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Friday Warm Up

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Friday Warm Up - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Friday Warm Up. Complete Democracy worksheet and hand in. Friday Current Events. Tristen, Zach R, Danielle, Allison, Preston Remember for Monday: JP, Nick L, Gabe, Kylie, Averie. Notebook page 62. Phoenician Alphabet.

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friday warm up
Friday Warm Up
  • Complete Democracy worksheet and hand in.
friday current events
Friday Current Events
  • Tristen, Zach R, Danielle, Allison, Preston
  • Remember for Monday:
        • JP, Nick L, Gabe, Kylie, Averie
phoenician alphabet
Phoenician Alphabet
  • The Greeks obtained their alphabet from the Phoenicians and made some changes to it, most notably, adding the vowels.
phoenician ships
Phoenician ships

Used sails and slaves to propel the ship in the direction they wanted to go.

Due to their geography, the ancient Greeks became excellent sailors.

Ben Hur clip (2:32)

battle of marathon 490 bc
Battle of Marathon (490 BC)
  • Athenians vs Persians
  • Hoplite: A Greek foot soldier
  • Phalanx: A tightly-grouped formation of heavily armed Greek foot soldiers.
  • Marathon roughly 25-26.2 miles from Athens
  • Athens won battle
  • A runner, Pheidippides, came back to Athens to tell what happened.
  • Nenikēkamen! (We were victorious)

Battle of Marathon Video

Marathon finish slip

Marathon break down

peloponnesian war 431 404 bc
Peloponnesian War (431–404 BC)
  • Peloponnesian League vs Athenian League

Sparta vs Athens

  • Sparta was victorious
    • What kind of regime would this have been?

Democracy restored the next year, but this was the end of the Golden Age of Athens

In the next century, a power from the north comes in and rules both Athens and Sparta which we will learn about ….. Monday…