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Eagleview Elementary Volunteer Orientation PowerPoint Presentation
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Eagleview Elementary Volunteer Orientation

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Eagleview Elementary Volunteer Orientation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Eagleview Elementary Volunteer Orientation. “Doing whatever it takes.”. Welcome to Your New Home Eagleview Elementary.

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Eagleview Elementary Volunteer


“Doing whatever it takes.”


Welcome to Your New Home

Eagleview Elementary


Eagleview Elementary School has always been fortunate to have a large community of parent volunteers. We realize that volunteers are an important part of the school but with regards to volunteers we also need to:

  • Provide for the safety of students, staff and
  • others in the building
  • Maintain academic integrity
  • Sustain accountability by knowing who is
  • working in the school
  • Comply with Superintendent Policy 4300

Let’s talk…


District Policies

As a volunteer, you should be familiar with some important district policies. While we’ve included brief summaries below, we encourage you to read these policies in their entirety. Each school and district department has a complete policy manual that you can request to review. In addition, you can find the full policies by visiting Simply search for a specific policy by code number. You can also request a paper copy from the Communications Division, 720-972-4149.


Supervision of Volunteers (Superintendent Policy Code: 4300)

School volunteers work during the regular school days under the

supervision of the principal or designee.. Volunteers shall complete

a volunteer application and be screened prior to providing ongoing

volunteer services.

Discipline (Superintendent Policy Code: 5145.4)

Although students rarely have behavior problems while working with

volunteers, our schools have detailed discipline plans. The responsibility for discipline rests with the professional staff. Volunteers may not discipline students. Please make

the teacher aware of any discipline problem that might arise while working with a student.

Dismissal of Students (Superintendent Policy Code: 5113.2)

Volunteers may never dismiss a student from school. Children who must leave school early for any reason must receive permission from the school office and sign out before leaving. Under no circumstances may a volunteer take a student off campus. Volunteers may not walk or drive students to their homes unless the child’s parent has notified the school office in advance and given permission for the volunteer to do so.

Dress and Behavior (Superintendent Policy Code: 4100 and 5140.1)

Take your lead from the professional staff and dress appropriately for the job you are doing. Casual clothing is fine. Volunteers, like school staff, set an example for students. Volunteers’ speech and behavior should serve as good models for students to follow.


Student Dress (Superintendent Policy Code: 5140.1)

  • The following items are prohibited throughout the district:
      • All attire representing all professional athletic teams,
      • Clothing or accessories that could be used as a weapon or might otherwise injure the wearer including items with spikes or loose hanging chains,
      • Clothing or accessories that promote drugs, alcohol or tobacco either by brand or message,
      • Attire, accessories or manners of grooming indicative of affiliation with a gang, secret society or disruptive group,
      • Hats and caps may be worn outside school buildings as appropriate for the weather, except as otherwise prohibited under this procedure.
  • Since volunteers may not discipline students, please refer an offending student to a
  • district employee.

HIV and Other Communicable Diseases (Superintendent Policy Code: 4151.1)

Because of increases in the general population of HIV and other communicable

diseases, the district has adopted “universal precautions,” as

recommended by the Center for Disease Control. To safeguard

student and adults, employees and volunteers should regard all

body fluids as potentially infectious; avoid direct contact if possible;

wear gloves; wash hands thoroughly; and report injuries to the

nurse. Students are instructed not to touch blood or body fluids and to

seek adults for assistance. For more information, consult the school nurse or health aide.


Use of Alcohol or Illegal Drugs (Superintendent Policy Code: 4145.2)

The consumption of or being in an impaired

state apparently caused by the use of

alcoholic beverages while on the job or so as

to affect job performance is ground for

disciplinary action. The district may require

testing by an experienced, reputable laboratory

for reasonable suspicion that one’s use of alcohol or illegal drugs

is affecting job performance.

Tobacco Use (Superintendent Policy Code: 4145.3)

The use of tobacco products at any school-sponsored

event or activity and on all Adams 12 Five Star

Schools property, including all district buildings,

district grounds, district-owned and leased vehicles

and sites leased by the district is prohibited. This

policy applies to employees, students, visitors and

all other members of the public.


Student Records (Superintendent Policy Code: 5125)

  • Access to student records is limited to:
    • parents or legal guardians of students under age

18 who present proper identification;

    • students age 18 and over who present proper
    • identification;
    • staff members, such as the principal, teachers,

counselors, nurses and other personnel of the

school district who have a legitimate interest in

inspecting such records; and

    • upon request from other schools, when a student

graduates, transfers or withdraws.

  • Information may be released or may be denied to other
  • third parties by parents, legal guardians and/or adult
  • students.

Nondiscrimination/Harassment (Superintendent Policy Code: 8400)

  • The Board of Education is committed to a policy of nondiscrimination in
  • relation to race, sex, religion, national background, age, marital status
  • and handicaps. District policies, programs and activities should foster
  • a climate of inclusiveness, in which all individuals have the opportunity
  • to participate. The district encourages positive experiences in human
  • values for children and adults who have differing personal and family
  • characteristics or who come from various socioeconomic, racial and ethnic groups.
  • Sexual harassment is expressly prohibited throughout Adams 12 Fiver Star
  • Schools. All persons associated with the school district are expected to
  • conduct themselves at all times so as to provide an atmosphere free from
  • sexual harassment. Sexual harassment may include, by way of example only:
    • sex-oriented verbal joking, harassment or abuse;
    • pressure for sexual activity;
    • suggesting or demanding sexual involvement accompanied by implied or
    • explicit statements, threats or promises concerning one’s grades, employment
    • status, or similar personal concerns;
    • any unwelcome touching, such as patting, pinching, or constant brushing
    • against another’s body;
    • repeated remarks with sexual or demeaning implications;
    • any conduct or communication which is of a sexual nature, or has sexual
    • connotations or overtones, and which is unwelcome by the person (s)
    • subject to the conduct or communication.

Grievance procedures are available to any person performing services on behalf of the school district, including volunteers. All matters involving sexual harassment shall remain confidential, to the extent possible and provided by law. Filing of a grievance shall not reflect upon the individual’s status, except in the case of knowingly making a false allegation. For guidance in use of this policy, contact the Office of Legal Services, 720-972-4000.


Employee/Authorized Volunteer Protection (Superintendent Policy Code: 4148)

The district has policies and procedures providing protection for employees and

volunteers in the instance of assault upon, disorderly conduct toward, harassment of, the

making knowingly, of a false allegation of child abuse or any alleged criminal offense

and/or damage to personal property directed toward a district employee or other person

performing services on behalf of the school district, which occurs on school district

property or while performing assigned duties. To initiate this process, the district

employee or volunteer shall file a written complaint with the building principal.

For more information about the Five Star District’s volunteer program, call the

Communications Division, 720-972-4149.


Volunteer Tips

Working with staff:

  • Take time to become acquainted.
  • Recognize this may be a new experience for you or the
  • teacher.
  • Be a good communicator.
  • Remember, routine tasks are important.
  • Be flexible. We all have different ways of doing things.
  • Try something new.
  • Be prompt and 100 percent dependable.
  • Have fun!

Here are some tips for working with the students:

Call students by name at each opportunity.

Closely observe the techniques used by the teacher.

Accept children as they are.

Show them you care.

Encourage and praise students.

Remember, children never forget.

Encourage students to do their own thinking.

Follow the teacher’s lead.

Reinforce good behavior.

It’s okay if you don’t know all the answers.

Keep students on task.

Supervise students carefully.

Know when to give or not to give.


Set up a time to meet with your supervisor

  • Take time to observe
  • Staff restrooms are available for volunteers.
  • Do not use student restrooms.
  • Maintain Confidentiality
  • Take care of yourself first
  • The professional staff is held responsible for decisions regarding instruction of students. For this reason, volunteers
  • always work under the supervision of principals or their designees

Sample Volunteer Opportunities

Classroom Instructional Volunteer- (Tutoring) Works directly with individual or

small groups of students. Volunteer listen to students read, reinforce basic math skills

or assist students with written assignments. Volunteer would need training by teacher

in the content area they wish to help in. Volunteer would need to know where they can

work with students, time limits, and management strategies in order to

optimize the experience.

(See the classroom teacher for specific responsibilities and necessary training)

Classroom Assistance Volunteer-Works with a teacher and performs tasks such

as putting up bulletin boards, correcting papers, preparing teaching aids and special

learning materials, duplicating worksheets and other jobs which will provide the teacher

with more time to plan for and teach students.

(See the classroom teacher for specific responsibilities and necessary training)

Classroom Fieldtrip Assistance Volunteer - Works with a teacher and performs

supervision tasks such as guiding and monitoring a small group of students while on

a class field trip.

(See the classroom teacher for specific responsibilities and necessary training)


Sample Volunteer Opportunities

Lunch Room/Recess Volunteer – Volunteer would work closely under the supervision of the Para educators on duty. Training would include but not be limited to:

Playground and cafeteria rules and expectations

Basic Conflict Resolution training for any minor disputes

Any medical information that may be pertinent to a particular student

Policies around why and how you’d let students back into the building

Safety policies in case of injury or other safety concern

PBS policies for rewarding good behavior or handling a negative behavior

(See Ms. Diana Mauzy for specific responsibilities and necessary training)


Sample Volunteer Opportunities

Library or Media Center Volunteer-Works with the teacher-librarian or media

specialists by repairing and shelving books, doing clerical work or preparing bulletin boards and displays. Volunteers may also work with students helping them to locate

and use library materials or assisting them with research projects.

See Ms. Rochelle Gomer for specific responsibilities and necessary training)

Book Room Volunteer-Works with Mrs. Mitchell by monitoring the check-out and check-in of book room materials. Volunteers may also repair and shelf books and perform clerical responsibilities.

(See Ms. Diana Mauzy for specific responsibilities and necessary training)

Technology Assistant Volunteer-Works with the technology teacher by assisting teachers with technology presentation stations and use of technology in the classroom. Volunteers may also work with students by assisting them in the computer lab.

(See Mrs. Diane Noonan-obernesserfor specific responsibilities and necessary training)


Sample Volunteer Opportunities Continued

  • Marquee Maintainer – Works directly with the Office Manager to update and manage the message board on the sign in front of the school.
  • (See Lin Pritchard for specific responsibilities and necessary training)
  • Vision and Hearing Screening Volunteer – Works with the Health Aide and District Audiologist to check students’ vision and hearing.
  • (See Caitlin Kohl for specific responsibilities and necessary training)
  • Physical Education Volunteer – Works closely with the Physical Education teacher on varies activities. For example:
    • Track an Field Days Punt, Pass, Kick
    • Lion’s Club Relay Cottonwood Classic
    • FLIGHT Father/Daughter Dance
    • Chess Club Grade Three Field Trip
  • (See Mark Glen for specific responsibilities and necessary training)


To engage and inspire all students to

innovate, achieve, and succeed in a

safe and supportive environment by

ensuring high quality instruction in

every classroom,

every day.



Adams 12 Five Star Schools exists so the

students it serves are well-prepared for the

next stage of their lives and obtain the skills,

knowledge and expertise to thrive in our world.

eagleview elementary school mission
Eagleview Elementary School Mission

Educate and empower students to

Achieve their full potential

Grow together as

Life-long learners in an

Ethical and

Safe environment


Thanks again for volunteering.

Have a great school year!