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WWII. What caused WWII in Europe?. Revenge: Germany wanted revenge for everything lost in the Treaty of Versailles at the end of WWI. Appeasement: Great Britain and France gave Hitler land without fighting for it. Nationalism & Racism:

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What caused wwii in europe
What caused WWII in Europe?

  • Revenge:

    Germany wanted revenge for everything lost in the Treaty of Versailles at the end of WWI.

  • Appeasement:

    Great Britain and France gave Hitler land without fighting for it.

  • Nationalism & Racism:

    Hitler and the Nazis thought Germany’s needs and wants came before the rest of the world.

    Hitler was racist; he killed the Jews in the countries he invaded.

Depression in 1920s europe
Depression in 1920s Europe

  • Economy was bad in Europe

  • WWI killed a lot of workers and customers

  • After years of humiliation and starvation, Germans looked for a strong leader.

Nazis elected to power
NAZIs elected to power!

  • Nazis promised to build up Germany’s army and get revenge for WWI

  • This is Adolf Hitler when he came to power in 1933.

Germany late 1930s
Germany late 1930s

  • Germany escaped the Depression by militarizing.

  • This is Berlin 1936

Hitler s campaign for lebensraum space for living
Hitler’s Campaign for Lebensraum(space for living)

  • In direct violation of the Treaty of Versailles Germany:

    • Took over the Rhineland in 1936

    • Annexed Austria in March 1938

    • Occupied the Sudetenland (part of Czechoslovakia)

    • Took over the rest of Czechoslovakia in March 1939

Appeasement hitler wanted land britain and france let him have it to avoid war
AppeasementHitler wanted land, Britain and France let him have it to avoid war.

Covering his bases
Covering his Bases

  • Hitler surprised the world by signing a non-aggression pact with the Soviet Union (Russia), Germany’s sworn enemy.

  • In this way, Hitler could continue his take over of Western Europe without the threat of Soviet intervention.

Wwii started when hitler invaded poland september 1 1939
WWII started when Hitler invaded Poland September 1, 1939.

Britain and France had promised to support Poland if the Nazis attacked and declared war on Germany two days later.

Fortress europa
Fortress Europa

  • In no time, Germany conquered most of Europe. The UK was the only country in Western Europe not under Nazi control.

Europe falls to hitler
Europe falls to Hitler

  • Poland conquered in 1 month

  • Denmark and the Netherlands conquered in a matter of days

  • Belgium conquered in 3 weeks

  • France conquered in 6 weeks

Hitler in Paris

Conquered people weep
Conquered People Weep

Frenchman weeps as Nazis march into Paris

Woman forced to heil Hitler

Us isolationism
US Isolationism

  • Americans wanted to stay out of Europe’s wars.

  • FDR wanted to help Britain anyway

Usa had 2 oceans to protect them sort of
USA had 2 oceans to protect them (sort of).

Pacific Ocean

Atlantic Ocean

Lend lease act
Lend Lease Act

  • FDR sent war materials to Britain and the USSR.

Sherman tank

Battle of britain
Battle of Britain

Battle of Britain

  • Britain now stood alone against the Nazi onslaught.

  • Hitler had hoped he could bomb Britain into submission with his Luftwaffe (air force).

Battle of britain1
Battle of Britain

London after bombing raid

Air Raid

Reasons the english won the battle of britain
Reasons the English won the Battle of Britain

  • Winston Churchill, their charismatic prime minister

  • The efforts of the RAF (Royal Air Force)

  • The determination and resolve of the British people

  • Help from the US in the form of weapons and money, but not troops

Hitler s frustration leads to two fronts
Hitler's Frustration leads to Two Fronts

  • In June 1941 Hitler breaks his non-aggression pact with the Soviet Union and attacks.

  • German troops were only stopped at the gates of Moscow because of bad weather and Russian reinforcements.

Tough cold winters killed many nazi troops in ussr
Tough cold winters killed many NAZI troops in USSR.

Russian people are tough! 21 million dead, yet no surrender!

Meanwhile in asia
Meanwhile in Asia…….

  • Japan was conquering lands in Asia the way Germany was in Europe.

  • The US was worried Japan was too much of a threat, and decided to cut off Japan’s supply of oil.

The usa enters the war
The USA Enters the War

  • To get back at the US, Japan attacked the United States Naval Base at Pearl Harbor, sinking many US ships and killing over 2,000 people

World war ii alliances
World War II Alliances

Germany, Italy, and Japan made a deal to help each other in case one was attacked.

Germany and Italy declared war on the US immediately after Pearl Harbor

Axis Powers

  • Germany

  • Italy

  • Japan

World war ii alliances1
World War II Alliances


  • USA

  • Great Britain

  • Soviet Union


  • China

  • France

The Allies were the USA, Great Britain, and the Soviet Union (USSR). These are called the “big three.” China and France were also major allies.

In addition were the colonies and territories of these countries.

These include Canada, Australia, Poland and others.

Allied leaders during world war ii
Allied Leaders during World War II

Franklin Roosevelt

President of the US

Winston Churchill

Prime Minister of England

Joseph Stalin

Premier of the Soviet Union

Russia wins the bloodiest battle in human history
Russia wins the Bloodiest Battle in Human History

  • Stalin’s policy of “Not one step back,” brings victory for the Soviets at Stalingrad and begins the slow process of pushing the Germans out of Russia and across Eastern Europe toward Germany.

  • Casualties in this one battle are estimated to be between 1 and 2 million.

Stalingrad before stalingrad nazi invasion destroyed
Stalingrad Before Stalingrad Nazi Invasion destroyed

Major turning points
Major Turning Points

  • US factories, in full war production, help the allies take the offensive both in Europe and the Pacific

  • 1942 the US defeats Japan in the Battle of Midway, destroying much of it’s naval and air power.

  • 1943 British and Americans drive the Nazis out of North Africa and invade Italy.

  • Sept 1943 Italy is forced out the war and Mussolini is killed.

D day

  • After a massive build-up of troops, air power, and naval power, the allies storm the beaches of Normandy, France on June 6, 1944

  • They establish a foot-hold in mainland Europe and begin to push the Germans across Western Europe back toward Germany.

Germany surrenders
Germany surrenders

  • US and British forces continued to push the Germans east, while the Russians pushed them west.

  • The two sides met at Berlin, Germany’s capital.

  • Hitler cannot take defeat and kills himself.

  • Germany surrenders on May 7, 1945.

Meanwhile in asia1

Meanwhile, in Asia. . .

With Germany out of the way,

the allies could concentrate on Japan

Island hopping us fought its way across the pacific to gradually reach japan
IslandHopping – US fought its way across the Pacific to gradually reach Japan

Battle for iwo jima
Battle for Iwo Jima

  • Island hopping became a fact of the war with Japan.

  • Died: 6800 US 20000 Japanese.

  • This flag raising was a serious morale boost to soldiers on the island.

Battle for Iwo Jima

Kamikaze Attacks

The us has a dangerous new weapon
The US has a dangerous new weapon

  • After the death of President Roosevelt, Vice-President Harry Truman became president and had a big decision to make.

  • Should he use a deadly new weapon on the Japanese to end the war?

Why drop the atomic bomb
Why drop the Atomic Bomb?

  • The Japanese had shown they would fight to the last man, woman and child.

  • The atomic bomb saved as many as 1 million U.S. lives, and possibly many Japanese.

  • Harry Truman said he dropped the bomb to end the war.

Victims in hiroshima
Victims in Hiroshima

  • The atomic bombs killed nearly 120,000 people instantly.

  • In the months and years to follow, many more would die of radiation poisoning and leukemia.

Japan surrenders august 14 1945
Japan surrenders August 14, 1945

World war ii deaths
World War II deaths

  • USSR 22 million

  • China 11 million

  • Germany 7 million

  • Poland 7 million

  • U.S. 0.5 million

  • Great Britain 0.3 million

  • Japan 1.5 million

    Just as the end of WWI led to WWII, the end of

    WWII brought about the atomic age and a Cold War

    between two new world superpowers:

    The United States and Soviet Union.