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Original Oratory

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Original Oratory. Rules: 7-10 minute Speech Topic of your choice Completely memorized – NO NOTES Written by the student No more that 150 words of quoted material Persuasive. ORATORY TOP TEN _____1. Make eye contact _____2. Emotional bridge with the audience - CONNECT!

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original oratory
Original Oratory
  • Rules:
    • 7-10 minute Speech
    • Topic of your choice
    • Completely memorized – NO NOTES
    • Written by the student
    • No more that 150 words of quoted material
    • Persuasive


_____1. Make eye contact

_____2. Emotional bridge with the audience - CONNECT!

_____3. Believe in the message

_____4. Strong emotion

_____5. Smile

_____6. Energy!

_____7. Speak with authority and power

_____8. Respond and adapt to the audience – Comfort

_____9. Articulate, enunciate and pace your speech for effectiveness

_____10. Remember. . . It is ONE speech . . . ONE at a time

oratory delivery tips
  • 1. Appear to care about the subject he is discussing. Be convinced that what you are saying is important for the audience.
  • 2. Look sharp - not too rich - but successful. Business attire is appropriate.
  • 3. Appear serious about winning the tournament.
  • 4. Use a good speaking voice. Everyone’s voice can be improved with work. Speak from the diaphragm.
  • 5. Have clean, distinct, precise diction. As Utahans’ we develop many strange pronunciations of words and phrases. Diction should be clear without sounding contrived.

6. Be courteous to other orators. This will impress the judge. well.

7. Do not move around or talk during the round.

8. Stand a comfortable distance from the judge and audience. You should be prepared to speak to the entire room, not just the judge.

9. Appear to be enjoying the experience of sharing your ideas with a group of friends. This attitude has won more rounds when the competition is really tough.

10. Deliver the before the first round of the day especially when the tournament begins at 7:00 am, but it is essential. Warm up your voice, establish r rhythm, and massage the rough spots in the oratory.

oratory september to june
ORATORY - September to June
  • 1. Oratory Clippings File: Newspapers, magazines, radio essays, television commercials; anything with heart appeal.
  • 2. Topic File: This is whatever topics seem relevant or good to you. Write down and idea when it comes to mind. Build a personal ideas file that’s all your own.
  • 3. Oratory topic choice and “gut writing”: This is the gut writing of your oratory; whatever comes to mind. You should always say your oratory before you write it. This should also include a rough outline of the oratory and related topics and names.
  • 4. Research File: A good oratory file should have as much research as a good extemp box.
  • 5. Goals and Schedule Sheet: Now that you have started your oratory, you can realistically plan what tournaments you will attend and make a schedule for preparations for each tournament.

6. First Draft & Ballots from First Tournament: Use ballots from the tournament to reevaluate the speech. What did the judges think really worked in the speech? What didn’t work in the speech? What are you going to change as a result of the ballots?

7. Evidence Used File: Keep a copy of all evidence used I your speech so you can document it when you need to. You will have to document quoted materials when you compete with it at the NFL district qualifier and when you make it to nationals.

8. All Future Drafts: Make a file of every tournament attended and the improvements you made to your Oratory as a result of these ballots.

9. Video Analysis: Watch the champions, take note, emulate their style. Also tape yourself. Critique yourself and learn how to improve every aspect of your presentation.

10. One at a Time: Each time you stand to give your speech remember this is the only time you will have to impress this judge, this is the only time you will have to perform in this round. This is the only time you will be giving this speech in this way to this group. Make each one count!



A good oratory should:

Appeal to a wide audience with diverse tastes

2. Include humor, preferably in the intro, as well as heart-ache illustrations. It should also appeal to the intellect; Aristotle: pathos, ethos, logos.

3. Not be too controversial or too trite. Abortion is too controversial and the Importance of Laughter is too trite.

4. Have a conclusion that ties in solidly with your introduction.


5. Convince the audience of something. An oratory on the Importance of World Peace is not a tough sell, however, an oratory on the Importance of World Conflict is a greater persuasive effort.

  • 6. Be timed somewhere between eight and nine minutes. This gives you adequate time to make your case, but enough leeway to adjust your delivery to different audiences.
  • 7. Be a reflection of the world the way you see it. The perfect Oratory convinces the judges that what you are saying is what’s wrong with America today.

8. Have no more than 10% quoted material (or 150 words). This is a NFL Nation rule. You will be asked to produce a copy of your oratory at NFL District and National competition. Include a works cited or a reference page.

9. Be rewritten after every tournament to adjust to your personal evolution of ideas as you perform the oratory. It should also adjust to take into consideration the comments of the judges that you have heard numerous times.

10. Always feel fresh in delivery even though you may have presented it 102 times.

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