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Conjunctions & Interjections PowerPoint Presentation
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Conjunctions & Interjections

Conjunctions & Interjections

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Conjunctions & Interjections

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  1. Conjunctions & Interjections 09/21/12

  2. Interjections Interjection – a word or phrase that expresses emotion or exclamation. It has no grammatical connection to other words. Well, such is life. Ouch! That hurts. Ah, that’s delicious! Sh! Be quiet.

  3. Conjunctions Conjunction – a word that joins single words or groups of words Coordinating conjunction – joins words or word groups that have equal grammatical weight in a sentence Correlative conjunctions – work in pairs to join words and word groups of equal weight in a sentence

  4. Coordinating Conjunctions

  5. Coordinating Conjunctions • Examples • The Cardinals have won 18 National League Titles and they have won 11 World Series Championships as well. • The Rangers have been to the World Series twice, but they have failed to win a championship. • The Cardinals must win tonight or they will be eliminated. • The concept of The Force is fascinating, for Darth Vader returns to the “good side” before he dies.

  6. Correlative Conjunctions

  7. Correlative Conjunctions • Examples • Mizzou excels not only in football but also in basketball. • Either turn in your typed essays or fail the course. • The Lexus 400h is both luxurious and stylish. • In 2011, the St. Louis Rams could neither pass effectively nor run decisively.

  8. Subordinating Conjunctions • Introduces a subordinate, or dependent, clause, one that cannot stand alone as a complete sentence. • The audience applauded when Aretha Franklin appeared on the stage. • Wherever she appears, people flock to see her perform.

  9. Subordinating Conjunctions

  10. Subordinating Conjunctions • Whenever these subordinate conjunctions are followed by a subject and a verb, their clause is dependent and cannot stand alone as a sentence. • Dependent clauses are sentence fragments. Therefore, every time you see one of the subordinate conjunctions followed by a S and V, that clause is a fragment and must be corrected.

  11. Conjunctive Adverbs • Definition: a conjunctive adverb separates independent clauses in place of a coordinate conjunction. • In place of and use furthermore, moreover • In place of but use nevertheless, however, nonetheless • In place of so use consequently, therefore, thus, hence • To give an example use for example

  12. Conjunctive Adverbs • Examples • The third-down pass failed; therefore, we had to punt. • John Steinbeck’s novels are interesting; furthermore, they pay tribute to common people. • Al Pacino was nominated for an Academy Award; he did not, however, win the Oscar for his performance. • Jesus expects us to love our enemies; for example, He does not want us to seek revenge on those who hurt us.

  13. Conjunctive Adverbs • Identify the type of conjunction in the following sentences: • Central has brilliant students, but none of them are female. • You will fail unless you complete all your assignments. • Our next President will be either a Democrat or a Republican. • We allowed six touchdowns yesterday; hence we lost the game.