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FYS Liaison Elementary School Orientation 9.19.12 PowerPoint Presentation
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FYS Liaison Elementary School Orientation 9.19.12

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FYS Liaison Elementary School Orientation 9.19.12 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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San Francisco Unified School District/ Student, Family, and Community Support Department Foster Youth Services Program. FYS Liaison Elementary School Orientation 9.19.12. Part I: Agenda. Introductions Foster Youth Services Liaison Role Policy Support Student Support/Outreach

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San Francisco Unified School District/Student, Family, and Community Support DepartmentFoster Youth Services Program

FYS Liaison

Elementary School Orientation


part i agenda
Part I: Agenda
  • Introductions
  • Foster Youth Services Liaison Role
    • Policy Support
    • Student Support/Outreach
    • Foster Youth Awareness Activities
    • Administrative Duties
  • Review FYS Liaison Materials
    • Intake and Exit Forms
    • Awareness Activity Logs
culture a simple definition
CultureA Simple Definition

Culture is a society’s

total way of living,

much of which is learned.

some components of culture
Some Components of Culture
  • Level of acculturation
  • Immigration status
  • Political power
  • Racism
  • Poverty and economic
  • concerns
  • History of oppression
  • Language and
  • communication style
  • Health beliefs
  • Family Relationships
  • Sexuality
  • Gender roles
  • Religion
culture of foster care your challenge
Culture of Foster CareYour Challenge

Describe the culture of foster care using the cultural “artifacts” represented at your table

List as many potential challenges and assets foster youth might have in promoting educational success

foster care education facts national statistics
Foster Care Education FactsNational Statistics
  • 35% of foster youth have experienced 4 or more school changes
  • 75% perform below grade level
  • 46% do not complete high school
  • Only 4% percent of former foster youth obtain any type of degree or certificate, and only about 2% earn a bachelor’s degree or higher
  • 80% of foster youths did not earn enough to be fully self-supporting four years after leaving care
educational outcomes california standardized test results
Educational OutcomesCalifornia Standardized Test Results

SFUSD Foster Youth Students

Proficient and Above

educational outcomes expulsion rates
Educational OutcomesExpulsion Rates

SFUSD Foster Youth Students

foster youth services liaison
Foster Youth Services Liaison

GOAL: Improve educational outcomes for foster youth students by providing on-site support and coordinated services.

  • Policy Support
  • Student Support/Outreach
  • Foster Youth Awareness Activities
  • Administrative Duties
policy support assembly bill ab 490 ab 1933
Policy SupportAssembly Bill (AB) 490 & AB 1933
  • What do AB490 & AB1933 require?
    • Immediate enrollment
    • Prompt transfer of records
    • Partial credit calculation
    • Participation in extracurricular activities
    • No penalization for absences due to court or placement changes
    • School of origin/least restrictive placement
    • Education placement decisions dictated by the best interests of the child
    • Comprehensive public school shall be the first school placement option
    • Designated staff person as a foster care educational liaison
transportation assistance to the school of origin
Transportation Assistance to the school of origin
  • The county child welfare agency must reimburse caregivers or otherwise provide funding for the reasonable costs of providing transportation to and from the school of origin
    • This money can be given in bus passes, directly to the foster parent, if they are driving, or to a transportation service.
      • Protective Services Worker submits 1015 form
  • If a foster child needs funding for transportation to the school of origin:
    • Ask the child’s social worker to provide the funding as part of foster care maintenance costs under Title IV-E
does the school district have to help with transportation
Does the school district have to help with transportation??
  • A school district may help with transportation to the school of origin but is generally not required to do so, unless:
    • the child is in special education and the IEP says so.
    • the child is homeless or is awaiting foster care placement.
student support outreach
Student Support/Outreach
  • Facilitate “intake” and “exit” meetings with identified foster youth at your school site.
  • Assess student educational needs and interests.
  • Coordinate and collaborate with care providers, social workers, service providers, school counselors.
  • Help connect youth to resources, services and opportunities.
  • Involve students and care providers in school and community activities.
  • Discuss the student and any needs at Student Assistance Program (SAP) meetings.
  • Support school site representation at Team Decision Making (TDM) and GOALS Meetings.
  • Help identify permanent connections for students, including foster/adoptive parents, mentors, respite providers, educational surrogates.
administrative duties
Administrative Duties
  • Complete and submit FYS student intake forms by November 19, 2012.
  • Complete and submit FYS student exit forms by May 17, 2013.
  • Submit Health Awareness Activity logs by May 17, 2013.
  • Distribute the FYS Census to site administrator and SAP team members.
  • Make a brief presentation each semester at a faculty meeting regarding FYS Liaison role and responsibilities.
  • Provide students, caregivers, and school site staff with FYS materials and appropriate school based and community resources.
  • Attend FYSL mid-year professional development on January 17, 2013.
foster youth awareness activities
Foster Youth Awareness Activities

Coordinate two school-wide awareness events:

May is National Foster Care Month


Our Community, Our Children

Foster/Adopt Our SF Youth Campaign

part ii agenda
Part II: Agenda
  • Program Resources and Updates
    • FYS program supports
    • Foster Focus Database
  • Community Collaboration
    • Team Decision Making Meeting support
    • Community Panel
  • Action Planning
program resources and updates
Program Resources and Updates
  • SFCSD Staff and Roles
  • FYS Resources
  • Foster Focus Database
  • Community Resources
    • is an online community connecting and supporting California’s foster youth liaisons, foster youth advocates, and all professionals working to improve the educational outcomes of foster youth.
foster youth services program
Foster Youth Services Program

foster focus
Foster Focus

how is status in foster focus determined
How is Status in Foster Focus Determined?

*After reunification it is common for the 300 petition to remain open for six months

1 Considered “qualified” placement for state FYS funds

what does active really mean
What Does Active Really Mean?
  • The child is in an out-of-home placement with an open petition


  • The child appears on the list provided by CPS (State FY ID# will appear on Foster Focus)

It is possible for a child to be in an out-of-home placement with an open petition and not appear on the CPS list due to clerical error.

common reasons for inactive missing students
Common Reasons for Inactive/Missing Students
  • Reunited
  • Run Away
  • Guardianship – no dependency
  • Incarcerated
  • Moved to a non-Foster Focus county
  • Dependent of a non-Foster Focus county
  • Probation Status
community collaboration team decision making tdm meetings
Community Collaboration:Team Decision Making (TDM) Meetings
  • What is a TDM?
  • Preparing for a TDM
    • Notification of TDM meetings
    • Identifying school site staff for participation
    • FYSL Intake Forms
community collaboration team decision making tdm meetings1
Community Collaboration:Team Decision Making (TDM) Meetings
  • Your contribution to TDM meetings
    • Education
    • Stability and Permanency
  • TDM follow-up items
    • School/Home transitional support
    • Consultation with FYS Permanency staff
community collaboration community panel
Community Collaboration:Community Panel
  • Gloria Anthony-Oliver (Human Services Agency)
  • Alvaro Soria (Legal Services for Children)
  • Janelle Pierce (Foster Parent)
    • Name and Role
    • Brief overview of your role and involvement with education
    • Common educational issues that you encounter in your role
    • Ways Foster Youth Services Liaisons can support in your efforts
think pair share action planning
Think, Pair, ShareAction Planning
  • Foster Youth Services Liaison Site Awareness
  • Student Engagement
  • Caregiver/Provider Collaboration
  • Foster Care Month and “Our Community, Our Children” Awareness Activities
material distributed
Material Distributed
  • Section 1: Contact Information
    • SF-HSA Directory
    • SF-JPD Directory
    • Foster Youth Support Services and Key Contacts
  • Section 2: Student Enrollment/Transfer Procedures
    • SFUSD Foster Youth Enrollment Chart
    • SFUSD Send/Receiving School Procedures
    • 1144 and 1145 School Transfer Notification Forms
  • Section 3: Releasing School Records
    • Guidelines for Releasing School Records (with forms)
  • Section 4: Foster Youth Services Liaison Documents
    • Foster Youth Services Programs Chart
    • FYS Liaison Job Description
    • FYS Liaison Stipend Structure
    • FYS Liaison Intake and Exit Forms
    • FYS Liaison Foster Care Awareness Logs
    • FYS Tutoring Request Form
    • Foster Focus Confidentiality Agreement
    • Foster Focus User Guide
  • Section 5: Policies
    • 2010 California Foster Youth Education Task Force Fact Sheets