……
    • A good public speaker will use the Ethos appeal because ……

  • Kenneth Branagh doing a version of Col. Tim Collins’ speech Iraq war

  • Jeremy Paxman and Dizzee Rascal