vocabulary unit 9 n.
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Vocabulary Unit 9

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Vocabulary Unit 9. Diligence - Noun. Steadiness of effort; persistent hard work Learning a foreign language requires diligence on the part of a student. Disclose - Verb. Reveal

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Presentation Transcript
diligence noun
Diligence - Noun
  • Steadiness of effort; persistent hard work
  • Learning a foreign language requires diligence on the part of a student.
disclose verb
Disclose - Verb
  • Reveal
  • Aunt Becky has never disclosed the name of the man she was going to be married to thirty years ago but who died in a car crash just before the wedding.
discount verb
Discount - Verb
  • Disregard; dismiss
  • The report discounted the story he was told because it contradicted all the information he had given about the situation.
discriminating adj
Discriminating - ADJ
  • Able to see differences
  • A discriminating reader, Ms. Hansen chooses books that have been highly praised by respected reviewers.
disdain noun or verb
Disdain – Noun or Verb
  • Scorn
  • The soldier was treated with disdain by his comrades because he fled the battle after the first shot was fired.
disinclination noun
Disinclination - Noun
  • A lack of inclination; reluctance
  • Arthur, a slightly built young man, has a disinclination to participate in sports involving physical contact.
dismiss verb
Dismiss - Verb
  • Put away from consideration; reject
  • My boss asked me for suggestions to improve efficiency but then dismissed my ideas as ridiculous.
disperse verb
Disperse - Verb
  • Scatter
  • Tear gas was used to disperse the large crowd of angry protesters that had gathered outside the government offices.
disputatious adj
Disputatious - ADJ
  • Argumentative; fond of arguing
  • Mary seems naturally disputatious; she takes an extreme position on every issue.
dissent verb
Dissent - Verb
  • Disagree
  • No one dissented, so the motion was passed unanimously.
divergent adj
Divergent - ADJ
  • Varying; going in different directions from the same point
  • Sandra and Peter took divergent approaches to solving the equation, but both arrived at the correct answer.
document noun
Document - Noun
  • Provide written evidence
  • Dad likes to document our summer vacation trips by recording highlights with his video camera.