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ChE 361

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ChE 361. Engineering Materials. reals. Syllabus and Course Schedule. Complete version posted on Canvas. Instructor: Dr. M. Ginger Scarbrough Office: JH 158 Phone: 646- 5579 Office Hours: MWF 9:00-10:15 AM Or via Canvas Or by appointment Email:

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ChE 361

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    1. ChE 361 Engineering Materials reals

    2. Syllabus and Course Schedule Complete version posted on Canvas

    3. Instructor: Dr. M. Ginger Scarbrough Office: JH 158 Phone: 646-5579 Office Hours: MWF 9:00-10:15 AM Or via Canvas Or by appointment Use Canvas for fastest response

    4. I check Canvas several times per day. I check my NMSU email a few times per week.

    5. Required Textbook Materials Science and Engineering: An Introduction, 8th Ed. byCallister and Rethwisch

    6. Required Textbook BN Bookstore: $99 Rent used $148 Rent new $185 Buy used $246 Buy new $60 Buy eText Canvas link): $151 New Binder-ready $60 eBook $232 Buy new

    7. Required Textbook Use other editions at your own risk. You are responsible for making adjustments for changes in section numbering and pages.

    8. Required: i>clicker2

    9. Required: i>clicker2or i>clicker

    10. Required: i>clicker2or i>clickeror i>clicker GO app Use i>clicker GO at your own risk! Slow internet connections may cause you to lose points during clicker quizzes.

    11. i>clicker2 Rent used—$26.00 Rent new—$33.80 Buy used—$39.00 Buy new—$52.00 i>clicker GO—$10/180 days use at your own risk* *I cannot solve i>clicker GO login/connection problems

    12. One Blue Scantron from ASNMSU (options A-J)

    13. What else do you need? X Rarely

    14. Why Not? Calculations don’t Always = understanding

    15. What else do you need? Curiosity

    16. Course Policies • Grading • 5-10 Clicker questions/day (scaled) = 25% • 2 Exams (100 points each) = 40% • 1 Comprehensive Final = 35% Above point system subject to minor changes

    17. Clicker Questions Beginning of class: 2-3 questions based on reading assignment During Class 3-7 questions based on lecture or on “Materials Moments”

    18. Extra Credit Opportunity The Materials Moment More information coming soon

    19. Grading Scale 90-100% = A 80-90% = B 70-80% = C 60-70% = D Below 60% = F Final Score = the higher of: • Average of all scores • Final Exam Score

    20. Important dates • Last Day to withdraw with a “W”: Tuesday, 11 March • Final Exam: Monday, 5 May 10:30-12:30 JH 283

    21. Borderline grades Extra credit and class participation move you up to the next letter grade.

    22. Attendance • Attendance is encouraged • Make-up exams • Written justification required • Must be taken in advance of assignment

    23. Clicker Policies • You may consult text or neighbors (unless instructed otherwise) • You must be present in class to vote • Lowest two clicker scores will be dropped to allow for forgotten/malfunctioning clickers. • No make-ups for clickers except for excused absences. (See syllabus.)

    24. Honesty Honesty is the only policy.

    25. Classroom Courtesy • Please be courteous w/ electronics • Participate in class discussions • Ask Questions

    26. PowerPoint Slides Posted on Canvas the morning before class

    27. Keys to SuccessHow many hours should you spendoutside of classto earn an A or B?

    28. Keys to SuccessBased on research on learning Take notes on reading assignment before coming to class (about 1 hour) Take notes in class on anything you don’t remember from textbook notes Spend 20 minutes MWF afternoon combining your two sets of notes (1 & 2) Over weekend, spend one hour reviewing your notes.

    29. Keys to Success, cont’d If you follow my advice, You spend 2 hrs 20 minutes per week.No need to cram for exams. The day before an exam, spend about 2 hours studying.

    30. The Course Scheduleexplained

    31. Because my major requires it. Because I live in a Material world. Because it is the most important course I will ever take. Why am I here?

    32. A. Because my major requires it.B. Because I live in a Material world. C. Because it is the most important course I will ever take. Why am I here?

    33. Reading Assignment for TodayCallister and Rethwisch Chapter 1–Motivation –Basics of Materials

    34. Definitions • Materials Science • Materials Scientist • Materials Engineering • Materials Engineer

    35. Interrelationships Composition Processing Structure Properties Performance

    36. Primary Classes of MaterialsComposition • Metals • Ceramics • Polymers • Composites

    37. Metals: High-carbon Steel High-Carbon Steel Jigsaw Blade

    38. Metals: Titanium “Obtanium” bicycle shocks vs. steel • Weight reduction • Longer life • Closer true-spring rate

    39. Ceramics: Tempered glass Tempered glass sink

    40. Ceramics: Borosilicates

    41. Ceramics: Refractories Silica refractory bricks: Industrial furnace

    42. Polymers: Vulcanized Rubber Ice hockey requires a hard disk of vulcanized rubber.

    43. Polymers: Thermoset Plastics Chemiplastica melamine thermoset plastics resistant to heat, chemicals, moisture, electricity and scratching.

    44. Polymers: Plasticizers Our plasticizers impart impact resistance, improve low-temperature flexibility of fused films and provide thermal and light stability.

    45. Composites Concrete reinforced with rebar

    46. Composites Fiberglass kayak

    47. Composites: Ceramic matrix Ceramic disc brakes: Ceramic rods in a ceramic matrix

    48. Interrelationships Composition Processing Structure Properties Performance

    49. Processing Processing determines properties Example: Raw timber vs. Paper

    50. ProcessingClay becomes Fired clay pottery