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  1. Sadie Willis INTERJECTIONS Oberlander Keil

  2. Acting time!! We need everyone to stand up and help us do a little skit about interjections! It will be fun. even you Mrs. Scott

  3. “Oh my! I finally won the lottery!” Keil blurted as he turned around with a gigantic smile. “Gee whiz, I wish it was me that had one.” Alex pouted. “Golly Keil, are you going to share with me?” Trisha asked. “Wow! That’s a lot of money. You sure you don’t want me to have any?” Sadie said with a sly grin. “Jeepers, all this money that I now have gives me the shivers.” Keil spoke quietly. ‘Hey! Share with me!” Jackson screamed from across the room. “No, he’s giving it to me!” Caolan hollered back at Jackson. “Hush! As you can see, Keil will be giving me that ticket. “ Cera said with a calm, confident voice. “Excuse me the bell has rung and it’s time to read. Mr. Oberlander would you please come to my desk.” Mrs. Scott ordered as everyone pretended to read as they saw Keil get up and go to Mrs. Scott’s desk. “Mr. Oberlander, if you give me that ticket, you will have an A for the rest of the year. “

  4. What is an interjection? An interjection is a word or phrase That expresses emotion or exclamation. An interjection has no grammatical connection to the other words in the sentence and is set off from the other words By an exclamation point, a question mark, or a comma. Different emotions are exressed by different interjections

  5. How do you use an interjection? Surprise: Oh! Holy cow! OMG! Hey! Pain: Ouch! Yeow! Owie! Joy: Wow! Yay! Yes! Sweet! Delight: Ah! Mmmm! Yum! Excellent! Confusion: What? Huh? Wait! Stop!

  6. Examples Hey! Get off the floor. No, you will never make me do that! Good! Now let's get some ice cream. Indeed, that wasn't the best idea. Phew! That was a close one. Mmmm, that was some good ice cream. Oh, did that surprise you?

  7. 1. ________, the movie is about to begin. 2. ________! The sink is overflowing. 3. ________! We hope to see you at the finish line. 4. ________, we just moved into the house next door. 5. _________! how did you manage to catch that pass? 6. ________! I'm glad that test is over. 7. ________! What an incredible view there is from here! 8. _________, I wish you'd told me that sooner. 9. _________! Where do you think you're going with my bicycle? 10. _________, what a gorgeous picture that would make! Wow hey gee whiz help hi Oh my golly good luck hush whew

  8. Game Time Infinity Interjections

  9. We are all going to carry on a conversation. The beginning of each sentence has to start with a Interjection

  10. Word Bank! Ouch! Yeow! Owie! Oomph! Yowch! Man! Gee! Wow! Yay! Yes! Sweet! Woohoo! Cool! Oh yeah! Grrrrreat! Shyeah! Ah! Mmmm! Yum! Excellent! Mmhm! Yes! Correct! Yep! Totally! Amazing! Terrifying! Crazy! Wild! OMG! Like, woah! Lovely! Gorgeous! What!? Huh!? Wait! Stop! Say what!? Excuse me!? Eghad! Where!? When!? Why!? No way! It can't be!

  11. Thank you to: Microsoft Clip Art Glencoe Writer's Choice Grammar and Composition