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  1. Agenda 12/14/121) Sponge2) Objective: Amnesty Day and Review3) Intro: BrainPOP!4) Modeling: Explain How to complete Assignments5) IP: Amnesty or Study Guide6) Review7) Exit Ticket

  2. Sponge • What is main job of the jury in a civil case? What is the main job of a jury in a criminal case? • Do you think citizens have to serve jury duty?

  3. Sponge Answer • Discrimination is the prejudicial or distinguishing treatment of an individual based on their actual or perceived membership in a certain group or category, such as their race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, national origin, or religion.

  4. Objective SSCG22 The student will demonstrate knowledge of the criminal justice process. a. Analyze the steps in the criminal justice process. c. Describe the steps in a criminal trial or civil suit. d. Examine the different types of sentences a convicted person can receive. SSCG16 The student will demonstrate knowledge of the operation of the federal judiciary. a. Explain the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court, federal courts and the state courts.

  5. Amnesty Day Assignment One: Define the term Federalism and draw a picture that represents the term. (1 zero) Assignment Two: Define the terms Jury, Plaintiff, Defendant, Judge. Draw how these will look in a court room. In one paragraph, summarize how a civil trial works. (2 zero or bonus points on a test) Assignment Three:Explain how a civil case is different from a criminal case. Draw a picture that represents this difference. (1 zero) Assignment Four:Explain the qualifications required to be a senator and a representative in the house of representatives. Make a job advertisement for each. (2 zeros)

  6. Exit Ticket • ONE PARGRAPH AND COMPLETE SENTENCES • Tell me if you think the jury’s verdict was fair. Why or why not?