conjunctions and interjections n.
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Conjunctions and Interjections PowerPoint Presentation
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Conjunctions and Interjections

Conjunctions and Interjections

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Conjunctions and Interjections

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  1. Conjunctions and Interjections

  2. What is a conjunction? • A conjunction is a word that connects words or groups of words. • There are three types of conjunctions.

  3. Coordinating Conjunctions • A coordinating conjunction joins words or word groups that are used in the same way. go for a walk or read a book movies or dvds Egypt, Italy, and Spain beans and rice after breakfast, but before lunch sad but true • The acronym FANBOYS will help you remember the coordinating conjunctions. FOR AND NOR BUT OR YET SO

  4. Coordinating Conjunction Practice • I wanted to call, but it was late. • Kelly Clarkson is performing, so we bought tickets. • The deer ran, for they smelled smoke. • We knocked on the door, and they answered. • He is not here, nor has he called.

  5. Correlative Conjunctions • Correlative Conjunctions are pairs of conjunctions that join words or word groups that are used in the same way. both….and not only….but also either….or whether….or neither….nor The correlative conjunctions are always used in pairs.

  6. Correlative Conjunctions Practice • Either Jack or Bill was responsible for the check. • Not only his days but also his nights were given to work. • Neither the dog nor the cat would come inside. • Both his mother and his father objected to his making the trip. • Whether it rains or shines, we’ll be there. • She’s not only strong, but also graceful.

  7. Subordinating Conjunctions • A subordinating conjunction joins a dependent clause to a main clause. • Some subordinating conjunctions are: after how unless which although if until while as since when whose as if so that whenever who as long as than where whom because that wherever whose before though whether

  8. Subordinating Conjunction Example Tom plays tennis well because he practices often. • The subordinating conjunction because joins the dependent clause because he practices often to the main clause, Tom plays tennis well. • The subordinating conjunction shows the relationship between the main clause and the dependent clause.

  9. Subordinating Conjunction Practice • The girl hugged her mom because they were leaving. • When the firemen had arrived, the fire had spread to the whole block. • Sarah, who is an artist, painted the picture. • A gang robbed my grocery store after I locked up for the night. • On Thursdays, my niece always goes to the movies unless it snows.

  10. What is an interjection? • An interjection is a word that expresses emotion and is often followed by an exclamation point. • It has no grammatical relation to rest of the sentence.

  11. Common Interjections aha hey ouch whew alas hooray ow wow aw oh ugh yikes goodness oops well yippee • Sometimes an interjection is set off by a comma or a pair of commas. • The fish weighed, oh, about three pounds. • It’s time to go, alas.

  12. Interjection Practice • Hey! Stop that. • Oh, never mind. • Something smells bad, ugh. • The party was, well, interesting. • Oh dear, Lilly! Be careful with that milk! • Is that a wasp? Ouch!

  13. TOTD • What type of conjunction are the FANBOYS? • What words represent FANBOYS? • Name one correlative conjunction pair. What is the conjunction or conjunction pair in each sentence? • Come here or your grounded. • Either Kate or Josh will pick up Snoop. • I can’t go because I have class. What is the interjection in each sentence? • “Whew, that was close,” breathed Jack. • The door slammed quickly. Pow!