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WWII . Terms, People and Battles. Appeasement. Appeasement: “negotiation” to avoid a war; policy approach to avoid war by making concessions to another country 19 reasons for Appeasement. Appeasement. America First Committee Likely largest formal anti-war group in US history

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Terms, People and Battles




  • America First Committee approach to avoid war by making concessions to another country

  • Likely largest formal anti-war group in US history

  • Prominent members include: Walt Disney, Gerald Ford and John Kennedy (future Presidents) and Sinclair Lewis

  • Charles Lindbergh is the most prominent spokesman for the group. He blamed Britain, President Roosevelt and the Jews for trying to pull America into the war.

  • Group is disbanded on Dec 11, 1941. Why?


Non aggression pact

Non-aggression Pact


  • * Between Hitler and StalinPoland …

  • Sept 1939

  • (Divided G & USSR)

  • *Denmark Norway

  • (April 1940)

  • *France, Belgium, Netherlands

  • (May 1940)

  • No Maginot Line

  • Armistice June 22



  • Battle of Britain Between Hitler and Stalin

    (July-Sept 1940)

  • German attempt at air superiority

  • Turning point in the war

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cSZnFo7JORo&feature=fvsr


Battle of britain

  • YouTube - Battle of Britain Newsreels Between Hitler and Stalin

  • While you watch this short clip, write down the statements made to make the people of England feel good about what is happening.

Battle of Britain

Winston churchill

Winston Churchill

Invasion of russia

Originally scheduled for spring Between Hitler and Stalin

Win quickly before winter?

Advance quickly but stopped in early winter (1st time stopped)

*Germans unprepared

Invasion of Russia

Pearl harbor

  • Dec 7, 1941 Between Hitler and Stalin

  • Attack Philippines

  • Advance on Malaya & Dutch West Indies

  • Spring 1942

  • Almost all SE Asia & W. Pacific

  • (Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity sphere)

  • Hitler declares war on US 4 days later

Pearl Harbor

Franklin roosevelt

Franklin Roosevelt

Internment camps

Internment Camps

North africa
North Africa Between Hitler and Stalin

North africa1
North Africa Between Hitler and Stalin

North africa2

  • After France falls in 1940…Axis controlled most of Western Europe

  • N.Africa strategic back door into Europe

    Axis…possible access to Suez & ME Oil

    If Germans can break through…

  • Cut off oil supply

  • Cut off access to India

  • Threaten USSR southern Flank


    BBC - History - World Wars: Animated Map: The North African Campaign

North Africa

Island hopping pacific theater

1942 Tide Turns in the East Europe.(Battle of Coral Sea)

  • U.S navy stops Japanese advance

  • Saves Australia from invasion

    Turning Point in Asian War…(Battle of Midway)

  • U.S destroys 4 Japanese aircraft carriers

  • Establishes naval superiority in Pacific




Island Hopping…Pacific Theater

Island hopping pacific theater1

By Fall of 1942 Allied Forces Prepare 2 operations… Europe

  • MacArthur…to Philippines via New Guinea and South Pacific Islands

  • Move across Pacific (Army/Navy/Marine) attack Japanese held island

    *Capture islands…hop to Japan

Island Hopping…Pacific Theater


By 1943…Axis in Tunisia surrender in May Europe

Cross Mediterranean…take war to Italy

Allies take Sicily..head for mainland

Mussolini Removed from power… but restored by Germans

Mussolini set up as puppet of German state in N.Italy

Painstaking affair with many casualties



  • Rome doesn’t fall until June 4, 1944 Europe

  • By that time…only a secondary role in war

    More Importantly…

  • Since 1943 Allies planning attack across English Channel

  • June 6, 1944…under Dwight d Eisenhower Allied land on beaches of Normandy



  • The Holocaust Europe

    The Holocaust was the systematic, bureaucratic, state-sponsored persecution and murder of approximately six million Jews by the Nazi regime

Kamikaze Europe

Atomic bomb

  • Little Boy Europe

    (Hiroshima August 6th)

  • followed byfat Man (Nagasaki August 9th)

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9odsuIcUk5w

Atomic Bomb

Hiroshima Europe

Harry truman 1945 1953
Harry Truman Europe1945-1953

Yalta Europe

Nuremberg trials http www youtube com watch v fsopcmfkrfs
Nuremberg EuropeTrialshttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FsOpcMFkrFs

Wwii results

  • Economic: Europe

  • Cost $1 trillion with $230 billion of property damage;

  • Europe and Asia devastated;

  • Communist systems in place in USSR and eastern Europe

WWII Results

Wwii results1

  • Social: Europe

  • 51 million dead;

  • 34 million wounded

  • Millions of refugees

WWII Results

Wwii results2

  • Political: Europe

  • Germany, Italy and Japan totally defeated;

  • US and Russia are world powers- Cold War begins;

  • Eastern Europe becomes Russian satellite;

  • Asia and Africa begin to throw out Imperialistic powers.

WWII Results

Wwii results3

  • Political Cont’d Europe

  • Great Britain and France relinquish parts of empires;

  • Control of atomic power is major issue;

  • United Nations formed;

  • US assumes world leadership.

WWII Results