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  1. Sponge : • Identify the type of sentence. Explain your answer in 2-3 sentences. Here are the tickets I don’t need; I’m glad that you can use them. • simple • compound • complex • Compound-complex

  2. SPONGE • Describe the season of Winter in a 10 sentence paragraph. Be sure to tell me what you think winter looks, sounds, smells, feels, and tastes like.

  3. Descriptive Writing Lesson Objectives: 1 Explore ways to make writing descriptive. 2 Be able to write descriptively. A noun is… a) An action or doing word b) A type of Indian bread c) A person, place or thing Key words: Noun phrase Verb Vocabulary A verb is… a) An action or doing word b) Something that makes your pizza taste better c) A person, place or thing Vocabulary is… a) word choice b) sentence length c) The way you speak

  4. EQToday I will learn how describing myself will make my MGRP successful because it will be based on what I want to do in the future. How will my interests strengthen my writing?

  5. Standard ELA7W1: The student demonstrates a competence in a variety of genres: Expository (multi-paragraph expository composition such as description, explanation, comparison and contrast, or problem and solution)

  6. Career Site

  7. Activator: • What is your future career? What do you see yourself doing in the future? If you are not sure, let’s start with your interests. I will show you a series of letters that represent career types. Read them all all, and right down the letter that describes you the most. Write down a first, second, and third choice.

  8. Activator:Career Party: Which letter most describes you? R • Realistic people have athletic or mechanical abilities. They usually like to work outdoors with objects, machines, tools, plants or animals.

  9. Activator:Career Party: Which letter most describes you? I • Investigative people like to observe, learn, investigate, analyze, evaluate or solve problems.

  10. Activator:Career Party: Which letter most describes you? A • Artistic people have innovative or natural abilities. They usually like to work in an unstructured situation, using their imagination or creativity.

  11. Activator:Career Party: Which letter most describes you? S • Social people like to work with others. They like to inform, enlighten, help, train, develop or cure people. They also may be skilled with words.

  12. Activator:Career Party: Which letter most describes you? E • Enterprising (entrepreneurial) people also like to work with people, but they like to influence, persuade, or perform. They like to lead or manage others.

  13. Activator:Career Party: Which letter most describes you? C • Conventional people like to work with numbers, have mathematical ability and pay attention to detail.

  14. WORK PERIOD: • Career Station- What was the first letter you wrote down. We will form groups based on the profile you most identify with. • In your sourcebook, write a brief description of yourself. • Ie: I am 5’5 with lazy brown eyes. I was born with a unique gift of words. I enjoy talking with people and helping them work through their problems. I’m outgoing and like being the center of attention.

  15. 1 Explore ways to make writing descriptive • Noun phrases • Copy these noun phrases and underline the noun: • White wedding • Big, bad wolf • Bare long essay • Three little pigs • Verbs • Copy these sentences and underline the verb: • It was covered in mud. • He walked alone through the house. • Katie looked at her mother. These nouns are PRE-MODIFIED – they have extra information in front of them. Now think of a more interesting synonym for each verb. Use a thesaurus if you wish. Q: Why do you think nouns are pre-modified? What is the effect?

  16. Pre-modified nouns Generally exciting vocabulary, mostly relating to riches, elegance and sophistication Exciting verb choices; some personification

  17. Work Period Let’s Try it- We will watch a video of a chef. Describe what he/she is doing. (Place mat Activity) •

  18. Work Period Using a place mat organizer, each member of your group will be assigned one of the five senses.Independently write a description of what of what the chef is doing based on your sense. • Example: The banging sound of pounding meat until it is tender (Which sense is this?)

  19. Work Period After working independently, you will share what you wrote with your table group. Together you will combine your sentences to form one paragraph. We will share these descriptive pieces in a Gallery Walk if time permits.

  20. Closing: Group Share Descriptive paragraph Alternate Closing- Exit- 3-responsibilities of your job 2- things I like about my job 1- thing that will difficult in my job.

  21. Warm Up: • January 14 is “National Dress-Up Your Pet Day.” How do you think our pets feel when we dress them up in clothing? Describe what may be going on in a pet’s head while they are being dressed up.

  22. Warm Up: • On this day in 1967, the first Super Bowl was played. Green Bay defeated Kansas City by a score of 35 to 10. To make it to the Super Bowl, football teams must work together. What do you think is the most difficult part of working with other students, or in teams at school? What are the advantages (benefits) of working with others?

  23. Activator:Which of the following questions are open-ended? • How do song writers come up with interesting lyrics? • Do they write from experience or from what they know? • What are the steps to recording a song? • Does the song writer choose who will sing the song?

  24. Good Research Questions have: • A Main (central question) • Sub Questions • Are Open-Ended • Begin with What? Or How? Rather than Why? Or Do?

  25. Closing • Answer E.Q.