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archibald s biggest mistake n.
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Archibald‘s biggest mistake

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Archibald‘s biggest mistake

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  1. Archibald‘s biggest mistake Aooooo! Aooooo! Here I am, Archibald the Unhappy, hanging on this long chain. And my friends tell me that I must hang here for another 246 years ! I‘m so unhappy ! And I‘m so much in Love! Aoooo! It was great when it all began, five years ago. I was a really good looking ghost, you know. Very thin, very white, very tall. Long black hair,big red eyes and a long, thin nose. Every night I wore a long white shirt. For hundreds of years I lived in an old castle in Scotland. I had a good life! There were many tourists,and I could frighten many little boys and girls in the night.

  2. But one night I saw her! Dee, the loveliest ghost in Scotland! She was so beautiful in her long white dress. There were hunderds of bloodstains on it.They all looked like little hearts. She had long blond hair and green eyes. Her skin was whiter than white. And she could sing. Oh boy,could she sing! I listened to her every night, and i picked flowers for her at the cemetery, And so we fell in love.It was a great time. I took her to all the castles, cellars and cemeteries in Scotland. I walked with her under the full moon and I wrote poems and stories for her. Here is my best poem:

  3. I love you like a white, white bone. • I love you like a cold, cold stone. • I love you like the moon. • Please, let‘s get married soon.

  4. Every Saturday night we went to the ghost disco and danced and danced and danced and danced till morning.After a year, we wanted to get married. There was a big party. All our friends were there. Dee and I were so happy and so very much in love. And then I wanted to surprise her. What an idiot I was. I didn‘t think. Love made me blind. Aoooo! You know, I had this very beautiful gold ring from my great-great-grandfather. I loved the ring, and I loved Dee, so I wanted to give her the ring as a present. So at midnight I put the ring on her finger. All our friends shouted – but it was too late. I put it on her finger. And that was a big mistake! If a ghost does that, he must hang on a chain for 250 years. That was four years ago. And I still love Dee. I dream of her night and day. Sometimes my friends come and tell me about her. Dee nerver comes. My friends say she‘s got a new boy- friend. How horrible! Aoooooooo!